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  1. Alphatauri needs to lose the red paint for Honda.
  2. But the announcer said they’re both going with their best lineups!
  3. Nice to see Dallas tied for most points in the West. Was a long climb.
  4. Is duplantier going to hit and field down the road? Last I saw here was only an injury was keeping him focused on pitching.
  5. Yep. To forgive some ill gotten debt. Which he certainly ran back up quickly.
  6. Punches were so justified, his chief is denying they occurred. if spitting is assault, charge him with assault. Doesn’t give the cop the right to assault him back. He’s on the ground and handcuffed.
  7. The first time I recall a character calling her crabapple instead of krabopple was the Japanese chef making out with her in the car when homer eats fugu and thinks he is going to die.
  8. The fanbases of Dallas and Atlanta hate each other?
  9. Good sunshine really helps with the low temps though.
  10. I know a kid that transitioned. Trust me, they can just feel it. This kid is so much happier now than before.
  11. 6’5 db doesn’t make sense, especially at 16 years old.
  12. I think this looks worse than it really is for the cop because the guy in the end was just trying to get past him to try and run. had the guy intended to hit the cop, would stepping aside have been sufficient? cop put himself in a vulnerable position, but once the guy decided to drive towards the cop that gave the cop authority to discharge his weapon, and he chose to do so.
  13. Ouch Lol isu makes a completely unnecessary 3 pointer while up by 26 with 45 seconds to go, to hit the over at 133. It’s not a last second beat, but it’s a tough one.
  14. The wheelchair was for an arm or shoulder injury iirc
  15. Uh, he was the Sunday starter for a good bit of last season. Change up is his out pitch.
  16. Blues have 2 wins in their last 10 games, and 6 points. You hate to see it.
  17. The one southern big hair lady is pennywise I’m sure of it.
  18. Isn’t baker an old school type manager? And he wants the league to intervene instead of the players taking care of it on the field?
  19. The rule should be that a udfa can get a new contract at any time, but I’d imagine it’s not.
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