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  1. Surly geniuses...I am thinking of buying a boat. Mostly for fishing but also for family outings. Not much of a skier but would like to be able to pull a tube... Thinking about a tri-toon. Looking for recommendations?? Also, budget is +/- 22K. Hope you guys can help?!
  2. Fair enough, and I certainly respect your thoughts and obvious knowledge with regards to this. However, the four studies here are just the only ones linked to the article. There are others. And we both know that any study can have some pretty varied differences of opinions of the conclusions. The uncertainty here is what is most frustrating. And I get it, it's a "new" disease. Erring on the side of caution is almost always a good reaction. But could not the same outcome be reached by isolating the elderly and immuno compromised? Was it necessary to lock-down the country? It seems that both methods of strict quarantine and loose quarantines have worked in differing areas... I'm not trying to be obtuse in any way, i guess being furloughed and working from home leaves me with tons of time to over analyze and Monday morning quarterback.
  3. Seems like there is starting to be some consensus on the fact that this stuff is affecting loads more people than earlier thought. And ALSO, if these are right, the mortality rate is in line with regular flu... https://www.biospace.com/article/multiple-studies-suggest-covid-19-mortality-rate-may-be-lower-than-expected-/?fbclid=IwAR23Mx86v1rKxEz0bXjAj5OJG2uHl93KGxTvs5UJ13kvgZQJqLgE6dz2gvU
  4. Best quote in that thread: "I love how so young and so good is right on the dong." Only Aggy...
  5. Excel Urgent Cares have testing as well...
  6. So 25M+ and 29K dead. Doesn't that make the mortality rate pretty close to regular flu territory?
  7. If this holds true and 50 fold more people have had it than has been tallied... That means +/- 33 million have/had this? I get that its an extrapolation but thats mind boggling. Also, doesnt this make the death rate significantly less, if true?
  8. Been depressing way longer than just this morning... a decade in the wilderness will do that to folks though. I'm more of a glass is half full kinds guy so I still have faith and optimism...
  9. Damn Getafix, I havent laughed that hard in a long time...
  10. Shoot man, panic is the unquestioned identity of just about the entirety of the Surl...
  11. Holy shit, the Surl has been brutal the last few days... Some of you guys seriously need to get laid or at least mainline some bourbon or something. At the very least though, it's been an entertaining read.
  12. Nope. Nah, the Surl never moves on. Its like the wife who remembers that time, when you were dating, that you threw a sideways glance at the hot girl across the restaurant. Never forgotten...
  13. Holy fuck...the cognitive dissonance in that thread is monumental. The guy who says that Rudolph and Pouncey would be arrested if this was a real case in court... i just, have, no, words... The mental gymnastics to twist that into anything other than Garret needs a suspension for the rest of the year...my brain does not comprehend...
  14. Awesome haul, but in all seriousness, how many of these guys make it to campus?
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