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  1. This was the episode that got a guy's murder charges thrown out.
  2. Boulware seems like a great hire. This is the type of staff Herman should have assembled from the get go. Still unsure of Ash and the CB coach, but we'll see.
  3. This winter has been great as far as I'm concerned.
  4. He's posted about this before. I think his Dad used to work for the team in some capacity.
  5. Solid choice to barricade oneself in a concrete dam. Doesn't get more barricaded than that.
  6. The South Carolina dude seems like it would be a good hire. Maybe Herm will nail the last few hires.
  7. I can't remember if I finished season 2 or just quit and read about how terrible the finale was on here. I just remember season 2 was awful.
  8. It was a great movie, but maybe a little overhyped.
  9. This looks good, but I'm concerned the resolution is gonna be "it's aliens" or "the boogeyman."
  10. But like 70 more rushing. So, yeah that might be a confound. Also, you have to run these stats through a spectrometer before you can say anything.
  11. In certain contexts, one could make the case that this process and resultant staff are nothing to freak out over. One such context might be if this were Herman's first staff and one has to give a new guy some freedom to bring in who he wants and feels comfortable with. I think that's a poor argument, and I've heard it many times, it's generally bullshit, but I can sorta see it. Another might be if we are resource constrained. We are not, so that doesn't fly. Finally, if our HC had a proven track record of finding diamonds in the rough or assembling top staffs that did not appear to be top staffs at first blush, then we should be cutting him some slack. But Herman has not earned the benefit of the doubt. To the contrary, he has generally shown himself to be terrible in evaluating subordinate coaches and in managing their performance. This is his last chance - the hail mary. That's the context we are operating in now. So all this bullshit about "I don't think these hires are really that bad" have to be evaluated in that context. And in that context, that's an astoundingly retarded take. This should be an all-out, almost desperate, leaving-no-stone-unturned talent search. It's Tom's last stand - he better win and win now or he's out as early as next year. And what do we get? Complacency and cronyism, which have sadly become hallmarks on the Herman era. Oh well, as some one said upthread, the good news is it seems Herman is doing almost everything in his power to fuck up his last chance quickly so we can move on to the new guy.
  12. Not where I work, and you should be thankful. If we wanted to hire the academic equivalent of this DB coach, it would be a hard "no" from the higher ups and a "what the fuck are you thinking?" Maybe that kind of shit flies at bum fuck U or in some other department, but not here. We aspire to be the best public school in the country, and we try to hire that way.
  13. If we tried to hire faculty the way these troglodytes conduct coaching searches, our administration would throw a fit. We are expected to conduct a national search and interview candidates mostly from top or comparable schools. It’s an extremely thorough and time-consuming search process, but is critical to hiring the best in the field (that we can get) and maintaining our reputation. If instead we went to our Dean saying we wanted to hire our buddy who used to teach at UH (but flamed out), he would literally laugh in our face. It would be a non-starter. Yet on the athletics side, our administration just goes into sleep mode while we hand out mega contracts to under-qualified (or unqualified) buddies or past acquaintances.
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