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  1. Every time I saw him he was either A) taking some bad angle chasing down a wide open WR or B) missing a tackle while diving at their ankle.
  2. He's getting $2.4M/yr? Damn This guy needs to throw everything at Rattler next yr
  3. Hopefully this guy can figure out Riley's offense
  4. "Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion" likely in ref to Sark
  5. Alabama will reload and be fine. Saban lost guys like Kirby Smart, Jeremy Pruitt, Lane Kiffin, Billy Napier, Mario Cristobal etc and never missed a beat.
  6. Lol Saban loses assistant every year yet he has 6 championships. Nothing can slow that machine down
  7. Don't think Bama cares about any of these stooges - Saban could win a national championship with no assistants
  8. Thought he already interviewed Arnett? Maybe bringing him in for a 2nd round
  9. The anecdotes are funny but not the reason he failed. For example, Garrett Wilson part is horseshit - he was never coming here. Herman brought in enough talent, he just had horrible assistants, boring and predictable play calling, and totally sucked at game management. Him being a shitty person just helped accelerate the firing rather than having things drag out like they did with Mack.
  10. Anyone been over to the Jacksonville message board to see if any of their fans have fisted themselves?
  11. The bigger issue is that blue chip DL want no part of that scheme. The NT is basically a space eater and the DE take on two blockers and don't get enough sacks/pass rushing opps for NFL exposure
  12. buddy of mine just texted this "should every husband nickname their penis jared wiley? the underutilized weapon?"
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