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  1. Tattooine was an interesting place to take this right before IX. It’s 5 years after ROTJ so I’m assuming that not enough time has passed for the tales we are told in TFA to shit on all our heroes heads so while they are not part of this generally their presence is real and we just went to the centering world of the entire Skywalker saga....seems convenient. Beyond that this thing is so incredibly well done compared to anything else SW related going at the moment. Others have said that just putting another tally on that board.
  2. Nice job going fully spastic Kyler
  3. This version is art with the music selection
  4. You sure read a lot into me just saying that CDC has experience dealing with sweaty assholes and that maybe that doesn't matter much to him if said asshole is meeting expectations (which to your multi-paragraph point do differ from institution to institution)
  5. All the people talking about Herman being an asshole and CDC seeing it and it being a factor....didn't CDC work pretty well with one massively sweaty asshole in Fort Worth for a good amount of time (and make no mistake that guy is a grade A sweaty asshole)
  6. Plus I hear he's been working on his coonass, getting pretty good at it apparently.... so he actually understands most of what his boss is saying to him now.
  7. Well Tom, if you can't get your grades up.....get your guns up.
  8. Fixed that. The bubble screen works, a lot and at a lot of places. Neither Greg's nor whoever the fuck takes credit for the current abortion that ours are designs them worth a flying fuck. The ones the work get the ball to a receiver with some semblance of forward momentum, at full speed...no, but sure as fuck not at full stop like ours always are. They also have effective blocking designs. Ours have always generally provided one, if any blockers and then asks the receiver who is catching the ball at a dead stop to beat one, if not perhaps two defenders who are flying full speed ahead at his parked ass.
  9. Stone cold opera singing killer
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