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  1. Klatt is usually very diplomatic about Texas as a weekly guest on The Ticket in DFW during the season. aggy on the other hand....he loves to tweak those motherfuckers
  2. Went to Santa Rosa Beach/Seaside over Spring Break in March. It was glorious, will never go in dead of summer again.
  3. Ring Ring Dennis, it's 2002 calling to remind you of a time when you weren't a hack.
  4. Like that aggy 72 hour fight to the death? New week replace aggy with Bob Bowlsby, replace SEC with the Mouse...results probably the same.
  5. I mean if we are gonna go on and on about Rupert missing, when the dude was only in like 3-4 episodes last year and is good as a pop-up villain but doesn't need to be in all the episodes what about Rebecca's hot friend that Ted boned while they were in Merseyside? Ted doesn't seem like a hit it and quit it type of fella and they both seemed interested as he departed but nothing has come back around on that front yet. Ellie Taylor is a MILF.
  6. You meant this for OU fans right since our traditional rivals are OU, Arkansas and aggy?
  7. So wait Aggy is pissed and butthurt The irate 8 is pissed and butthurt ESPN might be in a bit of trouble (unlikely but the last week doesn't make me all of a sudden pine for Paw and Fat Herb so fuck em if they are) 2021 you magnificent bastard. We beat OU in October and I'll read your book!
  8. At that point here is a preview of that raid
  9. All the bitchmade responses from all parties feeling wronged certainly solidifies that behind the back secrecy was ABSOFUCKINLUTELY the right way to handle all this. Hey Rooskies, we're building a bomb to beat the Nazis and Japs (no disrespect to the Orientals). You want in???
  10. I live in Keller 1/4 mile from Southlake. They understand greed just fine.
  11. Your theories are the worst kind of popular tripe, your methods are sloppy, and your conclusions are highly questionable. You are a poor poster, Atomheartbevo.
  12. Yea we need grass so we can ummmm water it when a certain visitor comes to town.
  13. 94-98 here, TEX all the live long day. Unless you guys drug hot ass out of Gregory I would much rather get my disappointment of learning that I was stuck yet again with an 8am class because it was the only open section in a matter of seconds than stand around and sweat my ass off to get the same news.
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