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  1. Maybe HS has a bit better chance of happening than college right now? So far it sounds like Texas is going to at least try to have students on campus some this fall. And obviously HS sports involve much less travel than college/pro. Just trying to look on the positive side. Tough situation for your son and tons of other kids like him. It's not just football, either - you've got cheerleaders, marching band, etc that would lose out as well.
  2. Maybe it's been discussed, but I'm honestly starting to wonder what's going to happen with high school football as well. I can envision at least some states getting gunshy about that as well. Would majorly fuck up recruiting, etc.
  3. I read this thread every single day and I've never seen the name Dekel Crowdus in my entire life until just now. Did I just miss that somehow?
  4. I'd be very interested to hear more about the role Luke Brockermeyer has played in his brothers' recruitment. Not saying it went down like this, but no program in the country can afford to have malcontent walk-ons hurting them with key recruits. We've certainly got enough challenges as it is. If a walk-on isn't 100% all in, there's absolutely no reason to keep him around the program.
  5. I'm still holding out hope that the Brocks are just saving a spot and will give us a fair shot this fall if we have a good season. Might be just a pipe dream, but it's my pipe dream, damn it.
  6. I think it's mostly due to the fact that we took a step back last year, replaced a lot of the staff, and Herman is back on the hot seat. Just doesn't scream stability. The Brocks know that at their other top choice (Bama), they are pretty much guaranteed to be developed properly and go to the playoffs a few times.
  7. Yeah CBS/Viacom was going to pull local CBS from like 20 large markets unless YTTV swallowed this deal. True a la carte is never going to happen, at least not as people envisioned it. The best we're going to get is the single corporate umbrella services like Disney+, HBO, etc. Sling has been trying slimmer bundles for years and consumers have voted with their dollars that they don't want that.
  8. In this week’s edition of “Sometimes Rankings Don’t Make a Shit”, we have Bama and tOSU fighting for a guy with a .88 composite.
  9. What happened to the talk of Jake Smith being a transfer candidate? Was that one of the ones where Mehringer was the problem?
  10. Cool story, thanks for sharing
  11. @Onboard 2.0, do you ever watch The Most Extraordinary Homes in the World or something like that on Netflix? I've been watching it lately. It's a little silly sometimes, and the hosts are kind of over the top (lots of "this is the greatest privilege of my life" hyperbole) but they showcase 3-4 interesting houses each episode, by up-and-coming architects (or at least, not super famous ones that I've heard of). There's some cool stuff on there.
  12. Reviving this old thread because I saw this on Reddit today. Frank Lloyd Wright's unbuilt design for a new Arizona state capitol - "The Oasis", 1957. There's a reason why this dude was the GOAT.
  13. That was my immediate first thought as well. Hope it turns out a little better. Also, I think Jones was pretty tall though. Hard to tell 'cuz of the perspective, but judging from the other guy and the garage door, Regis sure doesn't look like he's any shorter than his listed 6'1".
  14. No, never said that. Like you said, every recruiting win or loss can be justified somehow. I think we all agree that there are lots and lots of factors that go into each recruit's decision other than the relationship with their primary recruiter. You and Ricky's one-hitter both seem very confident that there are other coaches out there who are doing better than Giles while facing similar headwinds. I didn't know that, which is why I asked, so I'll take your word for it.
  15. I don't understand what point y'all are trying to make on Giles. His 2 big losses this year have been to the defending national champion (coached by one of the best recruiters in college football history), and a team that has won our conference 5 straight times and been to the playoffs 3 straight. "When we do well, he does well". Well....yeah. Is there a single recruiter in the entire country for whom that isn't true?
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