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  1. Aren't we all supposed to be in this together (but 6 ft apart)? I don't feel a lot of togetherness.
  2. bschoolprof

    Below Deck

    Jenna is worthless. She mostly just cleans dishes, flirts with the chef, and talks shit about her crew .
  3. This was referenced upthread by @MNLonghornFUKM, but now it's been finalized. US deaths way down today (by about 50%). Hopefully, this is the start of a flattening.
  4. ok - whatever. Put me in the treatment group doc. Anastasis has volunteered to take sugar pills ad watch tiger king. For science.
  5. Yes - this. Thanks. If these results are robust, this could be a real game changer if we could get more rapid and widespread testing. Test positive for COVID? Take these drugs and drastically reduce transmission, hospitalizations, etc.
  6. In a standard study where we have plenty of time and life and death aren't on the line, sure. But here, no.
  7. They did not use a control sample for obvious ethical reasons, but they did benchmark their patient outcomes against a study from China: CFR of 2% with the treatment here vs 28% in the China study without the treatment. Sounds promising.
  8. Truly one of the greats. Hope he pulls through. Childhood souvenirs hang in the balance.
  9. Nice. I'm not embarrassed to admit I had to google this.
  10. Plus, he's somehow amazingly involved in surgery/healthcare. I wouldn't want him anywhere near me during any kind of medical procedure. Nurse: "Doctor Johnson, just FYI, the patient's heart rate dropped very slightly." Greenspoint, over the Dr's shoulder: "Ballgame. He's a goner. Let's call it."
  11. You raise several interesting points: 1) classifying a "COVID" death is subjective, as is classifying many types of deaths really. If someone with a significant co-morbidity (heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, etc) dies with COVID, they are likely classified as a COVID death in the current US regime. Last year, if they died with the flu, or a cold, or strept throat, they would likely be classified as dying from complications from heart disease, or cancer, or kidney disease. 2) There is likely heterogeneity and randomness in this classification scheme across jurisdictions in a country, and certainly across countries. I am somewhat leery of across-country death rate comparisons for this reason. 3) One way to mitigate the effects described in 1) is to look at total deaths of all kinds to get a sense of how many "extra" deaths we are experiencing above and beyond the normal trend. Unfortunately, we won't know those stats until it's too late to really act effectively - it will just be an ex-post assessment of severity.
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