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  1. Right before joining the Chiefs staff, offensive genius Eric Bieniemy was OC for Colorado in 2012 when they went 1-11 and had one of the worst offenses in college football. But, yeah, I’m sure Bieniemy is awesome and it’s not at all Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes.
  2. See, everyone? Once you experience the highest mortality rate in the world for a few months and a bunch of people die, the statistics will eventually get better after that. So, like, why do you people fear diseases?
  3. Kerstetter might be out? Karic-Angilau-Majors-Okafor-Jones Yikes.
  4. Poona and Cosmi were both late adds by the new coach. Chris Nelson, Bimage snd some other contributors were, too. Toneil Carter was even fairly highly rated, although probably not as highly recruited (I think Georgia dropped him). Charlie and Herman had pre-existing relationships with some of those guys, which Urban wouldn’t have. However, he’s Urban Meyer and they were no-names.
  5. Urban coached recently enough where he would mean something to 17/18 year olds. This isn’t like when we pretend VY is a big deal to recruits.
  6. This. Even Charlie and Herman improved their transition classes marginally when they were hired. It’s not going to be a bunch of 5 stars jumping on board at the last minute, but just look at the guys Herman has been recruiting since he lost momentum this year. Other than Cooks, we have been reduced to recruiting guys that are barely even 3 stars. Nearly our entire class on offense is highly questionable. We’re basically only needing Urban to recruit better than G5 schools in order to improve upon Herman’s current trajectory for this class.
  7. What money would we pay if Urban turns us down? We’re not running it back again with Herman next year if Urban says no - or at least we better not. He’s done. It’s time to move on one way or another, even if it’s with a Fickell or Campbell. You don’t stay with your employee who is embezzling and set the office on fire just because you don’t have your dream candidate already on his way to replace him. If someone needs to be let go, you let them go.
  8. I really don’t care about whatever is said at the press conference, but I still don’t understand the logic of not firing Herman until his replacement is a done deal. Just get him out like we should have done after the OU game. The rest of the season means nothing (if we even play the games), and his presence is probably a net negative for recruiting even if his replacement is uncertain. Other schools aren’t waiting anymore to fire guys in season, especially now that we have the early signing day. This isn’t 1970, and it’s not like we’re worried if we fire him without a replacement lined up that we can’t find someone to take the job.
  9. I don’t like it in normal years when guys do this, even when it’s just the bowl game. Being part of a team and having teammates and coaches count on you should mean you uphold your end of the bargain, just like in any other job. It’s not even a “amateur athletics and school spirit are sacred!” thing as much as just basic responsibility. However, I don’t blame anyone for opting out in this Covid year, even if that’s probably not the main motivation. Some guys sat out the whole year. Everyone gets a free year of eligibility. People are told they can’t even gather indoors in groups and we have stay at home orders in some places, but at the same time we demand Cosmi flies to Kansas twice to play in football games that are now basically irrelevant for our team goals? He’s supposed to risk injury or illness and jeopardize a multimillion dollar payday when non-athletes can get away with working remotely, saying they need groceries brought out curbside because it’s too risky to go into the store, and even literally quarantining? Just because he’s a football player on the team we like (and an unpaid one at that)?
  10. Looking at NFL coordinators other than Joe Brady, I know Bieniemy is the hot name because of Kansas City’s success, but I can’t take him seriously. He was the biggest assclown imaginable as a player and then again as a position coach at Colorado under Gary Barnett, and then he was CU’s offensive coordinator in 2011-2012 when they were about the worst team in college football. His career is nothing but being a clown and a failure except for the years he latched on to Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. What is the story on Greg Roman? He doesn’t seem to get any NFL head coach offers, so maybe there’s an issue. But on paper he looks interesting. He has some limited college experience with Harbaugh at Stanford. He’s been OC for SF with Kaepernick, Buffalo with Tyrod Taylor, and Baltimore with Lamar Jackson. He’s produced decent to good offenses adapting his offense to ground based spread option systems for those guys, whereas most NFL coordinators probably would have just forced them into the typical NFL offense and failed miserably. I do like the idea of getting someone with NFL experience vs. a lot of our other options. NFL coaches at least know what talent is supposed to look like. They usually recruit and evaluate well like Herm is doing at ASU, and they don’t make personnel decisions like playing Garrett Gray and Cade Brewer at slot WR for 4 years in a row.
  11. longhornmatt


    They’ve cared more about winning than we have for decades and decades. It’s just that usually their institutional weirdness has been too much to overcome no matter how much they care.
  12. longhornmatt


    These pass catch reviews are always such horseshit. They shouldn’t even let the review officials look at them in slow mo. They invent bobbles for every little movement.
  13. longhornmatt


    1. Haha 2. I’m sure this has been discussed before, but how the hell does aggy get away with letting WAY more fans in the stadium than anyone else in college football?
  14. He had the worst statistical season last year of any player I can remember. At one point with only a few games left in the season he was shooting like 15% FG%, 4% 3PT%, and 10% FT%. I’m not sure what kind of transfer opportunities he’s even going to have after that, despite his recruiting ranking. The only comparable guy I can think of is Neil Fingleton, who was a giant 7’5”ish guy that went to UNC when they sucked with Matt Doherty as coach, and then had to transfer to like Holy Cross or something because he was so out of place whenever he was on the floor.
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