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  1. He was planning on taking other visits prior to going, so there would have to be more to it.
  2. The NASDAQ noncompliance process can take a really long time due to all the extensions they can receive, but it’s almost always a death sentence for shareholders. Survival mode usually means empty promises, multiple offerings, and eventually scraping the bottom of the barrel before performing the reverse split. Once they begin this cycle, it most often just repeats itself.
  3. I will frame this in another manner since some of you clearly only operate in attack mode. This, as a stand-alone statement, is fucking stupid. I don’t give a shit who it was in response to. It shouldn’t matter. If black people lived by this philosophy, they would have left this country a long fucking time ago. This mindset shouldn’t exist, period.
  4. You’re probably correct about him being stupid. I think the reaction to my reaction was overreacting but, ok.
  5. Thanks. Was just pointing out the irony.
  6. My post had nothing to do with him. I actually didn’t even pay any attention to anything the poster wrote. Pretty blind of you not to see the stupidity in Penelope’s statement as a stand-alone statement. You going to report me for pointing out someone shouldn’t be encouraged to leave a community because of hatred?!? Report away, genius.
  7. Just admit it’s a stupid fucking statement and move on. I don’t know anything about this poster but just imagine if every advocate who was hated in their community ran away instead of staying and standing up for what they believed in.
  8. Clemson and their Clemsoning was the joke of college football. Well, besides the constant joke that is aggy.
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