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    Truck Nuts

    I towed a 36' travel trailer(about 8500lbs) on 281 from Cleburne to Austin with my 2018 F150, 3.5 ecoboost, max tow, fx4. Had all the power in the world, but if I got over 55 -60 it would start to push me around, bad. The truck has a tow stability control that kicked in a few times when it felt the trailer sway. I had someone tell me that if I adjust my distro hitch it might help, IDK Got about 8 mpg while towing it.
  2. Stupid question, but How do you keep braid from snagging itself creating backlashes? I spooled up some 30# spiderwire to go fish some swampy heavy vegetation ponds and I can't cast it worth a shit. Using an abu garcia black max on a heavy med fast 7ft pole My other black max has no issues throwing 12# mono

    Truck Nuts

    it looks either like a range rover or a larger mini cooper either way not good
  4. I'm going down to SPI next week for a conference, should have the evenings off, is there any place y'all would recommend to wet a hook?
  5. it has sold, sorry for the late response. Thanks for your interest
  6. My sincerest apologies, thanks for the link
  7. So it looks like those in the eastern half of the state need to watch their corn holes tomorrow
  8. The Costco had a pretty good sounding yamaha for $145 that you can get on AMAZON for $100

    Truck Nuts

    For you fellow f150 owners, how does yours ride? My FX4 is stiff as hell. Driving on rough roads beats the hell out of me, i.e. down town or SW parkway. Has anyone done a shock upgrade?
  10. ^^^This ^^^ 6'1 165 when I graduated. When I got out of the Navy, I was 6'1 225 and felt awesome. Now I'm a 250 tub of goo. The biggest problem I have is dinner. I don't get home from work until 6:30 and by the time I cook and eat it's 8 and I'm starving so I eat a lot. I'd love to eat and be done by 6. Not sure how to make that happen though
  11. TXLNGHRN10

    Truck Nuts

    I don't think the new king ranch interior is all that. Friend of mine has a Sierra SLT and I though the interior was just as nice if not nicer then the Lariat / KR and way nicer then the plastic filled XLT interior that I have
  12. Made this for my groups Christmas lunch Bone in pork loin Mashed potatoes and green beans Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. According to KXAN she was in Colorado and then Lubbock before coming here would
  14. I looked at the Cedar Park Costco and did not see them
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