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  1. Why was that guy going after Patty? Seemed like it was out of nowhere.
  2. What happens when you unbuckle while using Full Self Driving... something in the news story just isn't adding up.
  3. In the process of selling my Audi A4 and planning on finally buying the Model 3 that I've been wanting for years now, and of course they raise the price $500 yet again today. That's 3 times they've done that in the last month.
  4. We let so many guys have career highs against us, it seems like.
  5. I think they heard you want to go to bed. Looks like they've run out of gas in the 2nd overtime.
  6. The Kings look really good. Definitely better than their record led me to believe.
  7. Spurs looking pretty damn good in the first half. Hopefully they can keep it up the rest of the way.
  8. Only half joking. I just plugged in my old external drive to try to find the original project file. Unfortunately it might have been lost during multiple computer moves, but I do have the original rendered movie I made the gif out of. It's not 1080p, but it's 720p at 24fps. That's probably as good as it's gonna get since the original youtube video I used was probably at that quality too. If I figure out how to sign up on one of these NFT sites and sell stuff, I might just put it up and see what happens.
  9. Hell of a comeback by the Spurs tonight. Jakob played a great game, too.
  10. Should I sell an NFT high res version of this gif?... http://www.tanmutt.com/images/cJcJg09.gif Edit: apparently I still haven't figured out how to post gifs on here ever since we got banned from imgur.
  11. Jakob our entire offense so far. That's not good.
  12. Not sure if everyone in this thread also follows the ammo thread, but in case you don't here's an updated list of the ammo I'm trying to get rid of. Feel free to PM me if you see anything you want. Thanks! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A0LNH63m6B5lq7H12fFra7_av9k8ms_dl5XopdNhfQc/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Hey guys, I originally posted in the Gun Owners thread but just saw this thread specifically about ammo. My dad passed away in January and left behind a bunch of guns and ammo. I know nothing when it comes to the world of guns, but thanks to some posters on here I learned that ammo is in very short supply. So, to help give my mom some extra cash while she deals with everything that comes with losing a lifelong partner, I'm looking to sell off all of the ammo, and eventually the guns. I've put together a spreadsheet of all the ammo I have available. I went on to gunbroker and midway and tried t
  14. Hey guys, here's a link to a spreadsheet of the ammo my dad still had when he passed. I just finished putting it together but still need to go through and see what I should price everything at. I just wanted to share it with y'all so you can take a look and just see if there's anything there you might be interested in. I haven't put together the list of guns yet, but I did go down and take pictures of everything and will be putting that together once I'm done dealing with the ammo. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A0LNH63m6B5lq7H12fFra7_av9k8ms_dl5XopdNhfQc/edit?usp=sharing
  15. Xboxes are available on Best Buy right now. Will probably not last long. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/xbox-series-x-and-s/xbox-series-x-packages/pcmcat1588107084424.c?id=pcmcat1588107084424&irclickid=zi3UrHWGrz3BTAKQwnQ-v35mUkEz08xtT3cmw40&irgwc=1&ref=198&loc=CAG Productions%2C LLC&acampID=0&mpid=312361
  16. I have the Xbox Series X. We used to have a pretty active Xbox group on here in the days of Destiny 1, but it faded after we all started getting tired of Destiny. If you got Xbox you could either a Series X or Series S. If you don't have a high end 4K tv and you don't think you'll play a wide variety of games, I might suggest the cheaper Series S (if you can find it anywhere).
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