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  1. I haven’t been able to watch much of this, but Kent and Taylor both seemed very credible when I was watching. As expected, the GOP Congressmen were absurd. The Democratic Congressmen were generally good on their questions, except I saw a bit from Castro and Swalwell who were ineffective and douchey. There have probably been worse examples from the GOP questioners, but my favorite highlight I saw was Stewart from Utah holding up the “transcript”, getting totally owned by Kent and Taylor, and then cutting them off to close with something that was essentially like “so you agree the transcript exonerates him, case closed. Very well then.” Just terrible.
  2. It’s hilarious that Deval Patrick thinks he is some kind of big shot that could shake up the race. Or is there some mega donor that is dumb enough to be orchestrating this, and Patrick is just taking the opportunity to make some quick cash even though he knows he doesn’t have a prayer of winning?
  3. For all the bitching about Jerry’s drafting decisions, which were warranted for many years, Dallas sure has wasted some really talented rosters in the Garrett era. Other than a couple of JAGs in the secondary and an old man TE, they’re stacked this year. They should be making a deep run instead of middling around .500 like they are and most likely will continue to be. So, now we should bitch about Jerry’s coaching hire decisions.
  4. It’s possible the USC administration is so incompetent they won’t name the new coach before the early signing day. That would be nice.
  5. It’s possible the USC administration is so incompetent they won’t name the new coach before the early signing day. That would be nice.
  6. Mayfield and especially Murray were a lot better than Hurts. OU will get bitch slapped this year if they make the playoff and have to play someone like Ohio State.
  7. That was like the end of a basketball game where the refs swallow the whistle. It’s hard to get a 2pt conversion when there are two pass interference penalties uncalled.
  8. Lucky that snap bounced down right in front of him. Could have been a disaster.
  9. There were some good adjustments. Playing against less wide open offenses, and getting back Sterns, Green and a healthy Foster - plus actually playing Cook instead of Boyce - are going to improve the defense down the stretch compared to the horror show we saw in the middle of the season. LSU putting up 40+ on Alabama while most likely having an undefeated regular season and possible MNC, along with Oklahoma continuing to light up the scoreboard on everyone, may give Herman the cover he needs to keep the coaching staff intact. I hope he is proactive enough to make changes even if we finish relatively strong.
  10. We give them cushion, and yet still are vulnerable to big plays over the top because of the useless blitzes. So, we give up everything.
  11. Another 3rd down where Jamison was unblocked but the blitz didn’t get there because he started from 15 yards away.
  12. The one on 3rd and 9 was unblocked, and the QB still had all day. That was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen on a football field. Orlando is the worst coach we’ve ever had. And that’s saying a lot.
  13. That delayed blitz was amazing. It wasn’t even blocked, but he literally started from so far away that the QB had time to complete his drop, move in the pocket and casually make the play. Orlando designs plays to fail. Even Shawn Watson was just terribly unimaginative, but the plays themselves work on the chalkboard at least. Orlando is the most inept coach I’ve ever seen.
  14. Just LOL at the inept full house blitz on 3rd down that gave up the easiest TD ever. Fuck off Orlando.
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