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  1. He can take Shaka and Del Conte with him
  2. I count only 3 guys on the 2019 team with the talent to start on that 2005 team - Duvernay, Ossai, and Dicker.
  3. Outright panic by Leinart dicking around there on the last play. That same thing almost cost Colt McCoy in the 09 Big XII game where he held the ball too long but luckily it landed out of bounds w 1 sec left.
  4. If Carrol has that timeout - he can throw a 5-10 yard quick pass from the Texas 43 to set up a ~50-52 yard game tying FG instead of that slow developing drop back that bled the clock down to 0:00.
  5. 6th Street

    Gym Pet Peeves

    A couple of weeks ago I ordered a bunch of shit - bench press, 7' bar, sets of 45, 35, 25, and 10 lb plates, and a pair of 35 lb dumbbells. As it stands, all that's been delivered are the bench, the 35's, and the dumbbells. Pain in the ass - everything is backed up everywhere. So I've resorted to doing arms exclusively w those 35 lb dumbells
  6. Sweed destroyed that shitty USC safety there
  7. Conversely, imagine if we lost that game. I guarantee you the last decade would have been pure hell.
  8. Thanks for the reminder - cranked it out in 5 mins
  9. As an Illinois resident, I strongly support Pelosi here in rolling back the SALT cap.
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