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  1. At this point I think a missed cut may be a good thing for him. Whatever system he has in place now clearly isn’t working and I think enough time has passed where it’s pretty clear it’s not going to change absent some major adjustments. More time for that to settle in is better than squeaking under the cut line and hacking around the course for another two days.
  2. Bogeys on 3 of the first 4. I’m wondering if a MC here (after a MC last week at the Safeway Open) will be a turning point where he decides he needs to change something with his team / practice / preparation.
  3. On top of it all, our 3 man DL was also used as a recruiting tool against us. It's a pretty easy argument to make when you're talking to a top DL prospect - would you rather catch double- and triple-teams to free up LB your entire career or rush the passer?
  4. I wouldn't have guessed that he'd end up fighting for a practice squad spot. The smartest thing for him now may be to finish his degree and start planning for life after football.
  5. Could have been worse. I’m skeptical he’ll actually be playing again in such a sort time frame though.
  6. Watching an organization produce terrible results on the field year after year with completely different front offices, coaching staffs, and players is amazing. They’re like the bizarro Patriots.
  7. Technically, Notre Dame isn’t independent at all this year. Saturday against Duke was their first conference game ever.
  8. This guy is a legitimate WR. Will definitely see 20-25 snaps per game all year long.
  9. If/when we win games consistently, more and more of these quality grad transfers will start looking at Texas.
  10. So does this continue throughout the season? Rank the teams who are playing actual football vs. the teams the might hypothetically play in the future?
  11. Well if you don’t talk about it then it can’t happen.
  12. How many years have they been on the verge of a breakout season? I sense a pattern here.
  13. Shot a smooth 102 after a personal best 85 2 weeks ago. Sometimes this game makes no sense.
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