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  1. Yes. Very well done. Extremely dark. Kate Winslet has been great. I'm still bracing for a shitty ending, but we'll see.
  2. I recall Guy Pearce telling Mare when they first met that he just moved to town a few months ago. Unless he was lying (don’t know why he would at that point), he seems unlikely to be the kidnapper, since the first woman was missing for a year.
  3. Boo. That sucks. My middle son is a catcher as well. Would a wrist guard have helped? My son started wearing one this season after a nasty bruise from blocking.
  4. Agree. I'm starting to think the hospital census might be kinda bullshit as well . . . how long are these stays?
  5. Yeah - that's my bad - should be 18K per year. I misread the $1.8 million as $18 million. Oops.
  6. City staff estimates it will cost a cool $18K annually per person per outdoor campsite. Get ready for the next wave of fuckery.
  7. Good point. I think you might be right.
  8. It is, because it doesn't exist on a large scale and would have gone out of business even pre-pandemic.
  9. Exactly. Who cares about demand elasticity and whether it's even viable to raise prices enough to cover these wage distortions?
  10. Yeah, I think we're headed for shitty writing territory. Great visuals, great direction, great acting, shit writing . . . that's been HBO's model for a while.
  11. It's a classic Christie red herring, or worse, just a pointless distraction, like the daughter's love life.
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