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  1. I’m a walking stereotype in that regard
  2. College football is what makes harvesting a lot of fun. I listen to a crap ton of games in the tractor nationwide, and the ritual of each week helps mark the passage of time through the season. When you’re working 100+ hours a week, that shit really helps.
  3. So is the canyon off limits? 6 days out. Pumped.
  4. Again, no. Iowans vacation in Colorado, the Black Hills, and the Ozarks more than Minnesota. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. There’s no way any state that borders Minnesota likes it the most.
  6. I give Texans shit about the self love, but there’s a real honesty to it I respect. It’s also such a big and diverse place that I have to segment my feelings for it. I love Austin, SA, the Hill Country. I like DFW. I don’t like Houston much. Waco is hell on earth.
  7. Iowa hating Nebraska (and vice versa) is spot on accurate. Iowa liking Minnesota? No fucking way. Anecdotally, it would be Wisconsin or Colorado long before Minnesota. It's like a northern version of Texas, except the people pretend to be all "aw shucks jeez dontcha know" instead of owning their arrogance outright.
  8. I had a taster of an NE IPA with mango yesterday and really liked it. Get out the neg cannon
  9. Fucking A, Pork Belly rings a bell. I knew Darrell and Joel from Es Tas pretty well. We absolutely have crossed paths. I’m originally from the Osage area. Maybe this will seal it: I was one of the owners of the Pancho Villa tail gate van. We would drive it around campus on Fridays before home games blasting through fight song horn like the drunk shit heads we were
  10. I recognize those names. Yeah, my buddies and I hung at People’s, Lumpy’s, Chasers, that place on Lincoln (Capone’s?), and Es Tas. I lived out at Sterling for a couple years after I left Larch, and then at the corner of Hyland and Lincoln during the 07-08 school year. I took a year off and mowed lawns around central Iowa before starting law school at Drake in ‘08. Al is my actual (shortened) first name.
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