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  1. I think the difference was we had some early success running the ball, so we didn’t have to turtle up and abandon the run quickly like we often do.
  2. We are a mediocre team. Occasionally, we will play well and go toe to toe with, or even beat, top teams. Occasionally, we will look like dogshit and lose to teams we have absolutely no business losing to. More often than not, we'll do what mediocre teams tend to do: make one good play, and then step on our dicks the next. We won't get blown out that often, but we'll make games way closer than we need to. That tends to be Herman's MO as head coach. That's who we are. Maybe we'll change. We'll see.
  3. This is the first game in forever where it looked like our coaches made halftime adjustments and it worked.
  4. So, uh, that home w against tech that I was banking on may need to be reconsidered.
  5. The modal surly poster is a 40-50 year old white dude. I'm shocked this remix didn't go over well here.
  6. Yes, the Willingham case is haunting and is one reason I'm against the death penalty.
  7. We won 1-0. Only run came on a squeeze bunt.
  8. In all seriousness I do think he has some form of dementia. At one time, he was likely sharper. He had to be.
  9. Sounds like Elish is dealing as usual, but we are not hitting very well. Lots of stranded runners. 0-0 in the 4th.
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