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  1. What made it even worse is they had an incredible 2-point play ready to go. If they run that throwback TE screen in 2OT it’s a win for sure.
  2. Bama beats Georgia. Bama will be ranked 1. Georgia 4. Both win their playoff games. And face off in the championship game. Yay!! No, Georgia is 3. Need to keep the option for both in the NCG.
  3. When your team is clearly playing above their own abilities, your QB literally can’t walk, and your defense has been on the field for 30+ additional plays than the opponent’s you HAVE to go for 2 when you have a chance to win. This game is another reminder that college football coaches are generally just wealthier versions of the meatheads that coached us in high school.
  4. Not going for 2 was soooooooo dumb.
  5. We need to stop having our corners bail out immediately when the ball is snapped every single play. We play with 8 yard cushions on 3rd and 2. The only way this happens is if the DC wants it to. I think the secondary coach is just doing what he’s told. The scheme issues come from the top.
  6. The best thing is to start working towards next year immediately. We better not accept a bowl invite at 5-7.
  7. Things that I think I know: 1. Sark is a good offensive coach. Even with our terribly personnel outside of Bijan and Worthy, we consistently get guys open downfield and have put up a lot of points (with a few exceptions) this year. However, he seems to be maybe not a great head coach/leader. He made what seemed like a good hire in PK but it has turned out to be a disaster. Something needs to change with the defensive staff. All I want to see is us running a base 4 down linemen defense. We’ve been running some variation of a 3-3-5 for the last 5+ years and it just isn’t working. We need to start recruiting pure DE prospects (not the all-DT strategy we’ve been using) in order to be able to get a pass rush and stop the run consistently. I saw us running 2 DL with Oghoufo and Thornton as the “DE” while WVU ran it for 8 yards a carry all second half. It’s unacceptable. 2. We have major, major issues on our roster. WR, OL, DL, and LB are probably the worst. QB is also highly questionable unless second-half Card somehow had a flip switch in his head and regained his composure and accuracy. Regardless, we need to aggressively recruit the transfer portal and turn over the roster. We particularly need upperclassmen who can provide some leadership. A lot of the current upperclassmen look apathetic and disinterested half the time. No matter what, we’re probably looking at a 2-year rebuild, minimum. 8-4 would be a good result next year. TLDR coaches and players both have responsibility for the current suckage.
  8. This defensive scheme is terrible and/or we have the worst possible personnel for it.
  9. All I hope is that Bijan and Worthy both stay and play next year. Then some combination of recruiting and the portal for the rest.
  10. We can’t stop the pass because everyone starts 7-10 yards off their receiver and bails out deep immediately. These are basic schematic failures that a high school defensive coordinator wouldn’t make. I can see why the players are so pissed and apathetic.
  11. We are playing 2 defensive lineman. Is it any surprise we can’t stop the run? Fire PK immediately
  12. You’re right. I joined the site in March 2018 as a false flag so I could execute my master plan of commenting on the Virginia gubernatorial race almost 4 years later. Nothing gets by you.
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