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  1. Solid job. Really enjoyed that one. How dare you give away the Godzilla plot though without spoilers.
  2. Was that bijan that couldn’t be taken down? Had to be
  3. Not cool at all. Would love to wish alcoholism/addiction on him for a day but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. So I’ll copy what a previous poster said and say-get fucked...futureman style.
  4. Lol we won? I turned it off then fell asleep. Was expecting the fire Shaka to be the top thread then read “one of the toughest wins...”. I’m still shocked.
  5. I often wonder how my great grandparents named my grandfather jack....jack hofmann. That would be a tough one to have these days as a kid unless you just owned it....
  6. I feel like it’s quite obvious to analyze this team. It’s a lot like going to the Winstar. You could go there and win a jackpot or you could go there, lose all your money, and catch covid. But right when you are down to your last few bucks or wife is saying it’s time to go, you win just enough money to keep you there. This team could beat anyone, well maybe all but 3, or it could lose to liberty. The sad part is no matter what the game is, the safest bet is that it is going to be close. Whether we are up by 20 or down by 20 at any point, the game will get back within 4 and then it’s either up
  7. Did we lose? Went to the bathroom up 3, checked this thread and feeling like we’re down 10.
  8. Lol hadn’t checked this in a while So the nerds comments made me laugh. It’s fine and fair. But from an economics standpoint, this “bubble” has grown more over the past year than just about any stock or market out there. Hence why Logan Paul(hate that f***) can auction off a box of cards for an easy million. side note, if anyone wants to check their card sections in their targets or Walmart’s and send me pictures of anything Pokemon or sports related. Is an easy way for people to make some extra money as I’d probably buy it. (If there is anything, guarantee most sections are Cleared
  9. His last 4 offers according to the accurate 247 timeline were Lamar, Texas southern, Nevada, and Tulane. Not worried about it. Tulane doesn’t even want to be in ncaa2k24.
  10. Did he make the catch then run over to the cb calling him stupid a couple times? I’m a fan..once he commits
  11. First game I’ve watched from the start,so blame me. But what pissed me off is that really reminded me of shaka-ball of past. I know some games this year it has seemed like we got away from it but that was squarely it start to finish. Yes, we need more from gb3 but the fouls at the end of the clock, making their defense look impenetrable, random “Kobe” 3’s at terrible times...no I’m not worried about a 7 seed, we will not go 0-3, but I hope to not see more of that.
  12. Those are jv highlights right? Good lord, just on another level. And yes, hate to say it this early but has that Charles-y look.
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