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  1. It’s a Louisiana education thing I guess. I misspelled pawn shop and then didn’t pay attention to the autocorrect either.
  2. Had a co-worker's son who sat in jail for over a year waiting on a trail. His son was a bail bondsman who had a beef with an ATF agent. They apparently were friends at one point, but something happened in which my co-workers son sent the guy's wife an email informing her that her husband was doing some shady stuff and he needed to stop. FBI and ATF show up at co-worker's house one day and tore the house apart and took his son in charging him with a terror threat. Took about a year, but they dropped all charges and released him. Turns out the ATF agent had been taking evidence and selling it to a local pond shop. The pond shop owner knew he was buying illegal stuff and decided to turn on the agent when he found out that the agent had been sleeping with his wife. Just remember my co-worker spending a fortune on lawyers and an investigator while absolutely knowing his son was innocent.
  3. You just wait till Mond has a Joe Burrow type season like he's predicted. They won't be able to ignore him then.
  4. Mond has been a starter for 3 years. He started the 3rd game of 2017 and he's been the starter ever since. So 3 years and 44 touchdowns is what ESPN and aggy are selling as a 1st round QB?
  5. Do they have to copy everything? They don't have a single tradition that they actually created.
  6. Every single year. Don't ever change Billy.
  7. That just proves it easier to beat Big 12 teams than it is SEC teams. These stats prove the SEC is big boy football.
  8. UT Dallas has a better business school than aggy.
  9. Andy Allo is so damn sexy.
  10. Have they ever signed an actual three star? I know most of the ones they sign are really high 4 or 5 stars that the pro-sip recruiting sites criminally rank to low. Got me wondering if they've ever had to actually settle on a true 3 star signee. I can't name any off the top of my head.
  11. This scene cracked me up also, cause Jordan claimed he tried and tried to toughen Scott Burrell up, but that he was to nice of a guy. “You stay away from Scott Burrell,” Jordan tells NBC’s Ahmad Rashad as Rashad reflects on the pressure of playing in a Game 7. “You're not instructed to talk to Scott Burrell. You'll scare the shit out of him."
  12. I bust out laughing when Bird and the Pacers thought they were going to beat Jordan and the Bulls in game 7, and Bird came over after the game to give MJ props. They both were laughing and Jordan says "You bitch, fuck you," and they start laughing. The greats were all good friends away from the game, but wanted to destroy each other on the court. That's what is missing from todays game.
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