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  1. Tonight Peloton is having a 45 min Grateful Dead ride-Workingman’s Dead I think. It will sure beat spinning to the crap music I normally work out to. This one will be on repeat. So excited.
  2. It might just be nostalgia because they were shows I fell in love with 20-25 years ago. The Bird Song and Cumberland on both shows are as good as the Dead get for me. The sound of the recordings is exactly how I prefer them. for me, 1 drummer Dead is the best. The last 6:30 of the Dark Star into the Cumberland on 9/27 is phenomenal. Right now I am just getting into the big hour plus jam from 11/14/73 (Truckin>Other One>Big River>O1>Eyes>O1>Wharf Rat. First time listening to it and it is delivering.
  3. Wish I heard it. I’d check heady version for something highly rated From whatever era it sounds like. Worst case you find another great version. i threw on 9/27/72 today. DiP 11. Don’t know why I haven’t listened to this in a while. The whole show is fire. Opens with a huge Morning Dew. Other highlights include top 3 versions (my ranking) of Bird song, Big River, and Cumberland (out of an amazing Dark Star). I really celebrate the whole show. Black-throated wind, Friend of the Devil, Attics of My life, Playin, Jed, Ramble on Rose, .............. Hard to decide if I prefer this show or the spectrum show from the 21st. Both are so good. I prefer both to any show from the earlier Europe tour.
  4. Saw this on the Facebook group Hate recommended.
  5. I am pretty sure that was me. I think I dropped it off on a porch on the west side somewhere. No worries. That was a pretty beautiful venue. The sunset while Willie was playing with them was gorgeous. Leavin Texas, Fourth day of July!!!!!
  6. Druggist

    Mandolin Orange

    They released the Moody Theatre show from January yesterday. It was the last live show I saw before everything shut down. it was a really good show. The Hawk is a Mule story and song were great, can’t wait to give it a listen. https://mandolinorange.bandcamp.com
  7. Checking in. Those 88 shows sound like a good place to start today. Both set lists look really solid. I’ve been on a Jerry solo kick. At least once a month I have to throw on Freedom Jazz Dance from Legion of Mary (GarciaLive 3). I had another version of this on an old tape and both versions are as good as the best shit the Dead ever did. Highly recommended! I also checked out GarciaLive 12 for the first time. It is Jerry and Merle from 73. I love their sound. It has some Texas girl singing with them I’ve never heard before. She improvised a lot of vocals. She can be a bit much, but over all it is pretty good and the band is on. The System>Honey Chile is a really nice 34 min jam with a long section that sounds like Mind Left Body jam. Also they do It’s a Sin, which is a jam in the 6/18/74 Other One-one of my favorites. Here is an interesting article about the vocalist Sarah Fulcher that is a good read. Lots of stuff about Jerry and the scene back then. Also, she later played in an all-girl proto-punk band called The Klitz. Great fucking band name! https://aquariumdrunkard.com/2019/12/17/blanks-and-postage-like-a-road-leading-home-the-elusive-sarah-fulcher-and-the-less-elusive-jerry-garcia/
  8. Druggist

    Benny Mardones - RIP

    Wow, I bet Gary Puckett approves of this song I had never seen this video and it is as fucked up as the other one. Holy hell what was wrong with people back then.
  9. I agree, that is what I wrote above. Thanks for confirming my point. Of course there was spread at the protests. They acknowledge the high probably in the paper. The headline makes it appear as if COVID spread did not occur to any measurable degree as a result of these huge crowds. That is a dangerous narrative to put out there. They looked at net cases in whole communities, not spread within distinct populations. They never tried to figure out if spread occurred within the population that was actively protesting. They put a narrative out there that insinuates the virus didn’t spread to a significant degree at these protests without actually presenting data of that. Then they buried the reasoning for the lack of spread deep in the article. That is starting with a conclusion and working backwards. It is factually correct and intellectually dishonest. I fear it will cost some lives as morons receive the message that large gatherings are fine. That same study and data could have been framed as social distancing works so well that it mitigated the spread that likely occurred during the protests. That would have been factually true based on the data they collected and would have been a far more helpful message to put out there. The virus isn’t woke. It didn’t decide to sit these gatherings out because Black Lives Matter (Narrator: They matter). Virus don’t give a fuck. That is all I’ve got on this subject.
  10. No, my conclusion is that people gathering in large groups spreads COVID and social distancing limits spread. In the conclusion of the paper they admit as much and play math games to show the cumulative spread in the country during the protests was balanced by these two activities. Take the time to read the conclusion in the article and not just the headline. Young people being in restaurants and bars is of course fueling the spread. Lots of people going from one large congregation (protests or Trump rallies) to another (restaurants and bars) in a period of a few weeks will surely fuel spread. It is simple logic. We are seeing the results of this now. And why should I need data on these gatherings to infer there was spread of COVID during them? We have over 6 months of literature showing this virus spreads when people gather. Acting like these specific mass gatherings were somehow immune to the spread we know occurs when groups gather is being a science denier. This virus spreads when people gather, period. The fact that the protests caused a lot of other people to increase their social distancing behavior during the same time period should not be used to claim the protests did not contribute to the spread of COVID. To me, that is allowing your viewpoint to cloud your judgement.
  11. Where did I say that? Anyone congregating is spreading it. I was commenting on this specific study and it’s conclusions, which I feel are misleading. The folks on the left are using this to say “see, it wasn’t us” and the folks on the right are using it to say “see, we can congregate with no ill effects.” Fuck them all. Stay home and wear a mask. Do your part as a person who cares about others to limit spread.
  12. That conclusion is bullshit. They say that the protests caused an increase in social distancing behavior among non-protesters that more than balanced out the non-social distancing behavior of the protesters. So even though the protesters were likely spreading it amongst themselves, everyone else in society being good caused the net effect to be zero. the study ignores all the subsequent spread of the virus that we are seeing now amongst the younger demographic that largely made up the protesters. isolating the spread to just what happened during the protests and not seeing what the effects are weeks later is irresponsible at best and willfully dishonest at worst. TLDR: Of course the protesters behavior spread the virus. Everyone else staying home made the net effect zero. Protesters spreading it to others in the weeks following is not factored in.
  13. I’ll throw that 87 stream on now while I study. I just saw a Weir post on FB that they are replaying all 3 Fare the Well shows on the 5th. https://relix.com/news/detail/fans-sets-marathon-broadcast-of-grateful-deads-fare-thee-well-run-at-soldier-field/ I bought the box set after it happened and have watched them from time to time. One of my favorite things in the set is the complete Circles Around the Sun setbreak music. Only about 2/3 of it are on Spotify and the rest is just as good. Neal Casal was amazing. RIP.
  14. Just started 6/18/83. Only AUD sources, but they are good. Great setlist and the comments from people who were at the show are a trip! Really enjoying Bird Song. i came across this artist page today. He has done a lot of GD stuff: http://scottmcdougall.net/grateful-dead-art
  15. Thanks! And the dark Star was 7/25/74. I just pulled up Relisten and saw I was wrong. Anyway it gets really good around 11:30 or so.
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