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  1. Brutal?? Sounds like a fit a kid would throw and an adult would laugh at.
  2. I’ve seen your year in review video. Just receive the ball juggle a bit to mind fuck em and then drain the trey.
  3. Next you will tell me I should have liked Ryan Broyles or some shit like that because he was tame and had his head screwed on straight,
  4. He’s a limey. Go win the Wanker Open.
  5. Test stuff (so the real science) says most side effects are typical 24-72 hours from vaccine. Now anecdotal here so take with the appropriate grain of salt but including myself most people who I know that had any side effects that may have lead them to not wanting to do what you are planning to do popped up the day AFTER getting the vaccine and were gone when they woke up the next morning (ie between 24 and 48 hours). Also a lot of peeps I know were worse with second shot. I had same symptoms after both (tired/sleepy feeliing most of the next day along with cold/chills...though not really bod
  6. Wait are folks saying that they think since the mask mandate being dropped that in Texas mask utilization is still as strong as it was? Because while admittedly anecdotal...no fucking way. I've been fully vaxxed for a while now so I sort of read the room on places. If folks are wearing masks, I wear a mask...it's no sweat off my balls and not looking to make people uncomfortable, if they are not I don't (I trust the vaccine). I have found myself more and more in the second situation. And this is where the answer just sucks. You shouldn't opine, if's ok to say "yea it's been a month,
  7. Lot easier to do when the D you play sucks and doesn't seem to be interested in you know...defending the 3? Zags offense after a few minutes has righted itself, but their defense seems to fucking suck.
  8. Surly Bevo

    Dallas | Steak

    No you pretty much got it...for some reason this move makes him a senstation 🙄
  9. Surly Bevo

    Dallas | Steak

    That come with the salt shower?
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