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  1. Yeah it's a "chain" but my buddy is managing partner and I love going there because the food is damn good. Crab fried rice is on the agenda for next week.
  2. Same on Chino @mdmost. Had some really good meals there.
  3. Glad to hear it @Brisketexan. That stuff is straight up royalty as far as ff condiments go.
  4. I know, newsflash. Even if you're anti-political correctness, this is just fucking lame. "Who doesn't love a happy ending?" = handsy drunk uncle humor. Plus it's in Trinity Groves, which automatically means it sucks, eh @Landomatic? https://www.dallasnews.com/food/restaurant-news/2020/04/02/controversial-chinese-restaurant-opens-in-trinity-groves/
  5. It was ready when I got there but I bet they would have.
  6. @Jameslaw121- got a martini for the wife with my to go order at Roman Cucina last night. In a clear plastic cup with no tape. No fucks indeed. Good food btw if you've never been.
  7. It wasn't when I was in college and you actually played ping pong with paddles and had cups of beer all over the table.
  8. I haven't been listening so I'm 100% talking out of my ass here, but maybe it's because he knows nothing they say means shit right now unless they're talking about the situation at hand. I couldn't care less about any fucking thing they would normally talk about on the station right now. That's not because I want to be beaten over the head with virus talk, but more because all that other shit has been 100% trivialized. Temporarily anyway.
  9. Hahaha @mdmost I added that after- just being a smart ass (and wanted to mention 610). I appreciate it.
  10. I suppose I could but between all the zoom meetings and phone calls it's just a pain in the ass to bother with. When did Future and Dr. B and them initiate you into their gang? Congrats buddy.
  11. I haven't listened to the Ticket in over a week. So weird. We're doing a pretty good job keeping ourselves locked down, and my kids are in the dining room doing school stuff all day so I don't play it in the house. Oh and my dad died so I spent several days in Houston- holy shit that 610 station is so fucking bad. I can't imagine what this is doing to the radio industry as a whole. I'm sure the Ticket will just go find another 100k streaming listeners under a hole somewhere though, so no worries on that 🤣 Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  12. Funny. I did the same thing. Even funnier that my daughter was bitching yesterday about our tiny clementines.
  13. [Sean] That's the stuff [/Maguire]
  14. Frozen Marquez burritos topped with american cheese, fake Pace picante and crushed up Doritos were a major DIY meal for me in high school.
  15. Frozen Marquez burritos topped with fake Pace picante and crushed up Doritos were a major DIY meal for me in high school.
  16. Well there may have been a second taco. And those are the big fajita size torts that only come ten to a bag.
  17. Sliced up Earl C. hot link, chips & queso, japs, Herdez.
  18. Clay Jenkins just said in his press conference that he had a good call today with ten of the surrounding county judges- everyone was on the call except Collin County Judge Cuck Chris Hill.
  19. It was reported yesterday that we would be. Apparently the McKinney mayor was the source. Not sure what happened overnight but dumber heads prevailed.
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