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  1. Thought that scene at the table was amazing acting by the guy-the lil bitch story. Joey badass also has to end up playing a bigger role when it’s all said and done-freelancer or not.
  2. Pretty excited for this last season. Hopefully it’s more like S1
  3. Is that worth a 5th round pick? Wonder what the analytics say in the 2 point thread
  4. Fucking A. How did the chiefs lose this
  5. Hello chiefs fan. Glad there is more than one of us. I co-sign that idea of this team always giving us trouble. This game should easily be a blowout. Yet, not one the teams I follow ever want to make a weekend easy. Always have to go down to the end the past couple of months.
  6. Is there a reason someone named Steve batterson didn’t vote for us? Sounds like you know who thought he wouldn’t be noticed by switching p to b.
  7. Such a good show on so many levels. Haven’t loved this season so far as much but still great. I know Elliot isn’t very athletic but I’ve never seen acting cops look like they are running so slow in a shot. I wonder if Vegas has any lines on who will die/survive by the end of the season. I’d say it’s looking grim for most of the big players but there’s no way they all go out.
  8. Anyone with an LB as their position should be getting a call from us. Don’t know the divinity story but if he’s transferring then he should be getting....2 calls from us.
  9. Anyone know why Cunningham started over Baker? Haven’t followed the bball threads like I usually do so if it’s been covered, my bad. I see that baker didn’t have a good game statistically but thought he’d definitely be higher in the rotation.
  10. Think a phone call should be made to Michael divinity.
  11. Or is that making our win look better? Nvm. Doesn’t even matter.
  12. Who is the other WR that is leaving?
  13. Has it already been said that the saints Telegraph when they run based on lil Jordan being in the game?
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