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  1. Just finished enola Holmes. I noticed that millie bobby brown got a producer credit. She is 16 years old.
  2. What’s the sleeping configuration? Just the couch on the back end? I don’t see much else that can change.
  3. And now he’s in Green Bay, Wisconsin. at least he’s well compensated to be there.
  4. Says the guy that transferred once AND left early
  5. 2020 United States Presidential debate. as I understand, it’s planned as a trilogy as a build up to Halloween.
  6. I can’t really disagree with olin’s thoughts/wishes about the big 12 not looking great and maybe missing out on the playoffs, or Texas being unlikely to go undefeated. that also means that their heads would explode even more so if we do manage to somehow go 10-1 or 11-0 and get in the playoffs.
  7. What’s the new Kia sporty sedan they are advertising and how does it compare to a stinger?
  8. Olin: I don’t get it. That joke killed at the aggy writers morning meeting.
  9. I’ll be sorely disappointed if leach doesn’t out score aggy. 1-3 start and split the last 6.
  10. And 3 others played for leach qbs- kingsbury and whomever was at unt.
  11. Or Tuesday. Or Saturday. Wait those are tu. Ahh.
  12. They’ll lose to at least one of @tenn, miss, and LSU.
  13. Make them stand in sound proof booths with headsets, and turn off the headsets and mics when it’s not their turn. Neither had any idea what the other is saying. Like the old quiz show game.
  14. I saw Biden as trying to stand up to bully tactics. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been able to say 5 consecutive words all night. How can anyone hate on that but not trump’s instigation? biden’s statement that he is the dem party because he’s the nominee, and his saying he’s against the green new deal probably don’t help with progressives, but they might help with moderates and independents and are progressives really going to be so turned off that they don’t vote and risk another trump term? chris Wallace is probably 5 drinks into getting blackout drunk right now from failing to tame the lion.
  15. Hm. You’d think he would like to be on a team that can still win when his side gives up 56.
  16. Was this televised outside of the USA? What an embarrassment.
  17. I have Armenian friends who have been posting bad things about turkey and Azerbaijan trying to exterminate the Armenian people.
  18. To approach it from the other direction, do they expect kansas to be competing for the cfp in a year or two? Or is that head coach’s natty at his last team completely different because reasons?
  19. Edited for current regional colloquialism.
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