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  1. No reason to hang on to the guy if you find a good replacement, not one.
  2. Is he one of the white guys? Because I’m told white guys can’t play defense.
  3. The DC had to recruit his guys and build his defense/culture?
  4. One is like an animal, the other is in diapers.
  5. Hahahaha. OU getting fucked by the refs is awesome.
  6. Explains Thompson this year, when you think about it.
  7. Leaving the Big 12, no longer has them in their back pocket.
  8. Maybe throwing the game was part of the deal?
  9. To be fair, I think Herman’s firing had more to do with him being a douche.
  10. You’re going to have to narrow that down a bit.
  11. We still wouldn’t be happy. Their players are tough and have heart.
  12. I don’t think they make a habit of shitting on kids committed to schools they cover.
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