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  1. How many years have they been on the verge of a breakout season? I sense a pattern here.
  2. Shot a smooth 102 after a personal best 85 2 weeks ago. Sometimes this game makes no sense.
  3. Mickelson is fucked whenever they switch to the alternate shot format.
  4. This is so much better than the original Tiger - Phil match.
  5. I’ve never played so much golf in my life. I’m probably approaching 20 rounds in the last 30 days.
  6. Shot 42 - 45 / 87 on Gus Wortham this morning. Made a swing change that seriously improved my game a step change better in a short period of time. GW is a great course for anyone in Houston who has never tried it. Sometimes the divot is more enjoyable than watching the ball fly (I birdied the hole too). https://imgur.com/Zf6TOtq
  7. Roschon Johnson is going to have a special season.
  8. I guess she’ll be able to buy a lot of ramen from the prison commissary for the next 6 years.
  9. GDP down 4.8% vs 4% estimate. And this only captures a small slice of the effect that COVID is having on economic output. The Q2 numbers are going to be a bloodbath.
  10. Apparently we just have to announce $2T of new money about twice a month and we can keep this thing going to the moon! DOW 50,000 here we come!!
  11. Spokesman for Putin already said that no call with MBS has occurred and there are no plans for a production cut right now.
  12. So Russia produces about 11MM bbl/day and KSA about 10MM. They’re going to cut 15MM bbl?? Even if he is referring to OPEC as a whole (35MM bbl) plus Russia, that would represent a 30% production cut. Not gonna happen.
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