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  1. Al_4_ISU

    Tiger King

    This made the whole damn series for me.
  2. What? I'm way up on the Minnesota border and we saw nothing. Hell, I took the dog out to piss about 3AM and was comfortable in gym shorts. It's sleeting now, but that shouldn't amount to much.
  3. What I mean by "the Pac 12 has nothing to offer anyone in the Big 12", is that there is nothing (money, stability, etc) that they could do a better job of providing current Big 12 schools than the Big 12 does. There's absolutely value within the Pac 12 for the Big 12.
  4. We're getting a surprise blast of sleet tonight. Maybe on Sunday I can ride again, but tomorrow is going to be a big nope.
  5. I don't think the Pac is going to come to the Big 12 to save them. I just think that if there are any changes among league membership between said leagues, it will be Pac schools going east, and not vice versa, because the Pac 12 has nothing to offer anyone in the Big 12. I think the only way ISU would leave is if we had to (IE everything was crumbling again and we had a life boat). ISU fans and admins want to continue to play as many of our historic opponents as possible. The Big 8/original Big 12 was the best fit for ISU as Iowa is more of a Plains state than a Rust Belt state, and those were all close road trips. The only way I'd want to see ISU anywhere else is if the whole thing was blowing up, and we were moving with other Big 8 schools.
  6. They weren't the league rife with public discord 10 years ago, the way the Big 12 was. The position of the Big 12 and Pac 12 has changed, dramatically. The money gap isn't an accident, it's a reflection of value. Right now, the Pac 12 is the league who is lagging financially. They can't dictate anything to the Big 12 unless that somehow flips in the next 3 years, and if anything, the current gap is going to get wider. USC made less than ISU last year. They had lower attendance, too. That is absolutely insane given the disparity in brand power and historic sense. When a league's bluest blue blood is making less than we (we being ISU) are, that league isn't in a place to dictate much of anything.
  7. Yup. He was clearly caught off guard by his own insane outburst. All I could think of was this:
  8. Kid on the right is the actual faux hawked version of Thujone's Cletus. EDIT: I guess his name is Greg.
  9. Why does anyone keep acting like the Pac is in the situation of power here? If these leagues have any kind of merger, it's going to be on the Big 12's terms. I hope that means Baylor getting shitcanned, but I highly doubt it.
  10. It wasn't that I found the account of Rich unbelievable, I just hadn't observed that in his public persona (not that there's much of one in the first place). I might not have been paying much attention, but I had always viewed him as the "good" Robinson that had to bear the weight of keeping his brother in line. I don't have much difficulty personally believing any anecdote about Chris Robinson. He seems to be legitimately unhinged to an extent (many intensely creative people are). I had, for some reason I can't articulate, always believed that Rich was more aligned with the rest of the band. I would agree with your last paragraph completely.
  11. Chris certainly takes it to a spectacular place.
  12. You don't have to read Steve Gorman's book to see how Chris Robinson became a caricature. That's very publicly obvious. Rich's issues, however, are far less obvious and I've been more likely to question the one-sidedness of it. In regards to Chris, anyone who ever paid attention could see a fairly high level of accuracy in Gorman's portrayal.
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