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  1. Can some one recommend a good RV site on the middle coast? Rockport, Sea Drift, Port O'Connor, Matagorda, Sargent or some where there bouts? I'd like to do a week or long weekend sometime next month and possibly Thanksgiving

    Truck Nuts

    It appears there is an issue with the cam phasers on the Eco boost. They change out the timing chain during that process That's what I went in for. Drove up with no appointment, told the guy about the rattle noise on cold start, and he was yup cam phasers, we'll get you loaner and take care of it. Week later all fixed up.

    Truck Nuts

    They did warranty work on my F150. Was pretty painless for me. Everybody was pretty nice.
  4. So where is all this glorious rain coming from? It wasn't in the forecast a couple days ago.
  5. Thanks for the advise, especially Paper_jam. Braff Zacklin & Hornbeliever Saturn has been really bright out here and I'd like to see the rings if possible. I haven't set a budget yet because I don't know what I'm getting into. I figured a couple hundred bucks was about the top of it. Not trying to get all McDonald Observatory
  6. I've been hanging out in the country near Smithville lately and the star gazing is fantastic. I'd like to get a telescope to view the constellations and milky way. What doe one look for when buying a new or slightly used telescope?


    Yeah I missed the Monica trap details, anyone remember seeing that? Also, which killing was Kayce trying to hide from Monica?


    What was the purpose of having the Steiners on there?


    It went to shit for me when they killed Rita
  10. Can some one help me with my SKX007? It keeps losing movement or just stops through out the day and night. I thought it was because I wasn't wearing enough, so I stared wearing it as my daily during the Rona work from home, but no change.
  11. Black, no scratches, good shape Can meet in the Austin area
  12. Member back in the 80's it was common to see a "the duke" NFL ball with stripes on it for HS and College before Wilson came out with the 1001
  13. If you want out of the list you gave, I say Legend (Roy W) or Ship Or why not Bucky?
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