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  1. Y'all should fuck each other's faces actually. With that strap-on from Se7en.
  2. Well shit. I totally forgot whitey wasn't allowed to play important minutes in all star games. Dumb ass me.
  3. That shit shoulda been so fucking beyond over at that point. Call back to the last time he got screwed (by another windmill from just inside the ft line): The mascot dunk was ridiculous.
  4. This is going to be primarily about Table 13. Went for the second time yesterday and I freaking love the place. Met a friend and had two entrees, an appetizer, four martinis, a glass of champagne, and a dessert for $46. Nuts. $13 lunch special gets you an entree + a dessert or glass of champagne. Plus $3 martinis (regular, gimlet, cosmo, or lemon drop). And the food is damn good. Highly recommend. Another go-to for me is the half chicken + two sides for $9.99 at Eatzi's. Easily enough for two meals. I'll think of more. What else you got?
  5. You can do whatever the hell you want with no hard cap. KP's contract is going to end up being a steal (no jinx).
  6. @gsoda3- I just meant try to be there earlier so you're not at the back of a line to get in the arena. Better chance of getting first row access.
  7. You can get all the way down to the courtside seats, doesn't matter where your tickets are. Get there before the doors open though, because if your kid doesn't get to the front row first, he's probably SOL. Sections 117-118 are behind Mavs bench. Security won't let kids hang in the aisle, so they have to file in second row, third row, so on. There's also the tunnel where they leave after shootaround. Opposite corner, section 103.
  8. https://www.iheart.com/live/971-the-eagle-2241/?autoplay=true&pname=15400&campid=header&cid=index.html
  9. 41 calls in to the Ben & Skin show (97.1) at 4:05 today. All your fuckin' reps.
  10. I'm not seeing any love for the pie dish and I have a major issue with that. Pos rep.
  11. Are there not any loaded guns y'all could all play with?
  12. Have you ever heard a bigger lack of self-awareness than when Norm was lamenting the fact that Sirois still doesn't have a host position?
  13. Did whatever consulting company they used to make recent decisions tell them we needed more Fernando?
  14. I'll be tuning out during those segments.
  15. I would have said "It's going to suck listening to sports intricacies on my way home from work."
  16. Russ has always been a ratings beast. Don't ask me why. People like listening dead air and kiss asses overlaughing at their boss' jokes I guess.
  17. Just so I can listen to y'all bitch some more: https://bit.ly/2UwaxqL
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