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  1. So what you're really saying is that I should quit confronting people at the motel? Do I have that right?
  2. Yep, I think grammar classes should be at the top of the list....lulz, and obviously home schooling is not an option for some.
  3. How about "Texas Our Texas" Or a select verse or so since the whole thing would be too long.
  4. Yep... Stupid games something something stupid prizes. Half assed measures, half assed results
  5. These are the disposable ones, I've got several different ones on order from the co-op.
  6. Thanks, the family from Mrs Shooter on down to all the grandkids have been wanting me to go for the "ZZ" beard for years. Not really my style or preference but I finally said WTH give it a try. If nothing else I can gain about 80lbs and have a side job during the holidays.
  7. Lol, dammit Monty....
  8. After seeing approximately 55% of the fuckwads (confronted about 70% of those yesterday), inside the motel unmasked I wanted to let assholes know that no it's not convenient, yes it's a pain in the ass. Our crew masks up... outdoors, voluntarily with no issues. So get on board or get fucked you disease spreading douchebags.
  9. And yes, it's hotter than hell here in Corpus but damn have a little respect for your fellow man.
  10. ROFLMAO, OK, I kind of get it now. Sounds like it could develop into a very debilitating situation both mentally and emotionally...you ok bro? Edit: Wish I could rep that more than once.
  11. Fuckin' A bro... Maybe one before also I say, and a couple breaks during the meal. Dang I miss flipping my ashes in leftover egg yolks.
  12. Mkay, still confused but I'll take your word for it...
  13. Looks like a weird vergina to me.
  14. Lulz, well I definitely exposed my ignorance, what does it mean?
  15. Fark, I need to get some sleep. Thanks for calling me on that, I'm about totally delirious.
  16. Lol, you're a good sport..and yes my tongue is longer barely...at 10".
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