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  1. I have absolutely no idea what a 5* RB tape looks like if it ain’t Owens. It’s absurd.
  2. I like this guy's tape a lot. Very sudden. If he can get up to like 280 and stay that quick, he's going to wreak havoc. Competition level appears to be decent.
  3. Yeah I did. Finally got in touch with them on the phone and they transferred it no problem. They still wouldn't put me on any sort of temporary plan for the old house until it sells. Insisted that they can't sign up any new plans, period, even for existing customers. They gave me a 90 day grace period, but after that I’m cut off. I really don’t understand - if they’re hurting financially seems like they’d want to sign up as many plans as possible. Maybe it’s one of those lose money on every customer but make it up with volume situations.
  4. Did ERCOT shut them down or did they go out of business on their own?
  5. Murphy's arm is just ridiculous. He'd be the best pure arm we've had on campus since who...Simms maybe? Sorry if I missed some discussion, but why are lots of people thinking we need a big thumper at RB2? Is that something that Sark likes to have?
  6. We're definitely at an "errbody!" phase of the cycle right now. Ewers AND Murphy, sure why the hell not? Plus Arch next year, natch.
  7. You're talking about Texas Football post-2009. There is absolutely a chance we fuck it up somehow.
  8. I just watched Hutson's film and didn't get a great feel for him. Lots of it is filmed from the surface of the moon and it's a lot of clips of him just flattening kids that he outweighs by 90 pounds. Good mean streak. Feet look pretty nimble. They actually show a little pass pro which seems rare for OL tapes. He lets guys get into his body a little too much but otherwise looks pretty good. He's a guard all the way, FWIW.
  9. Not keeping some backup plans warm is straight out the Herb Hand School of Recruiting. It might be the case, but I don't see why there has to be any correlation between tOSU contacting Klubnik and them worrying about Ewers. Would be a massive fuckup on their part to not talk to any other QBs even if they think Ewers is 100% solid. It was thought that Brenen Thompson was likely to OU until they "filled up" at WR. If we flip Hudson, wonder if they come after Thompson hard again. This has always made me feel like there's less chance with Ewers than we'd like there to be. Bailing o
  10. Every Friday morning, they had an entire section in the newspaper (remember newspapers?). High school age tokamak used to study that thing like it was the Magna Carta while eating breakfast.
  11. Good points. I love jazz but in reality my taste is pretty narrow. The heyday is probably mid-50s to mid-60s for me. Hard bop and modal jazz. Later free jazz and fusion don't do a lot for me in most cases. Even earlier stuff, straight up bebop like Bird/Dizzy/etc is just OK to me. I used to think, "oh, I'm not a real jazz fan" or that I'm too traditionalist, but it's ok to like what you like. Indie rock fans don't have to also like metal just because it's also rock. Even then there's always gonna be exceptions. One of my favorite albums ever is Freddie Hubbard's "Red Clay" which is defini
  12. Joey Defrancesco slaps. The Gil Evans and Miles stuff is certainly different. Sometimes I’m in the mood for it, other times it does nothing for me. I lean toward saying it’s good.
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