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  1. No weigh! Srsly? Also, I guess "standout defender" tag means Elko really does believe Turner isn't interior DL material; good to know.
  2. oh, right. Thanks for the name correction. I guess I mixed up Biblical names there? hah
  3. talk about woodwinds not going away? https://imgur.com/gallery/FbUqbU8/comment/499092819https://imgur.com/gallery/FbUqbU8/comment/499092819https://imgur.com/gallery/FbUqbU8/comment/499092819https://imgur.com/gallery/FbUqbU8/comment/499092819 https://i.imgur.com/FbUqbU8.mp4
  4. this year, with no spring/summer camps, this is going to be a lot of spitballing-- more than the usual amount in any case. So, time to judge this year's recruits will likely be 2 or 3 years hence... although yes, star-studded classes do look nicer. But I think I don't mind trusting the evals of the current A&M DL coaching staff, tbh. They've missed a pure pass rusher but got at least two really good ones in the last class, which was Jimbo's first; the got Isaiah Martin in the one before-- he played basketball as well in high school in Cali, so you would think he is super athletic; maybe he will yet find his way to contribute more.
  5. that offer list is 4-star worthy, yes? time for Aggie homo/no-home whack off wordplay?
  6. hey man, don't knock it until you try it. I wouldn't mind a Saturday Night Waltz (from Aaron Copland's famous piece about American West); but then again maybe I'm not a typical Aggie? In Copland's ballet "Rodeo", the Saturday Night Waltz immediately precedes the even more famous Hoedown.
  7. The one who will gracen 40 acres by his presence? ok i'm at 3 strikes already. i'm out.
  8. may be the secret to Jay Valai's recruiting work is he drinks Jai Alai. Someone should ask him.
  9. From that offer list, he appears he has shone in his high school career so far. But will he shine in the future too? https://grammarist.com/usage/shined-shone/ (sorry, i'm a dork when it comes to these players names. there are some doozies this year like every year. Cue Key & Peele)
  10. To be fair, Trey Zuhn grew up in Texas and his dad played for the Ags. In that regard, it's a favorable show compared to losing Landon Jackson to LSU. "Zuhn lived near Texas A&M as a child before the family moved to Fort Collins and his dad played for the Aggies. Recruiting process:Fossil Ridge's Trey Zuhn captivating college football giants He recently listed a top-three of Texas A&M, Ohio State and Oklahoma State. His older sister, Riley, plays volleyball at Nebraska, also one of the schools that offered him." https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2020/02/02/trey-zuhn-recruiting-commits-texas-a-m/4643099002/
  11. I can see Jimbo putting him in any of the RB positions that include 1 or 2 TEs and a halfback or even a 4-wide and then getting Mond to lob a screen pass to a streaking fast RB that is small and fast and elusive behind the OL Cubes. He managed to get pretty good production from these types of plays from small and fast RBs like Trayveon Williams.
  12. hey, fat chicks work harder to please you. nothing wrong in fucking a fat chick, especially if she will give head.
  13. No worries; our tall lockdown safeties on the backend will be the perfect ace up Jimbo's sleeve against the air raid. Just wait and watch pardner. Jimbo don't need no edge rusher when he can have a big DT bull rushing from the middle...Pythagorean theorem FTW. 😉
  14. late to the partay. saw some threads with upvotes on a&m 247 regarding the 5-star, #1 ranked Florida OLB, Terrence Lewis a couple weeks ago at this point; couldn't believe an OLB would be really interested in A&M, that too so highly rated and from Florida. But new position coach may be making miracles, who knows? Few days later, Lewis commits to Tennessee and A&M gets some low 3-star OLB from NC, Kaci Seegars. Out of the 16 OLBs on A&M's target board, Lewis was #1 and Seegars was #16. I guess that's what you call "Close. But no Seegars!"
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