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  1. Well I went with a Breedlove. If he doesn’t like it after a while, it will join my stable. I will be going back to Frisco Music. They have a bad ass shop. My dog zoey loves it.
  2. JSB

    Classic Car thread

    Yeah, I think I am going to pass. If COVID allows, I plan on going to the Dallas Mecum acution in September. The last one I went to, a 68 mustang shelby inspired convertible sold for $12,500, and I still wish I would have bought that, despite the ridiculous interior.
  3. JSB

    Classic Car thread

    Well fuck decision time. Seller would take $32K. Thoughts? https://www.gatewayclassiccars.com/FTL/1029/1968-Pontiac-GTO#desc
  4. JSB

    Classic Car thread

    I'm not drinking anymore, and my wife will not be driving whatever car I end up with. Its nostalgic because they probably won't ever use it, but I want to teach my kids to drive a stick. I also owned a 2002 BMW Z3M before kids. I loved that car, and wouldn't mind reuniting with that one, but then, only 2 seats. I really really wish I would have just kept that car, and paid for a place to park it. I didn't have room at the time, but I do now.
  5. JSB

    Classic Car thread

    Automatic, do not want. I have 3 deal breakers, 1) manual transmission because I love it, and it won't be long before they are all gone, 2) Convertible, because I love it, no better feeling on a nice day, and 3) 4 seats, because I want to be able to take the family with me even if they bitch about their hair getting fucked up.
  6. Ok, I need some help. I've fucked around with guitars for 20 years now, but my now retired father has decided he wants to try and pick it up now that he has a ton of free time. His hands are on the smaller side with fat fingers. He needs an acoustic, for very basic strumming on the back porch. What do you guys recommend these days for something that may wind up in the closet after 6 months? I want to get him something decent, but don't want to spend more than $500 or so. Also, do I get him the beginner package with the books and stuff, since he isn't very computer savy to get on some youtube lessons?
  7. JSB

    Classic Car thread

    and I would say, I'm somewhat mechanically inclined. Never formally trained or anything, but helped with repairs on cars growing up. Not a machinist or fabricator or anything, but bolt on parts, fluids, brakes, and maybe a carb rebuild I can handle. If I had to pull the engine, I would probably outsource it.
  8. JSB

    Classic Car thread

    In terms of budget, I've heard to spend what you can on a good car. I want something I can drive day 1, and repair as needed. I don't want a project, so I can spend up to $40K for a really pristine, turn key car. I don't really care much about whether it is a resto, clone or original, I just want the nostalgia feel, something I can tinker with myself, and not be the everyday 911, or modern sports car. I am not a brand loyalist, but want to stay american so that I can find parts as needed without having to really hunt and possibly ship something from overseas. I would love as much horsepower as I can get, but I'm not looking for a track car, just something to cruise around in. I want to be able to spin the tires occasionally, but don't need something with 500hp or anything like that. If I boil it all down, I want the smell of gas in a carb car, I want the sun in my face, I want to row my own gears, I want to take my family of 4 for rides, I want it to have some pep, I want to be able to work on it myself when things go wrong, but I want a good starting point, and I want something that has parts readily available.
  9. JSB

    Classic Car thread

    Fuck I want to contribute to this thread. I've got my eyes out for a decent price on a restored convertible V-8 with a stick and 4 seats. I lean Mustang, but can be talked into something else. I plan on going to Mecum in September in Dallas Corona willing, and have been looking through online ads. If anyone sees something, let me know.
  10. JSB

    Golf Cart Mods

    Here is mine. I love it. Wish I had a lease or ranch to take it to, but it’s been to the coast, and around the neighborhood and stores around town a ton. Next up, I’m considering installing a sub under the back seats, but we will see. I kind of like the quiet but it would be nice for Halloween or the neighborhood park.
  11. Bliss Pet Resort in Prosper, TX
  12. So my dog Zoey is getting up in age, but she is still sprite for an 11 year old dog. I took her to the groomer yesterday and she was fine going in, but when she left she would not use her back legs. I took her to the vet immediately, and after some medication, she is doing better, but still shaky. I’m likely going to take her back for some x-rays. The problem is, the groomer said they noticed her not using her back legs when she came in, and they didn’t call me, which leads me to believe she fell off the grooming table or something, and they didn’t call me. I’ve only used this groomer once before, but looking around, this lady has a habit of hushing any and all negative reviews. I don’t know what recourse I have other than not giving her my business, but I also know a lot of you guys have ample time right now. I don’t want to ruin this business, but I don’t appreciate how this was handled at all. Any ideas on this one other than posting on nextdoor and yelp would be appreciated to at a minimum warn other dog owners in the area that they don’t appear to take care of dogs while they are there.
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