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  1. I feel like a guy named Sawyer Robertson from Coronado was literally born to go to Tech Mississippi State, throw for 60,000 yards in his career, get drafted in the 7th round, fall off the face of the planet for 5 years, then resurface as the OC at like, Marshall and put up video game numbers there. Guidance from the FCC will require each MSU game broadcast to have no fewer than two mentions of how badly he wanted to come to Texas. Ten years from now our 5th idiot head coach in a row will be trying to hire ol' Sawyer to save his job after going .500 in his first three seasons.
  2. At least Herman seems to have gotten the memo about wearing his dad's blazers.
  3. Just so I'm clear, you're saying that any program that doesn't offer James is effectively eliminated from consideration?
  4. Is James a take for us regardless of what Tommy does? (I know they're probably a package, I just mean hypothetically).
  5. All I saw on his Twitter feed of any relevance going back a couple weeks was a generic tweet @ Bowman. Nothing exciting. I think I'm just confused. Edit: Clearly I don't know the whole story here and if Bama really wants him that's going to be a tough hill to climb, but I'd think he'd have to be pretty damn negative for us to give up on a quality CB who literally lives in Austin. If it's more of a matter of hurt feelings over offer timing, we can counter that easily by blaming it on coaches who are now gone. He was one of Ash's first Twitter follows, FWIW.
  6. I thought we had seen some positive stuff on McCutchin lately, but I skimmed the thread and that appears not to be the case. Maybe I'm thinking of Latrell Neville?
  7. “Bust” seems premature for Connor Williams right now. He could end up being a league average starter, which is probably about what you expect from a 2nd rounder. Omenihu has shown some promise as well. Still, looking back at our NFL draft history for the last 10 or so years is.... not good.
  8. Just set up my 11 Pro. Had an 8, then a 6 before that. I don't mind not having a button as much as I thought I would but damn this motherfucker feels chunky compared to an 8.
  9. Sling Orange + Sports Extra + Lifestyle Extra gets you LHN and Hallmark (plus a bunch of other shit, of course) for $45/month. Vidgo also looks like it might do the trick for $40/mo.
  10. I’m gonna go ahead and put him in the calculator.
  11. The Baylor mod - presumably a grown man - getting his feelings hurt over a high school kid not knowing who Dave Aranda is is pretty funny.
  12. Good points. I think we're seeing that borne out in the talk of a 2nd QB take for 2021.
  13. God damn, there are a million guys in the portal. I had no idea it was that many. And yeah, it's kinda like a walk down memory lane if you follow recruiting. Just in the QBs, there's Justin Rogers, Peyton Powell, Grant Tisdale, and Ass My Dude. How do y'all think the portal will affect recruiting, long term? Seems like it kind of makes high school recruiting a little less important, at least for the major programs. If you have holes in your roster in the offseason, just fire up the portal and go shopping.
  14. More of a Jake Matthews thing, right? The dad knows a thing or two, realizes that our coaching staff is a bunch of fuckups, and it's up to us to prove otherwise?
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