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  1. I totally get not being into Phish. I think they took more work for me than the Dead did since their early stuff lacks the emotional component they is so strong in the Dead’s music. I happened to meet a couple guys from the NE in Jester when I was a freshman and I traded them copies of my few Dead tapes for their few Phish tapes. Those tapes along with the A Live One release got me started, as did seeing them on a few of their best tours (Fall 95 and the next 4 summers). i am just finishing up the Branford show. The pre Branford stuff in the first set is great and I forgot just how good the Estimated is. I forget about it with the two songs it is sandwiched between. What a 3 song run. Also, I rarely listen to a whole show and it was great to hear the post-space portion again. The encore is perfect with Branford’s accents thrown in. Great recommendation!
  2. Hey everyone. Just threw on 3/29/90 while I work on stuff for a masters degree I am pursuing. Such a great show. Haven’t been on this thread in a bit because I have been really busy with work (I am a pharmacist for nursing homes, so we are busy as ever and extra stressed). I’ve also been on a bit of a Trey/Phish kick. If anyone is a fan of them, I highly recommend the new quarantine batch of songs he has been putting out through IG/FB/etc. it is hitting me in the right way right now. Also, the Ghosts of the Forest studio and live albums plus the new Phish Album are my favorite stuff they’ve released since the first hiatus. Between Me and My Mind is a really good documentary about Trey from around level when he was recording GotF. I know this isn’t Dead, but they are Dead related and the Phish thread is an abortion. if interested, the first set of 7/25/97 from Starplex in Dallas is easily the best set of music I’ve ever seen in person (2nd set was a letdown). The Bathtub Gin is a top 3 version and I think way better than the Rupp or Went Gins that everyone talks about as the best. I promise my next visit will be GD content.
  3. https://www.pastemagazine.com they have already changed the show. 6/19/76 Is up from when I was 1 day old!
  4. Paste magazine has 11/24/78 up for streaming right now along with a 1970 Allman’s show and some other food stuff. They plan to rotate shows.
  5. I’ve been going To Habanero’s 1-2 Wednesdays a month for years for the fajita ranchera special. Best damn fajitas I’ve ever had and it’s not close. <$10 too. Sad about little deli and El Dorado too as they are near my house and my family loves both.
  6. That was a good show at the Erwin Center. I was on call for work and luckily got no calls during the show. I was sober, too. I was so pumped when they broke into St Stephen. The Sugaree and Dark Star>Other One were awesome too. Hate, I listened to your and my brother’s first shows over the last couple days. Both are great and I need to check out more late stuff. I love Phil’s playing on both. I have really gotten into Broken Arrow lately and that was a good version. I’ve been mostly listening to 72-74 so long that it is nice to branch out a bit. we are letting our kids stay up tonight so I am missing the webcast. Oh well.
  7. The stockpiling by doctors reminds me a bit of the congressmen using their position to enrich themselves during this. I know I would not have grabbed some off the shelf for my wife/family because I would never steal. Not sure if I would have prescribed myself some had I the authority. I am very worried about my wife when she runs out of her current supply. here’s a link announcing the reasoning of the emergency meeting: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kxan.com/news/state-board-of-pharmacy-pharmacists-stop-hoarding-drugs-showing-promise-to-treat-covid-19/amp/
  8. As a pharmacist and the husband of someone with an autoimmune disease and depends on hydroxychloroquine to control her symptoms, your logic is sound. This is like all the asshats getting a box of Tamiflu “just in case” about 15 years ago. We didn’t have the drug for active cases as a result. We need this for confirmed cases and those who already depend on it.
  9. I just started it. The Touch sounds pretty good! You might check out 5-16-93 in Vegas. It was my brother’s first show and his experience is what got me into all of this. The Althea-Masterpiece-Row Jimmy-Cassidy sequence is excellent. It is my favorite Masterpiece and I’ve listened to a lot since I love their interpretation. The Elvis Space is pretty trippy too.
  10. I listened to it front to back today, which I hadn’t done in a while. So thankful I (We) got to see such a solid show. The whole thing is well played and the setlist is a great one for my taste. Makes me wonder what other late era shows I am missing out on.
  11. Nice. I’ll have to listen to than today. The kids are getting restless and I just started a new course on the Masters degree I have been slowly working on. The Dead made some pretty good study music. Hopefully all of the studying will keep my mind off everything else! i listened to the 9/11/73 Dark Star yesterday and it did not disappoint.
  12. I’ve been listening to some great Dead lately. In anticipation of the RSD vinyl, checked out 5/9/77, one of the Giants Stadium 89 shows, Dick’s picks 35 (summer 71). All are fantastic. Hope the older members of the band can keep themselves safe, especially Phil seeing as he is an organ recipient. I imagine his birthday shows will be cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing who is surprise band would be.
  13. At Costco at 183 and Braker today, toilet paper was sold out. Non perishables like pasta were running low. The shelves above floor level were lower than I have ever seen. I’m not too worried about the virus but am very worried about the people. Any yes, I am the people since I just bought way more shit than I need today. In another development, conferences are starting to be cancelled. My FIL just had his trip to Denver cancelled because the APS conference was cancelled due to virus concerns. https://march.aps.org. Would have started on Monday.
  14. Fixed it for me. (The slow or fast part might not apply, but the sentiment stands)
  15. Love crazy fingers. I’ll have to check out that Orpheum version. The Dave’s pick from a few nights later is one of my favorites. Phenomenal Comes a Time that goes into a nice jam sequence. I was listening to 6/14/76 last week and both the High Time and Crazy Fingers are among the beat I’ve heard.
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