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  1. Losing a recruit to Baylor - with Aranda as head coach, coming off a 2-7 record, and about to be a conference orphan - is a lot more troubling than losing him to Michigan even if Harbaugh is going downhill. I’d rather it be Patton than Brown, at least, but that still is a bad look even if he is a small town kid. At least our private school replacement will probably be from Mater Dei instead of Herb Hand’s old stomping grounds at Hockaday and Ursuline or wherever the fuck he was finding those OL to offer last year.
  2. Nadal and Federer probably wouldn’t have been such bitches. Or if they were, at least they would have broken the racket more forcefully. What a baby, though. He reminds me of the Nebraska football fans. “[While winning constantly] Oh, he’s such a classy guy. And look at how much FUN he has with the game! What a great attitude!” [Loses something for a change] ”FUCK THIS RACKET! FUCK THIS ONE, TOO! FUCK MY DOUBLES PARTNER. FUCK THE OLYMPICS - BTW, I NEVER AGREED TO PLAY WHEN IT IS HOT OUTSIDE, WHAT IS THIS THIRD WORLD BULLSHIT - YOU CAN ALL KISS MY ASS AND GO BACK TO YOUR SHANTIES!”
  3. It’s usually more apparent in the women, but when like 3 swimming events in a row were unexpectedly won by the Chinese men (significantly besting their prior results), I thought to myself that something fishy might be going on with doping. Also, it seemed strange to me that the Chinese swimmers had grown actual fins and gills.
  4. I don’t understand. Why would he need to graduate from Oklahoma first in order to attend Ohio State and get paid NIL money?
  5. We’re not even getting Jeremy Patton now? WTF? Maybe it’s time for Choate and PK to ask Herb Hand for his recruiting contacts at private schools and yacht clubs. The LB version of Max Merrill is out there somewhere, waiting patiently for our call in between his polo matches.
  6. It would, but Jai Lucas arriving at Kentucky the same year Calipari inexplicably had a horrendous record seems fitting to me. For supposedly being ultra connected recruiting rainmakers within the State of Texas AAU scene, the Lucas family didn’t deliver a whole lot for Barnes or Shaka. Houston recruiting was second tier, and Dallas recruiting was nonexistent. I guess it helped with Damion Collins, but I was surprised Calipari didn’t have better options for that assistant job.
  7. Agreed. I could definitely see Wallace being the number 1 option for Beard since he’s also a 5 star and he’s a stud defensive player. His game is probably tailor made for Beard’s style. But I don’t see passing on George being plausible for any other reason than an imminent Wallace commitment or legal issues, neither of which seems to be the case. It is hard to question Beard’s recruiting decisions, but man, I don’t see how you put George on the back burner unless you’re really sure about Wallace. Of course, maybe this means they’re really sure about Wallace. In which case, wow. He was supposed to be all Kentucky/Tennessee.
  8. This is a pocket passing QB who wanted to commit to Tom Herman, but not to Steve Sarkisian. Based on that and his Boz mullet, I’ve assumed for a while that this dude is going to find a way to be a bust no matter how talented he is. His decision making is highly questionable.
  9. At least now we know why Ian Boyd’s articles are so long. There’s plenty of time to write when you’re afraid to leave your bomb shelter. Also, this is why we need the SEC move. University of Texas fans are talking about how hard it is for the first half of our schedule to be ULaLa, Arkansas, Rice, Texas Tech, TCU and OU. This is shameful. Thujone’s depiction of “Murderer’s Row” in MSPaint was a tougher stretch of games than that, and we were incredulous at losing to any of them because we still had pride back then. Don Vito needs to slap Ian Boyd and tell him to act like a man.
  10. Not primarily responsible, but she has no love for the sports that promote "toxic masculinity". In descending order, football, basketball and baseball And yet her haircut promotes toxic masculinity more than any of those sports.
  11. I agree with your overall point, but I think there will still be more recruits than you expect who will lack the worldliness to tell these handlers to fuck off because they don’t need them. It’s always been legal for professional boxers to make their own money. And yet Don King and Bob Arum and countless others have been handlers fleecing most of them forever. Some of the schools are also going to want to preserve handler relationships if they think they can be more competitive that way than in a real open market.
  12. Patrick Reed is our golf representative? I’m still rooting for all the athletes that kneeled or whatever, but you can root against Patrick Reed and still be patriotic, right? I mean, there has to be some kind of loophole for that fucking guy.
  13. I have a feeling Morey still hasn’t sold his house in Houston. “Yes, I am serious with these River Oaks comparable prices. And, no, I don’t see why it’s relevant that my house is not in River Oaks.”
  14. We were going to have to win regardless. The usual head coaching hire at a blue blood isn’t a coach who is damaged goods and hasn’t yet proven himself again as a head coach. I personally think Sark is probably going to be much better than Herman or Strong, but (a) he is not a slam dunk on paper and (b) he is not really coming in with a groundswell of hype and nothing but positives on his resume like you’d typically see. Texas, and places like Texas, are usually hiring coaches who haven’t yet failed at another big college and who are coming in with a hyped recent track record from their previous head coaching stop. Or they are hiring from within and keeping the band together from an already great program. We are doing none of those things. Even Sark’s coordinator track record has an asterisk next to it that guys like Riley and Day didn’t have, because they hadn’t flamed out of a head coaching job before. Maybe it is all process things like not maximizing NIL or the office staff, but it seems like we’re ignoring the elephant in the room. We hired a head coach who hasn’t been a head coach since 6 years ago when USC fired him for cause, and who hadn’t won big before that. And it doesn’t help that we have now been mediocre for so long that none of these recruits grew up seeing Texas as the best of the best. We’re going to have to prove it on the field.
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