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  1. I think your point is a pretty fair one but Jimmy G is on a monster deal and the 49ers still did alright last year. But there's no doubt that having your QB go from making $600k to $35m makes things a lot harder. I wonder if we'll ever see a team let a promising young QB walk after his rookie deal? The fans would absolutely crucify whoever did it.
  2. I don't have allergy problems thank God but I do get colds a lot because I have two young kids in daycare and I guess my immune system is trash. I think a lot of people don't realize the bolded part. If you're buying Sudafed or really any decongestant from off the store shelf, you're wasting your time and money. Get the good shit from behind the counter. You do have to swipe your drivers license but if you're just buying one box at a time or whatever, they'll never bother you about it.
  3. we've been offering a bunch of random dudes Quay loves Texas but no one knows if we'll take his commitment. Commence like an entire page of bickering about the semantics of that in true Surly fashion. Texas and A&M $9.95ers both insist that they lead for Landon Jackson rumor that we've stopped returning Saint Milroe's calls and that he's pissed general freakout about RB because Wheaton is a pipe dream, we're on the outside looking in with Johnson, and Henderson is going to tOSU in a stunning development, we missed out on Tunmise's top 5 that's all I can think of right now
  4. Is this where we all start posting how much money we make?
  5. Indeed should have had a sense of humor and put a comma in the name of their building.
  6. fucking shit, now we have to sit through a video just to see a top 6/10/whatever?
  7. Friend of mine had a good idea - go out immediately and buy a bunch of gift cards to local businesses.
  8. Exactly. One of the following statements must be true: Johnson was more hurt than the Cardinals let on, and his injuries lingered for the entire 2019 season. --OR-- Johnson was healthy in the 2nd half of 2019 as the Cardinals claimed, but couldn't retake his job from Kenyan Drake. Really bizarre trade. Johnson has had exactly one good season in his entire career, and it was 4 years ago.
  9. She can Wykuj Silne my Zdrowe Cialo anytime.
  10. That's my hesitation as well. There's been times in the past that I've had to mow my St. Augustine midweek because it's so damn thick. I haven't dug into reviews on the eGo mowers much. There's a guy in my neighborhood that has one and he said it's fine but I didn't really grill him. In theory, I'd think an electric mower should be able to put out plenty of torque. Might need an extra battery for when it gets really thick, and those big batteries ain't cheap. In any case, my gas mower still has a couple more years of life in it, so I'll worry about it later. Get the eGo trimmer. I've been really happy with it. My only complaint is that the model I have isn't incredibly ergonomic. I wish it had a curved shaft instead of straight (I'm 5'9"). Also, the eGo brand cord is garbage. Buy yourself a roll of good stuff for like $10 and wrap your own spools (it's very easy).
  11. I’ve got the eGo weed eater and blower. Love them both, great tools. Can do my whole 8000 sf lot with one 2.5 Ah battery. I think my favorite part is that they are essentially maintenance free. No mixing gas, no gummed up carb. Just plug in the battery and go every single time. Never owned a gas weed eater, but the blower beats the pants off my old Poulan gas blower. I’m very seriously considering their lawn mower when my gas mower craps out. Will also get the hedge trimmer as soon as I have a need for one.
  12. Per Turner’s press conference, seems like the boil notice will be lifted tomorrow (Saturday) morning. They took samples this morning but they have to sit on them for 18 hours before submission to TCEQ. The city’s own samples have been coming back clear. One thing that’s not been made very clear is when exactly it’s safe to use the water after the notice is lifted. Are we supposed to run the faucets for a while and discard the first few batches of ice, etc?
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