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  1. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/tucker-carlson-hunter-biden-university-application-b2084057.html funny story. Emails found on the hunter Biden laptop show that tucker Carlson asked hunter to write a rec letter to Georgetown for his son (who apparently ended up at uva), then thanked him for writing it, back in 2014. and when he was asked about the emails now, he says they are Russian disinformation. so apparently there is disinformation on the laptop, but not any of the stuff about Biden. I hope Georgetown can pull up buckley’s application and confirm that a rec letter from hunter is present.
  2. Was it over when the Germans clogged Pearl street?
  3. I’m most of the way through it right now. Wanted to read some posts here before I finish up. can’t say I like or dislike it. I like it visually, a lot. I dislike the dialogue, to the point that I turned the sound way down rather than listen to it once I realized you don’t need it to follow the story. I like a good revenge story, and this is that with a twist and turn here and there, but it’s certainly not original.
  4. Got damn fire it in round rock and hit your target in Kyle.
  5. They should be able to parse that out by now, and they hopefully won’t be slammed so hard as to not take the time.
  6. See I post things that end up looking smart sometimes
  7. Might as well bury it and go ahead and download the secn graphics package before it comes back online.
  8. Production trailer A/C unit caught fire
  9. That’s one place for a SS to play vs a righty
  10. Tough for Ivan to pile up rbi when he keeps hitting with bases empty.
  11. A/c made it deeper into the game than the home plate umpire
  12. Don’t believe you. Will require video evidence.
  13. I can’t believe they let him go back out over 100 pitches in this heat.
  14. If It Isn’t, it should be shortly.
  15. Don’t see it on the app/espn3 either. what an amazing piece of ineptitude.
  16. In a minute they will interrupt the spring game that interrupted the baseball game for a Cronkite piece.
  17. Mike white teams win with offense, right?
  18. So we beat them convincingly this season then
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