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  1. Besides, is it really amazing that the S&P is back to where we were in early March instead of late March, and still down a huge percentage from pre-Covid?
  2. JFK also died of underlying health conditions and potential intoxicants that just looked on video like a bullet going through his head.
  3. Yep. And then when they get shot by the police, that group will switch back to talking about Ruby Ridge and Waco instead of how law enforcement is infallible, and yet they will simultaneously still oppose the protests of black people being killed.
  4. Well, by burn it down, they really just meant “Let me say nasty things to libs and minorities without consequences again - which is after all what made America great!”
  5. Are the businesses in Austin that set it apart from Tuscaloosa really the type of businesses that would naturally make a 19 year old college football player or some folk hero ex player a focal point of their branding and advertising? “Hey, this is Ramonce Taylor for Google.” I kind of think backwoods SEC and Okie culture actually are the big market for this. Places where the big hitters in the local economy are car dealers and duck call manufacturers and shit.
  6. Yeah, but when the hit man tells you he doesn’t have a gun and would need to buy one first, isn’t that an admission against interest that makes him more trustworthy? Not like those fake hit men that are always trying to puff themselves up by claiming they already own a gun or that they know what they’re doing.
  7. Oh good, that makes me feel better. It’s like how you network with other people in the industry in case you ever want to change jobs. So, he’s simply just networking with other schools in college football in case he ever wants to ... actually, no, this does not make me feel better.
  8. Mars candy is/was apparently a much bigger deal than I thought. Three descendants all with $20 billion plus is way closer to Walton and Rockefeller territory than I would have guessed. That’s like when I found out the richest guys in Europe owned Luis Vuitton and Zara, and not HSBC or Shell or something. How are they calculating residency here? Don’t umpteen famous multi billionaires have places in Santa Fe?
  9. Many of them really are not good people who just got bamboozled by Svengali. They’re just as selfish and transactional in their values as he is. That’s actually even more troubling for the country than if they were all just gullible rubes, so I don’t consider it a Pollyanna view. But the one silver lining is that I think a lot of them really will hypocritically throw him under the bus just like he does to anyone who can’t be of use to him anymore. He will still have some committed true believers, but a lot of these people are his kindred spirits, not his marks.
  10. LMFAO at listing most of the guys on this list, but especially 70s baseball players (pitchers even!) as being more athletic than the Olympic champion decathlete - by your own metric of athleticism being all about speed, agility and strength no less. WTF? Steve Kerr was a better athlete than Carl Lewis, too. Carl couldn’t play in the NBA with the real athletes!
  11. Sarcasm detector needs adjusting. I thought if nothing else the part where I said I could run two marathons a day might have made that obvious. A 2 hour marathon is one of the more impressive athletic achievements I can think of, which was the reason for the post. Using anything track and field related as an example of “not real athletes” is pretty absurd on its face, even more so when the example is someone running 26 uninterrupted sub 5 minute miles.
  12. Brad Underwood always care across as sleazy, albeit a good coach, so that’s not surprising. But lol at the NCAA’s selective enforcement. Did North Carolina basketball get any punishment - literally any - for having guys take fake classes? I guess that wasn’t a major academic certification issue.
  13. When I think of athletic achievements that any Joe Schmoe could accomplish if they just put their minds to it and had more time to practice, running a 2 hour marathon is definitely first on that list. If my job didn't get in the way, I could totally do that - maybe even twice a day.
  14. It would actually be poetic justice / karma. He’s spent his entire life viewing every relationship as transactional and stabbing everyone in the back who showed him any loyalty. If he loses and runs again, he would finally get to experience the other side of that in 2024 when the GOP voters and his primary opponents treat him like loser trash. ”Even George W managed to get re-elected! You couldn’t even do that much. There are only two people alive who were one term loser Presidents - you and Jimmy Carter! Go build houses with him and let winners pick a nominee!” ”We have lib judges trying to take our guns because of you! This country has gone to socialist hell in a hand basket the last 4 years because you let the Democrats take charge. Why should we listen to you? You lost like a dog - sad!” ”It always bothered me that he did [insert something that this person defended him for doing throughout his entire presidency]. If he hadn’t been so stupid, maybe we wouldn’t be ruled by communists right now! We need someone better who can win!”
  15. Although I guess some of the reported offers might not be committable or accurately reported, if you just go by the reported offers for Alexis then he’s in the top tier of WR targets with Earle and Davis. Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Notre Dame, Penn State, Florida State, Miami, Tennessee and aggy have all offered. That plus the track times means he’s going to get a big bump in the rankings at some point before signing day. The services will probably wait a couple of update cycles before they make the move, because they will ostensibly need some new game tape or other “new information” to justify it rather than admitting they just blew an obvious evaluation the first time. See: Billy Bowman’s rankings timeline even though his sophomore film and track times could have made him a 5 star in the senior class that year. But they had to pretend he made a jump in his junior year play instead of acknowledging they just hadn’t done their diligence on him before ranking him initially.
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