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  1. Looks like he waited too long to heed the mask advice. Fucking Covids.
  2. Yes at the bronze medalist in long term health issues behind the gold medal winner HFCS and tobacco sliding in with the silver. Everybody laughs at the bronze medalist.
  3. On the vaccine front and the spread part doesn't there reach a point when what is "novel" is no longer that....which is to say like other things between those who have had it and those who have been vaccinated that while it doesn't mean they can't get it again the body has "learned" somewhat how to fight it and in most (but certainly not all) cases that dials down the lethality of this thing to something we can accept like we do with so many other illnesses? Maybe I'm just hoping but at the beginning of all this part of the major issue laid out was because this was new our human race had no learned response and thus was susceptible to being overrun....you would think over the next year through continued spread and a vaccine immune response would learn something.
  4. Woody Allen is using your house to bang some underage daughter....these pretzels are making me thirsty
  5. The Philadelphia Douchebags are going to fuck the Washington Karens in the ass.
  6. Rockets were in large part of Nazi ingenuity. Just saying.
  7. Weird response to somebody just pointing out a fact (sick with it for 3 months) and that it seemed weird against the norm we have seen with the vast majority in that age group. Maybe dial back the hypersensitivity.
  8. Surly 2020: Why are you always such a fucking pain in the ass noisy bitch
  9. Dude had it for like three months....weird case for sure given his age and length of illness.
  10. Woman love damaged goods and as rumor has it a big schlong (see John Mayer on that second point)
  11. You ate three full dino ribs in one sitting. LOL Hope your toilet is not low flow.
  12. Be nice if the tradeoff for the mutation was more spread and less kill....and if it kept working that way. But wish in one hand and shit in the other as they say.
  13. The Washington The Washington Not College Materials seems a bit wordy....
  14. Read the OP....how come nobody ever mentioned that Derka got a sex change, moved to Alabama and became political?
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