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  1. Maybe a dumb question, but given the lag in getting test results, what does “64 new hospital admissions” mean exactly? That we are just now getting back 64 positive tests on people that were admitted at some time in the past? Or 64 people were admitted today with suspected COVID, and we are waiting on test results? Or maybe hospitals get same day results on their tests, so this is a moot issue.
  2. Company claims there was no gag order. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/crime/bs-md-ci-cr-unsolved-mysteries-rivera-20200703-s33eqch2h5co3lieik4plsdduy-story.html
  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict we are not gonna have "hundreds of thousands" of covid deaths over the next eight weeks. Good grief.
  4. all 2 of them? Well, that's a cost we must bear. There are always tradeoffs.
  5. bschoolprof

    Below Deck

    It’s also an odd assortment of friends, from the effeminate dog dad primary, to the ny yankee fan meathead, to the random Japanese couple.
  6. As a kid, the show scared the shit out of me. I always watched it at night (no dvr back then) and had this fear that when they showed the bad guy’s picture/composite in the “wanted” episodes, I would look out the window and the fucker would be staring right at me, like some horror movie. However, I recently watched a few of the old ones and, as an adult, you realize how silly the conspiratorial episodes are. Kinda like episode 1 of the reboot. Jesus people, the dude was nuts and jumped off a building.
  7. Covid hospitalizations from Harris county for the last few days look promising. Fairly steady covid in ICU, covid in hospital, and total patients in ICU. Total patients in the hospital doesn't really seem to bear much relationship to covid patients in hospital, likely at least partly due to electives being curtailed. Hopefully we can hold this trend.
  8. Made it out just in time. I thought folks did pretty good job of maintaining distance on the beaches this week. We went to a non-crowded souvenir shop for the kiddos and everyone was masked up. The gas station was about 50/50.
  9. Those are backdated. https://gothamist.com/news/coronavirus-statistics-tracking-epidemic-new-york
  10. Even that Dallas number is likely on a lag too, and includes deaths aggregated over several days. States that report date of death (MA used to) make this very apparent. I don’t mind reporting lags; I just wish date of death were reported publicly.
  11. Mask usage seemed 50/50 (at best) at the gas station I stopped at for a beach pass.
  12. The Aussie who narrates casefile is fantastic. That’s all I’ve got. The discussion here is not really making me eager to watch this doc. Maybe I should check out the casefile episodes first.
  13. We are leaving Thursday! I figured it would be a real shit show.
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