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  1. Just so everyone knows, in case people were worried, I am ok. Yes, I might have had a mild stroke during the middle of the game but made it out alive. That was way too close for comfort and thought we were screwed at the end. I had this vision of fuckstick baker driving down the field and scoring to win and a giant insurance hit air balloon taking him out of arrowhead to his stadium “home”. on a serious note, thought it was a great game. There was only like 3 punts or something and not many flags. Obviously I’m flipping out about the health of mahomes-it’s weird that some people think it’s
  2. I am praying that the staff is a bunch of college guys and then Scott linehan. For some reason that just makes me laugh.
  3. It’s long as it isn’t the Grindr defense, we should be ok.
  4. KU at home doesn’t seem to be as phoggy as it usually Is. not complaining about that whatsoever. Let’s get a new champ this year and no I won’t say who for jinxing purposes.
  5. He might be my new favorite commit. To see something you like, and go for it is basllsy...after only a half of football. I honestly thought he’d be a low end 4* wideout but then saw he is one of the top in the country...yep, sold. Go sark!
  6. Or he knows we play them in a few years and their current recruiting class versus ours would be...well, it’d be a bloodbath. Thank you for the free marketing though saban
  7. If you had the over you were doing backflips in the 2nd quarter.
  8. I’m excited for Bijan to run the play that Harris scored on where browning blitzed and Harris ran the wheel up the sideline. Hell I’m excited for any of the plays but that one got me giddy.
  9. Can we just make carrington the TE coach to make him happy? Or do we need more of a “rainmaker”? I know “why not both” gif.
  10. One of the biggest keys is that there should probably already be a “Ja’tavion should starts thread” once someone teaches him it’s ok to catch with 2 hands....
  11. Thank you Sam for putting up with more shit than any of us have heard/will know about and have some great success. True true longhorn leader. Hopefully you’re around in rounds 4 or 5 and Andy Reid gets to thinking about some new plays the champs could run. Or I hope someone like the colts take you even higher and you turn into a much better starter than where you are drafted. If I may surly for one minute-if there’s one tip I can give you, 4th and 1 is 4th and 1. It’s not a trick that you need 8,9 or even 40 yards. 1 yard or 3 feet, you can get that. Hook em.
  12. All this alcoholic talk....something called recovery isn’t possible. No...never. It’s 2021, as someone in recovery, start believing that one someone can get ahold of their demons, they are a strong and special kind of person. Talk about the coaching all you want but he’s about to win the broyles award and that doesn’t go to the biggest drunk. Yeah I’m not super pumped but disappointed to see all this “he’s a drunk” talk with all the people in recovery or SHOULD be in recovery on this very board.
  13. Who was that skier that was a really good kick returner for the buffs? What happened to that guy?
  14. I semi believe tiger when he says he is letting him learn on his own for now at his age. Granted, I’m sure he has any coach at his disposal. But it’ll be real interesting to see how he turns out. I know he’s different but as seen this weekend, just because your dad is a legend, doesn’t mean you’ll be an incredible golfer. But he looks like something else.... just need to keep him out of hooters and away from European blondes
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