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  1. Wordle 300 6/6 #waffle84 4/5 streak: 1 wafflegame.net
  2. It looks like the End on the boundary side is a read. Sucking him up field ensures he wont bounce out in time with the running back letting the rail route run free.
  3. Spring game dont know how to embed youtube
  4. I was told by some bag hag Dumbo groupie that he was smaller than King. Was that not true????
  5. What the fuck kind of facial hair is bobby bitch tits rockin? The negative beard?
  6. That is surprising since Bob has become such a blow hard red ass lately. It’s to the point that I have a hard time listening to any college football from the Hardline. Has taken a Jose dive since Mike left a few years back. Sad
  7. This says the pork supplier for McDonald’s claims it is made of pork shoulder. https://www.the-sun.com/news/3977669/what-is-the-mcrib-made-out-of/amp/
  8. About a year ago. The Daughter and her husband couldn't keep up with it and their kids I guess didn't want to take over. I happened to be in town the day they closed up shop. It was lunch so I had one last chicken fried steak and cinder block order of onion rings.
  9. No love for Whichwich? The wicked is pretty solid.
  10. I was just about to post the cowboy style from Ozonas in Dallas.
  11. I wonder if the news of Quinn coming this weekend will entice Evan Stewart to make his way down?
  12. Been there many a time. My wife is from San Angelo. Never could get into the yellow gravy or the cole slaw served with every dish at Henrys. Loved Zentner's Daughter but alas, it is no longer.
  13. I cannot believe with all this chicken fried steak talk no one has brought up Mary's Cafe in Strawn. Not pictured is the full bowl of honest to goodness bacon fat white gravy. Yes, I am a fat.
  14. Did everyone just forget that this is nearly the exact team that got the last staff fired? I realize there were other glaring issues with Herman, but the point remains. when was the last time a completely new staff took over and won something of consequence the first year? This is still a, realistically, 10 win team, or should be. Some people need to grow the fuck and let them little BB size balls drop.
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