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  1. All this Warren-Sanders bickering appears to have mobilized support around Biden.
  2. Elliott, Southall, Daniels, Wilbon, Christmas, Fowler. #errbody
  3. This is hilarious. Biden getting more love for a random elevator moment vs Warren/Amy NYT endorsement. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/20/politics/new-york-times-endorsement-joe-biden/index.html
  4. As a Niners fan the last thing we wanted was to face Russell Wilson.
  5. Bill Buckner could be heading back to Arizona to coach DL https://raisingzona.com/2020/01/16/defensive-line-coach-candidate-emerges-arizona-cardinals/
  6. It's been 8 years since I went to the Burnet location but can confirm it had gone down in quality significantly and turned pretty ghetto in fact. There was a time when a migas and fajitas playe for $7.95 was money.
  7. Assistant coach at Texas is the CFB equivalent of an NBA 10-day contract
  8. There's a little too much white trash in WI and FL unfortunately and will likely go Trump again
  9. If Okam is a no go, they should give my man Larry Dibbles a shot.
  10. Starting the night off with 2 Mexican Martinis always set a positive tone
  11. Not enough years at Rutgers for Okam - pass
  12. Hope that means Casey Horny can be kicked to the curb
  13. One of the dudes on the Baylor board tracked a plane from Baton Rouge to Waco so Aranda might be their guy.
  14. Stayed at the Jewel Grande and loved it - good restaurants/bars, nice beach, free kayaks/paddle boards, and lots of hot MILFs. Didn't venture out into town which was fine given the kid.
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