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  1. They could also be 0-2 or 1-1 with a win in tampa and loss in LA. All because of the kicker.
  2. They got rid of bixler very quickly. 4-3-2 is not acceptable.
  3. Anyone else given a minute of thought as to where we’d be right now if delta had happened and there was no vaccine prophylaxis? Pretty grim, I’d say.
  4. I think Richard ayoade carries the show.
  5. Mizzou just lost to bc. So they are bad. But aggy is also bad. Just don’t know.
  6. So the last 3 plays of the game were a 36 yard pass on 4th and 19, a throw out of bounds that should have been delay of game, and a 66 yard fg. ouch.
  7. Just saw a video on nbc from behind the play. Hands in the air when it hits the crossbar, then right to cobra when it continues through. Fucking glorious.
  8. But you can only play to 15 in set 5 because reasons.
  9. Do enough this year to start out high enough in the next preseason poll that it works in our favor. and yeah if we win the rest of em this year I’d say odds are good that we are top 4. Too good of a story and too big of a draw not to be. I’ll start thinking about that outcome after we win in ft worth and Dallas.
  10. So English has played like me the last 2 holes
  11. Because they do anything possible to keep as much of the system money in college station as possible to pay for shit like stadiums, head football coaches, and defensive coordinators.
  12. Rahm over there looking for the beer cooler
  13. Come on gents. Playing for 20. For history.
  14. Juuuuuust snuck that post in before poulter finished up
  15. Brooks looks thrilled to be giving an interview
  16. 15 1/2 taking aim at dechambeau’s neck size
  17. How’s that work out for them? hello again lady morikowa
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