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  1. I’m shocked the imbedded artist at the water plant didn’t know how to work the backup power.
  2. I think the first special project will be locker room demo.
  3. CDC did not make that decision.
  4. Maybe he could go across the street a give a few pointers.
  5. Glad this ended up OK, despite the harassment. Also, thread title could have been "I'm tired, pt 2" Or "I'm tired, officer."
  6. Tried. Too boring for me. I have the attention span of a 7 year old.
  7. The dude who got his head slammed into the wall (assuming that's the OU holder) is lucky he doesn't have brain damage (more than he already did). Dipshittery all around.
  8. The same amount of ire directed at the state/ercot/electric market needs to be directed at the local regulated electric and water utilities as well. Frozen pipes are one thing, but how these fucksticks in Austin could let their main water plant lose power, particularly when they were not using rolling blackouts in order to prioritize “critical” infrastructure, is beyond comprehension. Remember when these chuckle fucks tweeted out that everything was fine with the water supply, and then promptly ran out of supply in a few hours?
  9. We need to wait quite a bit to pass judgement on this team, but this was not a great start. Our hitting (talent and approach at the plate) has been terrible under Pierce. If he doesn't turn that around this year, he's gone.
  10. yes. It will be a multi day process the director said.
  11. Plenty of blame to go around in this shit show, and Austin water is no exception. The lack of any kind of communication is perhaps the biggest issue.
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