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  1. I’ve been looking for a Jeep but tonight came across a 2 door Tahoe. If it runs and drives as well as the guy says I’m going to buy it tomorrow
  2. When I was 18, my father, grandfather, and a group of probably 10 others (fathers and sons) flew up to Alaska and spent a week rafting down the river fishing Salmon. Caught a 3+ foot king salmon, cookouts every night, bathed in the river, which did get a little awkward when all the dads stripped down and jumped in. Absolutely awesome though. I hope to do the same with my son some day. A little scary waking up with bear skat 20’ from our tent, and weird as hell that it was daylight at 10pm, but absolutely awesome. Also, the absolute best sushi I’ve ever had (Uchi is close) catching a salmon, filet it on the bank. Just such an amazing trip
  3. This was my thought. There is a huge population of kids in the area and absolutely nothing for family entertainment other than movies, a park and yogurt shops. I know it gets hot as hell here, but there are very few days it is too cold to play outside.
  4. OK, I thought this might be a good idea, but evidently not. I like the storage facility idea, but there are already a ton in the area. I'm talking with a Company that does bowling/mini golf/go carts for a franchise opportunity, that may be a better option. The need I want to fill though is family entertainment. Again, the closest thing other than a movie theater and a park is a good 30 minutes away. I've still got to figure out financing though. I've talked with a number of banks, and none of them loan anything greater than $500K for businesses that have not been operating for 24 months.
  5. The wife is one reason I'm considering this. Both kids are now in school, so she could help considerably running things during the day. She is also a CPA.
  6. My first time deer hunting, and I think it was father’s too, I was 10 out at a ranch my dad’s friend owned. He told us we could take a doe, which I did, but before I shot the doe there was a 10 point buck maybe 50 feet away. Afterward we told him about it and he said “damn you should have taken it” He was massive and one of my biggest regrets, but it also wasn’t my property.
  7. Not just surly bullshit but do you think it is a legitimate bad idea?
  8. If I do this, I want it classy. It is an affluent area with tons of kids. The last thing I want is soccer moms judging
  9. My bad. There is obviously supposed to be a K there
  10. tl/dr what the hell am I getting into thinking about opening a small business? I’m a CPA, not the type that does taxes and I’m fed up with my job and reporting to an asshole. Due to that I’ve looked into opening a mini golf course in Frisco or Prosper TX. I’ve never run a small business, but I feel like working for myself would give me that vigor and determination again. Problems are the real estate I think would succeed are not cheap, and being my first business I really am learning as I go. I’ve contacted a couple builders and can get something pretty great plus clubhouse and parking lot built for around 300K, maybe 350K. I can pay for that, but the land alone where I would want it is like $1.2M. There isn’t a course within 40 miles, and with how fast the area is growing, I think it is a home run would it not be for the cost of the land. At this price I want to talk to someone that has done something like this before. I don’t know what I don’t know and am struggling finding someone who can help. Am I crazy? I’m being conservative, but I think I could get revenue of $300-$350 a year. Very little overhead
  11. JSB


    I will have to say, my new yak is heavy as hell. Way heavier than the pelican tandem I sold. I'm going to have to get one of those cart things.
  12. JSB


    Welp the anchor he gave me is now gone. It looked like it was tied up but no. One perch so far though
  13. JSB


    Well, I bought a new to me yak this morning. Ascend fs12T with a fish finder (which I’ve never used, so I’ll have to figure that out) paddle, two rod holders, life jacket, anchor and other shit I already have, but all of it for $500. I realized that since I only go out maybe 10 times a year, for now, I don’t need a $1,000 kayak. Pics below, but on the fish finder, is there a way to recharge it, or do you just have to buy a new battery when it dies?
  14. JSB


    I’m starting to look at other options and for someone that takes a kayak out a couple times a month at most and always on a fairly calm lake or pond (no real rivers near me) would a 10’ be fine? I’m just thinking for the time I’ll use it, I don’t need to spend $900 on a kayak, and 10’ prices are much more palatable. It is windy as hell here though and reading reviews, pelicans still track like a drunk dog, but ascend, KI, Pescador and maybe more are still in play.
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