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  1. The 2nd tiebreaker is record within the division. Cowboys sitting at 4-0 with games against PHI and WAS. Eagles are currently 1-1 with two against NYG and one each against us and WAS. After that the 3rd tiebreaker is record in common games. At that point, shit's getting too complicated for me to figure out.
  2. Every recent interview with Bijan is a neverending stream of "I'm committed for now" type stuff. Yet this is now the 2nd $9.95 projecting confidence. I think their source in Arizona is telling them what they want to hear.
  3. Alright so we probably need to go 3-3 down the stretch, including beating Philly, to get into the playoffs. Assuming next week @NE is a loss, and the final game against WAS is a win, in addition to beating Philly we need to win one of BUF, @CHI, or LAR. That seems pretty doable. Chicago ain't anything special, and we have the other two at home. I'm feeling optimistic for the time being. Of course, that probably means we'll trip all over our dicks somehow. Losing to the Eagles would fuck everything up for sure.
  4. Here's a fun thought experiment: which Big 12 programs would agree if CDC called them up tomorrow and offered to trade coaching staffs on the spot? OU, Baylor, TCU, and Iowa State laugh in his face. Okie State is a solid no as well. Kansas State is probably happy to see how it plays out with Klieman. Ditto for KU and Les. Tech and WVU probably take the deal. So 2 out of 9 by my count. Hurray.
  5. This is where I'm at. I used to love following recruiting but honestly who gives a fuck anymore? Until things change with the coaching staff and the sad-sack program culture we've been stuck with for the last 10 years, it doesn't matter if we stockpile a roster full of 5-stars, or 3-stars. The "who's-getting-drafted-where" conversation is asinine, too. My rule of thumb is to add 4 rounds to whatever our fans are saying about any of our players. Works like clockwork every year. LOL at Duvernay in the 1st. Love the guy, great player for us, but he's a 4th-5th rounder at best. CJ might sneak into the 6th or 7th based on physical attributes and nothing else. Brandon Jones is a stone cold lock for UDFA. Remember when Caden Sterns looked like a future 1st rounder? God our program is fucking depressing right now.
  6. For some reason the Cowboys are not on TV in Houston today. Anyone have a good source for NFL streams?
  7. Looks like we have the 665. It's the cheapest one with an LCD screen. I will say that one thing I wish it had was voice search. I think most of the Fire/Roku/etc remotes have that now but my Harmony doesn't. Kind of a pain when you have to "type" on the screen to search.
  8. I bet "we want to be the Yeti of _______" is a red hot pitch in the VC world right now.
  9. Andy Thomas sounds like a fucking nerd.
  10. Using your own cable modem has nothing to do with cutting the cord but it's a good idea regardless. You can get a good one for <$100, and I think Comcast charges $10/mo. We've been using our own for 6 or 7 years now with no problems. I'm sure if you search hard enough they have a list of approved ones on their website somewhere. A non-approved one will work fine but I'd get one off the list just so they can't blame any service outages on you. The only reason that you'd need an antenna if YTTV has your locals is if you're worried about internet outages, or there are additional local channels in your area that YTTV doesn't carry (PBS, Spanish language, etc). If you live in a city, I would just start with a cheap antenna and only upgrade if you have problems. We live in Houston and get everything we need with a shitty $9.99 pair of bunny ears from 20 years ago. As far as streaming devices go, Apple, Roku, and Amazon are the big players. We've had both Roku and Amazon and they are both fine. I kind of like Roku because they tend to be neutral in licensing wars between the other players (Amazon devices just recently got an official YouTube app due to disputes between Amazon and Google). Honestly though I'd just go with whatever fits your budget and/or happens to be on sale. There's no one that's massively better than the others. You may not even need one if your TVs are smart TVs (which all recent ones are) and you're happy with that interface. One thing you didn't mention but I'll recommend is a good universal remote. The remotes that come with the streaming devices tend to suck ass. We have a Logitech Harmony and it's awesome. You probably don't need one of the crazy expensive ones - I think the one we have was like $60 and does everything we need. We control the TV, Roku, Blu-Ray player, and even an ancient-ass VCR with one remote.
  11. Quick reminder everyone: Tom Herman thinks this is fine. CDC too, apparently.
  12. It's too bad that we don't play today, I need something too watch after this is over.
  13. He stepped out at least twice.
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