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  1. Not to go CR, but I get a chuckle when Chiefs fans I know post shit on social media about how Collin Kaepernick is a subhuman piece of shit, but are completely dead silent about Tyreek Hill.
  2. It's going to be a real circle jerk between our 4 squads. I haven't seen you guys or KSU, and caught very little of our game with OSU last night, but it just seems like a real cellar full of shit. All of these teams suck, and arguing about over who sucks the most is just depressing. I would submit our home loss to 1-9 Florida A&M as the front runner for worst individual game. It may be tough to top that for an individual night of shit, well, ever.
  3. Bill Self gave De Sousa a stiffer penalty than the NCAA or Big 12 combined would have.
  4. Bierstadt isn't that close to Estes at all, but I agree if you were going to go for a 14er in winter that's a good one.
  5. I didn't realize you had them on Saturday. I'm guessing you're trying to avoid basketball season as much as I am right now.
  6. Any Bloody Mary fans? I don't measure exact ratios, but do everything essentially to taste. This is a pretty tried and true general recipe for me. Quasi-lifted from a bar in Lawrence I hit up before an ISU/KU game awhile back. Vodka (Tito's when I want something decent, whatever's cheap when I don't care) Pickle juice (similar in amount to vodka) Splash of olive juice Cavender's Greek Seasoning Black pepper Celery Salt Garlic salt Horseradish Worcestershire dash A1 dash Tabasco dash Top glass with Campbell's tomato juice Shake back and forth between spare glass Garnish with meat, cheese, olive, pickle. Chase with a lager or pale ale.
  7. Good to know. I figured Trail Ridge Road was shut off pretty close to Estes in the winter.
  8. I'm assuming by the title that it's going to have plenty of (deserved) shots at Robbie. Inject this shit straight into veins.
  9. We're in the same range tempwise. Can't complain about that.
  10. Yeah, I'm not really knocking it. I don't think you should care more about someone just because you share genes, but it's always cool when the people you do share genetic material are similar to you, or at least likable when they aren't.
  11. Your family must suck. Most of my first cousins are a hoot. Hell, I have multiple second cousins I'm close with.
  12. Been saying that since day 1. They are easily the least entertaining, funny, and even believable characters in the series. I've known a lot of small town tweakers and they are nothing like the skids.
  13. Yes. My great grandpa (mom's mom's dad) moved to Winnipeg in his late 40's and married a 20 year old who was from the same general area of Europe. We're pretty sure he was running from another life in Europe, so my suspicion is that he knew both languages and possibly adopted this German image to help conceal his past or keep his first family from finding him. My great grandma (mom's dad's mom) - one of the ones born in Serbia - used to always call my grandma (her DIL and daughter of great grandfather in previous paragraph) a "dumb Pollack", so I think there was some giveaway in her accent, or something else that made my great grandma suspect what was later confirmed in the DNA test.
  14. I think I liked it better than the Ag Talk season. If only because it got more Shoresy back in the mix.
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