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  1. Boy Thanos really let himself go to hell, moobs and all.
  2. I will say as another great experience beer. Drinking a Pilsner Urquell immediately after it was pulled out of the wooden lagering barrel in a cave deep under Pilsen.
  3. LOL these announcers are talking about the goalie netminding a 4-1 lead late in the second being shaky.
  4. Yep, hopefully we find a way to fix sloppy and stupid
  5. Flopping around clearly pays....we need to try it
  6. Rewarding all this shit is terrible terrible officiating
  7. And Seguin has been reduced to getting attaboys from the announcers for "good execution"
  8. Two games now come out dominating, get nothing do something stupid, end up behind..then do something just as stupid, end up more behind.
  9. Should be issuing big checks on Stamkos to check out that core injury rather than letting him dance right by
  10. All that domination and one dumb mistake and we are down
  11. It seems like we just don't do that until we get down....
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