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  1. My kids aren't very good so they are on the shitty AA teams y'all are destroying. We play USSSA though.
  2. Whiplash was nominated for best picture. It’s not under rated.
  3. Beck sucked at Nebraska, tOSU, and here, but based upon one game against the mighty demon deacons of wake forest, I have changed my mind.
  4. It sounds like the way you are teaching is far different than my sons' experience, and much closer to the way I teach my college students now. My middle sons' experience is he rode the bus each way 25 minutes, sat on zoom calls in the classroom, and had tons of downtime at school during asynchronous time. He and I both concurred that it seemed like a waste, so he went back to virtual.
  5. This is how my son's middle school is conducted and it's why we are keeping them at home. There's no point in messing with the hassles of physically traveling to and from school to sit on zoom calls.
  6. Spent 10 seconds googling. 7 day moving average of hospitalizations was 79.9 on 4/29/20. On 6/15/20, it was 117.
  7. Very interesting discussion piece in BMJ (top 5 medical journal) on T-cell immunity to covid. Bottom line: it's quite possible that many places have already achieved "herd immunity" because a substantial portion of the population has T-cell protection from the virus, possibly due to exposure to other coronaviruses (i.e., colds). This protection does not manifest via the production of antibodies, so it's not picked up by our serological (i.e., blood) antibody tests. This t-cell research is not new, but what's new about this piece is it involves careful discussion by scientists, not politicians or twitter pundits. It's definitely worth a read. Some highlights:
  8. This has been our experience. Middle son bailed on in person middle school because it was basically a 20 minute bus ride to sit on zoom calls. The teaching is centered around virtual students, so there’s no learning (or much social) advantage to going in person. My youngest loves in person elementary however because his teacher has a fully in person class. Dual modality teaching caters to online students, at least in our district.
  9. I started getting significant ball sag in my mid 30s. Now, when I sit on the can, it’s like I’m making a pitcher of iced tea.
  10. bschoolprof

    Below Deck

    I totally forgot about Pete.
  11. From what I am reading (conspiracy sites like the NYT), the biggest issue with tests now is false positives - they do so many "cycles" to test for fragments of the virus, that we may not be picking up "real" and/or active infections.
  12. After declining steadily for some time, rona hospitalizations at the med center in Houston have started to plateau, but not quite at Mayish levels. Not great, not terrible, like 3.6 roentgen
  13. At least he's a considerate neighbor. Unless he yells at kids to get off his lawn.
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