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  1. I know it’s human nature, for decent people, but absolutely no need to feel bad about this. You conducted your research, believed in the company, and shared that information. We are all adults here…. Well, at least we are all responsible for our own actions, and make these decisions as such. Mostly likely, it will pay all of us somewhere down the road. Only difference is, you’ll be living on a road with a gate and a guard shack.
  2. Me too, it’s my largest position in a single stock. If this fails, Harrison might have to leave the country. J/k We won’t let him get out…
  3. Good dip buy opportunity on IBRX if you can stomach it. It’s got fairly strong support in this area.
  4. This is a great slogan for the first home game afterparty at South Austin’s mom’s house.
  5. You and CTJ should start a “forced to each shitty cereal as a kid” support group.
  6. I think the majority in here are fully supportive of the changes. We also know some young men will make fools of themselves in the process, and I’m completely on board with making fun of them when they do.
  7. I’m waiting for the, “Buy 100 shirts and I’ll stay at ____ university.”
  8. UUUU, you’re going the wrong way, again.
  9. Thank you, didn’t know anything about HYG.
  10. That would likely be great information if I understood what it means.
  11. More importantly is the person who died, but that just means there’s an opening, might be risky.
  12. Sugar “baby” near Virginia Tech campus?
  13. I’m all in. What’s your price target?
  14. There are so many getting run right now. I’m in AHT; not sure how far this one will go but it’s been a good run.
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