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  1. Biden should pull out of these stupid debates. All it does is give Don a platform to lie profusely.
  2. Apparently during the vetting process the Big 12 they realized that BYU had a bunch of weird shit like not playing on Sundays and strange beliefs against black people.
  3. Harris has already been vetted thru the primary process. No need to get cute and go with some no name rando
  4. There may not even be a playoff this year. Bowl games getting cancelled already
  5. Bro next time just do the sane thing and bring PBJ and some pretzels for the flight. My goodness
  6. Cory Booker would make a better president than Kamala Harris but he has a Wang, which therefore disqualifies him from the VP slot.
  7. That "Suburban Lifestyle Dream" largely consists of childhood obesity, strip mall shopping centers, and fast food restaurants in most red states.
  8. 6th Street

    Gym Pet Peeves

    They just opened up a brand new 24 Hour Fitness in Feb in the next suburb over - now shut down permanently with the bankruptcy and all the equipment gone. Insane.
  9. MLB traveling around to play in empty stadiums makes no sense. NBA bubble is a much better idea.
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