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  1. Was just writing that same post. Well done.
  2. You want to make a post about mack and clock management then you see a 5 next to his team’s name and Homer Simpson it into the bushes.
  3. She says thank you. I got lucky
  4. I’m not going to make a post about the guy saying he is done posting.
  5. Wonder what the odds were on a first round KO in that fight. That was incredible to watch. Hot damn am I excited for the main though
  6. Hurts worse when a guy named tanner beats you..
  7. That was a Herman turtle play.
  8. Explain? Woo’s are allowed.
  9. Sam can come back.. but he shouldn’t
  10. Let’s not be too homer about this. They won’t be that bad and will compete for the mid to top tier of the SEC. This 4-6 talk is just pure surly. They have mond and some talent coming in on defense, yes the OL will struggle but they will be in some games. Will get smashed by the big boys of course but should beat the Mississippi teams. who the hell am I kidding. They are going to struggle against the spread offenses and Mond cannot carry them because he’s just not that good. I’m almost hoping 5-5 so we can watch their spin on going .500 but then again them losing another game and being under .500 would be even better. Keep getting these 4 stars out of the northeast that “everyone wanted” and see how it goes. I do apologize for what I said above but thought this page could use some sarcasm. Just want some Aggy tears for breakfast every Sunday.
  11. Will be interesting to see where he goes. I remember Michigan fans acting like he was going to be their savior when he committed.
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