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  1. Like an aggy top ranked recruiting class.
  2. I hate em but ManC has done that twice now...it's not unimpressive.
  3. Good luck in CL. I'm sure Tottenham is due to do great things in Europe, and frankly all their competitions
  4. Hard lessons to learn, but while I do hate it's Fuck Spurs in the spot honestly this squad isn't CL ready. Need to keep building it some more instead of going out like bitches in Europe.
  5. I've seen this show before
  6. I laugh at that scene where the old man says, "this arm ready to throw about 2000 yards next fall" 1. Jason London's noodle arm ain't throwing for 200 yards much less 2000 2. It's 1976, who the fuck THROWS for 2000 yards in 1976 Texas HS football.
  7. That was a pretty obvious one...
  8. Easily moved his arm out to block it. Not sure why this is taking that long.
  9. Yea with Spuds already on the board that is likely over so just get a fucking win and stop the god damn bleediing.
  10. Well just a second there professor. We uh FIXED the glitch. So he won't be receiving a paycheck anymore so it'll just work itself out naturally.
  11. I thought it was pretty clear from reading the thread....strippers and blow.
  12. Corby being the “expert” at college football with his inch deep approach to everything has always been a problem. With Mike it was a problem because Mike didn’t really give that much a shit about college football and so Corby got the lions share of the airtime. Now you’ve got blowhard aggy Bob there who thinks he knows shit because he watched some tape on draft prospects and Corby needs to be doing a better job putting him in his place…but again one inch deep and can’t do it. Two college football blowhards fucking sucks.
  13. He had lots of side hustles...which at his age as he said what's the point. They will probably fuck up on Sirois as well. In my opinion they kind of already have. Cumulus is one Todd Gordon Keith moment of clarity away from this thing going in the shitter.
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