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  1. It's a good one because they're all pretty much in the same ballpark, so we're gonna get a wide spread of opinions. 3, 5, 1, 2, 4
  2. A month's not too bad right now. We ordered May 12, delivered July 2.
  3. Gerry has a few other good tweets featuring Ewers and Shemar Turner from that scrimmage.
  4. Just pulled up my policy to give you an answer to this. We are paying $2.03 per $100 of insured value for scheduled items on our homeowner's. That's for jewelry and watches. They have the rates for some other shit, too: golf clubs are $1.05 per $100, furs $0.53, musical instruments $0.45. I don't see guns on this list, guess they're free. Company is Ameriprise, thru Costco.
  5. You mean you're going to beat the shit out of your pregnant girlfriend?
  6. I guess I'm in the minority, but I can't wait for COVID to be over so we can stop ordering out from restaurants. The list of foods that can survive a 35 minute car ride without being negatively affected is really short, IMO.
  7. I was looking at this last night and I think it's a mixed bag. There are definitely some that you can't really blame Hand for: Brockermeyers. By all accounts the problem here was just that Blake is a baby that doesn't like Tom Herman. Foster. This one was actually thought to be trending our direction before mama put her foot down. It happens. But there's plenty of stuff to blame him for as well: We never moved the needle at all with Savion Byrd Invested time in the two Arizona guys to absolutely no avail. Ignored Reuben Fatheree entirely for some reason. Didn't keep the 2nd/3rd tier of Leyrer/Lengyel-types sufficiently warm to get them to give us a serious look. I don't know what to believe on Jackson. Some have said he was all tOSU all along, but others have said we could have landed him until he saw our OL get abused in the RRS last year.
  8. His pinned tweet is his Texas offer. I'm gonna go ahead and get out my calculator.
  9. How hard do y'all think they'll actually come after Roe with their 6-3 majority? There's plenty in the GOP that are ideological purists on that, but I've always assumed that the Mitch McConnells of the world secretly don't want it overturned. Number one, it takes away the top issue that holds their coalition together, and #2 it kicks the hornets nest of the wider population that pays zero attention to the Supreme Court but would one day wake up, check their Facebook feed, and discover that abortion became illegal somehow.
  10. I expect that the GOP will continue efforts to disenfranchise minorities and the poor (e.g., voter ID laws, reductions in early voting) because there have been absolutely no penalties for them doing so, so far. I don't think any amount of structural reform will matter if the GOP is the only people that get to decide who can vote.
  11. Didn't know that Bear has been transferring around. What's the deal with that?
  12. I think so. I personally wish it wasn't this way, but the Democrats have been bringing their fists to a gunfight and it's time to start realizing that. Asking the other party politely to put down their gun and go back to fistfights is clearly not going to work. They need to start looking at ways to disenfranchise rural voters, gerrymander in their own favor instead of just calling for nonpartisan comissions, etc. I consider that malicious, antidemocratic chickenshit, but being that party that asks nicely if we can all follow the rules has so far netted the Trump presidency, a permanent uphill battle in the Senate and Electoral College, and now a 6-3 Supreme Court.
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