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  1. Bro Sampson got UH into the Final Four. And Rick Pitino took Iona to the tourney in his first year. Who gives a shit about their past
  2. What is Eric Montross up to these days?
  3. Even if Beard goes to UNC, there are plenty of good candidates like Kelvin Sampson, Pitino, Wayne Tinkel, and Porter Moser. It's not like we have to go find a Mike Woodson
  4. Great work by Del Conte if he can land the big fish in Chris Beard. Arguably the most highly sought after coach in the nation. Finally washing off the stench of the Patterson era for good
  5. https://twitter.com/MichaelRapaport/status/1376997269107470338?s=20
  6. Texas has effectively been on self imposed probation for the last 8 years so might as well go with Sampson. Got nothing to lose
  7. Someone call that denim shirt wearing fool Kelvin Sampson ASAP. The man is getting it done
  8. 6th Street

    Gym Pet Peeves

    Interesting to see so many back. I'm more worried about being around the usual degenerates that don't wipe down equipment etc. Will keep rolling with the home gym setup until the summer
  9. To be fair I bet IU would love to have Ivey now instead of Mike Woodson lol. Some of them thought Brad Stevens was coming https://indiana.forums.rivals.com/forums/thehoosier-com-iu-hoop-forum.32/
  10. There are way better proven options than Ivey like Beilein, Sampson, Musselman, Moser, and Pitino. Why get cute and roll the dice?
  11. 6th Street

    Gym Pet Peeves

    You guys are back in the gym?
  12. Was Ivey's first call a 15 min screen with HR?
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