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  1. Based on our last ghost “offer”, we shouldn’t be looking at LSU commits as possibilities. Need to be searching Mississippi valley state or eastern Michigan or grand Tuton central and seeing who could get flipped.
  2. Really hope CU doesn’t take bienemy. Seems to make too much sense though.
  3. Has anyone heard anything about Troy franklin out of California? Had a buddy say that he’s going to be a player. Said he’s further along than Johnny Wilson was at this point. Hadn’t heard of him but then saw we were on his interest board on 24/7.
  4. Can drones fly banners? Would this be cheaper than flying one over dkr?
  5. Sadly Baylor should be getting blown out if we were just an average team. Brutal
  6. It’s just weird the spread is less than the spread of the FSU game.
  7. Mack just got a top 100 wideout from NC. Mindblowing every time.
  8. Wow an offer to a prospect from blue valley north in KS. Definitely a kid with money, oh wait he’s the chiefs running backs coaches kid. Come on down
  9. Watched all of “the stranger”, even though it amazes me how hard it is to sometimes understand British people, this show was solid-best way to put it. Won’t ever want to watch it again but you won’t be mad you spent time on it. Definitely has an outsider vibe to it, hell its basically the outsider minus the paranormal.
  10. I just started to write-he is the recruit I am most excited about in either of the next two classes and then saw mustard in my fridge and snapped back into reality. He’s certainly a close second though.
  11. I think we beat K-state by 20+ before we go to Dallas, even with the wizard in the building. Foster finds a permanent home for a position and winds up being one of our top defenders. I think Hullaby will score at least 2 touchdowns this year. Also think j. Thompson(fr.) will play more than expected. Maybe a special teams plus. huetzler (sp.) will shock the foillowing and have the lbs play better than expected. Think he will also make our special teams improve noticeably. Stats- from above, I think our special teams will be in the top 25%. Don’t exactly know how those stats are aggregated but our return game will go from non-existent to top quarter of the nation. player-Jared Wiley will catch at least 3 touchdowns and have plus 350 yards receiving. Bijan will be top 5 on the team in receiving yards. end of year-think we will play ok state in the championship game. Being less bold, regardless if we aren’t in it, Oklahoma will not be in the big12 championship game. Sam will get invited to New York for the heisman. Eagles AND jake smith will make an all big 12 team.
  12. We now squarely in the no-football time of the year, minus the xfl, and our bball team blows. Think that means.....time for some bold predictions for the upcoming year. Will suggest some topics but feel free to add on or throw away. Remember they need to be BOLD not italic. Feel free to be as pessimistic or optimistic as you want. Prediction for a win or loss-opponent or score prediction for a breakout player or regression Incoming freshman that will outplay ranking or underwhelm Coach that will be on the hot seat the quickest or get on the “cold seat” Surprising stat for the season -team -player End of the year surprise-award, record, bowl, firing, etc. Scenario people don’t see coming-injury, position change, depth chart, dkr entertainment, recruiting, etc
  13. The theories out now about who he ends up with are fascinating to say the least. Might as well have everyone walk off the show.
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