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  1. Attractive women at first, but I’ve actually spoken to them.
  2. Careful, you’re going to hurt some feelings. This is Compassionate Horns.
  3. I wonder how the Surly faithful would fare given similar temptations? I’m guessing most of you ugly fucks would have pics similar to Petrino’s if given to same opportunities.
  4. Imagine living in a world where you have to investigate everyone’s background before calling their actions stupid. That place doesn’t sound like a surly world to me.
  5. What if I told you of a stock that is up 127% this month and 41% for the week.... Is it that one GME stock?
  6. Asians are appalled by our treatment of black people. They believe if we would have just kept them oppressed, there could be no argument. The sad thing is, slavery wasn’t even the biggest form of racism in this country’s history. However, in order to right the wrongs committed towards Native Americans, we’d all have to leave the country, and that’s a sacrifice even those seeking to eradicate “all” potential references to historical injustice aren’t willing to make. As a nation, we’ll never make substantial forward progress if we’re always looking back. We need community agendas that
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