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  1. Time to start moseying along to the Old Man pasture Aaron. You start heading that way and when you see Brady and Brees you're there.
  2. Only when the Texans are involved....
  3. Probably just stay in the lockeroom GB
  4. I want KC to win but that call just bailed out a bad pass.
  5. Diggs would have known what to do...but he's at home with the rest of the Seahawks
  6. Of course now the KC defense has to go back out on the field for the rest of the half
  7. Ring is actually one huge trapdoor with a flaming lake of lava under it correct?
  8. Man Titans getting massive little breaks here and there that won't show up later on. Dropped INT, 4th and short, that PI way short of the first all the bad Tannehill passes that he has gotten away with...again won't be on stat sheet later but big.
  9. That's an easy TD with a guy under center who can actually throw.
  10. 3rd and 2 and putting it in Tannehill's hands? I guess if you go on 4th with Henry....
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