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  1. this popped up on my twitters Mary has more tweets on the matter if interested. I know I should move on and care more about our team this year, but honestly I find the whole Elish drama way more interesting.
  2. I think the wave timing will be just right - spike over the summer and then dying down as school starts.
  3. My 8 year old is beside himself. He’s a space nerd.
  4. Great message. My kids are 15 and 13 and are still JAGs tho.
  5. There’s definitely been an uptick among faculty and grad students. Yes, we will have waves of covid for some time. I think they will be mild, and people will kinda shrug it off. I think we’ve moved on.
  6. These lazy kids need to bust their ass just like we do, arguing for 9 hours a day with strangers on the internet.
  7. I can't remember if I stopped watching in Season 2 or 3.
  8. There's no way these fucksticks are moving here in droves because they think our water policy/situation is (marginally) better. Putting that aside, central Texas will be in water crisis mode if these weather and migration patterns continue.
  9. On a positive note, maybe this godawful weather will slow down people moving here and perhaps make a few leave. I can see why people might pay a gazillion $ to buy a place in coastal California. The weather and scenery can’t be beat. But to keep flocking here with the skyrocketing real estate prices and the 100 year droughts that happen every 3 years makes no sense to me.
  10. So the new series is not an Amazon show, but an offshoot of Amazon that is on Amazon? Okey dokey.
  11. Arkansas will probably no lube us. Wish we still had Ellsworth.
  12. Personality wise, I kinda picture the OP as a Rafi from the League as a Dr.
  13. Yep - development is key. We have had enough raw roster talent to compete for the big 12 over the last decade. I've often heard arguments on the football board during the last 5 years or so "that we just don't have the talent as other teams in the big 12 - look at the draft." But that's primarily an indictment of our poor development by Mack and then Strong and then turtle Tom. That raw talent is there - we have had a lot of guys go to the league as undrafted free agents. In fact, we are #19 in active NFL players right now. But the problem is we (deservedly) have a reputation as a soft program and our players are not coached up. NFL teams want dudes that come in right away and be impact guys and starters. They aren't going to waste draft picks and the concomitant $$$ on fringe guys that need development. There are no minor leagues to work the kinks out. So our guys go undrafted and a fair number of them hang around the league because the pure talent is there. It's really sad.
  14. Well, yeah, that too.
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