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  1. The fact that they have The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill above every record the Stones made is really all you need to know about this list. I’m repeating myself here, but holy shit is that indefensible
  2. I just realized I posted hot. I’ve never had the hot. Would love to try those.
  3. It’s really not hard to kill a tub at once
  4. The description is dumb. Aussie hops, that’s it. It slams.
  5. Victory beer after a solid day of harvesting. This is one of my favorite Iowa breweries and they just started distributing in my area. This is an excellent beer.
  6. Congrats fuckers. That was incredibly entertaining for a neutral party. Have some beers and calm those tickers!
  7. Harvesting today. Forgot how stressful sober Cloning is
  8. I could see this working actually. I use Bloody Mary mix to make red beers sometimes and generally enjoy it. Then again, every canned Bloody Mary I’ve ever had was trash.
  9. It just doesn’t trip my trigger. You can’t argue with “God Only Knows” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?”, but I just don’t think the entire thing is some staggering masterpiece
  10. I don't know if it was just over played on classic rock radio when I was a kid or what. I don't care much for the production, and the whole thing seems too self-serious for me, I guess. It just never struck me at all, and pretty much everyone else raves about it.
  11. This is a better list. Not having the Stones in the Top 10 but Lauryn fucking Hill is insane. I mean, that's a great hip hop album, and certainly worthy of the Top 500, but that's a 100% "we need to put in a black woman" pick. Pet Sounds has two great songs. The rest is a fucking snoozefest.
  12. Exactly. Great art tends to come from discomfort and suffering, or shortly after those things pass. If Bob Dylan doesn't get divorced, we don't get "Blood On The Tracks". If Fleetwood Mac weren't all coked out and banging each other and hating each other we don't get "Rumors". If Keith Richards' idea of a good time was a hot cup of tea before bed, we don't get "Exile".
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