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  1. Families who flew to their vacations And stayed in hotels/resorts, instead of driving and staying in Best Westerns or Ramadas.
  2. Very shocked that Reverse Frogger wasn’t listed in the urban dictionary as a thing.
  3. It’s Atascocita and I drive a sedan, thank you.
  4. For Pink Floyd, maybe some of the hits off of Dark Side would be popular, but the 15+ minute songs on WYWH and Animals and the concept of The Wall would be a tough sell to the masses. They’d probably have a niche following at festivals. Plus, Roger Waters would probably get into 100 Twitter fights a day with fans and critics.
  5. If a period of history is referred to as the 12th century or 15th century, I immediately think 1100’s or 1400’s. Does anyone mentally categorize periods of history by century or is everyone doing that same extremely simple conversion every time like me?
  6. Bumping this thread because I landed on this yesterday while bored on a Saturday afternoon. I didn’t know of this movie, wasn’t paying a lot of attention to what I was clicking on and thought I was clicking on a history doc for background noise. Funny as hell. I love this period of history and laughed the entire time. Isaacs, Buscemi, and Tambor were hilarious. Beria was a disgusting monster of a human being and I laughed at almost everything he said. This is available on Netflix. Watch if you can.
  7. Walking out of the shoe that night after listening to 15 hours of trash talk from the warm and kind natives of Ohio was fantastic.
  8. The Rewatchables podcast did an episode on Dazed. I thought one of the more interesting notes about the movie is that Pickford was supposed to be one of the major characters, but he (21) hooked up with Mila Jovavich (16 at the time) and even got married, which later got annulled by Jovovich’s family. The cast was mostly annoyed by the whole thing and especially him. Linklater is very big on natural dynamics and relationships between the cast, so he slowly wrote him out of the movie and turned MM’s bit part into a much bigger deal. MM was famously known to be an instant hit with the mostly non Texan cast. It’s why you see Pickford a lot at the beginning, but not towards the end, and vice versa for MM.
  9. Lol.. I’m a huge fan of Newsradio and watch full episodes on YouTube all the time. It’s run was fantastic, but only for four seasons. The fifth season after Phil died was terrible and unwatchable.
  10. My absolute favorite television show of all time as a kid. Like a lot of great shows in that area era, it over extended its run and limped to the finish line, but it’s peak was funny as hell. Just a great concept for a show that allowed for a core cast to deal with a diverse general public. And the core cast was fantastic. I particularly liked the interactions between Dan/Harry and later Dan/Roz. I’ve always kinda felt Newsradio was its late 90’s clone.
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