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  1. Bryce Anderson: meh. Can't make up my mind. I like UT. I also like A&M. I'll just string this along. Fans: Why, Mr Anderson? Why!?! Bryce Anderson: Because I choose to! 😅😂
  2. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2021-college-football-preseason-all-americans/
  3. Captain Hamill: You got to take Caen so you can take Saint Lo. Captain Miller: You've got to take Saint Lo to take Valognes. Captain Hamill: Valognes you got Cherbourg. Captain Miller: Cherbourg you got Paris. Captain Hamill: Paris you got Berlin. Captain Miller: And then that big boat home.
  4. i need my first cuppa coffee now. Jiggly. and not even Gigli...which is apparently one of the worst movies ever made, and even JLo's jiggly ass couldn't help that movie!
  5. Ah, but have we "officially" bottomed out? Let Kramer be the judge of that...
  6. those seem nice and soft, a bit giggly too. maybe the abs are rock hard on this model.
  7. The way I see it, if a player gets drafted that's a feather in the cap of the school/program/corch. Brandon Jones went in third round-- great! If they flop or never amount to much in the League once drafted, that's not on the college, that's on them or the League. Even an average or JAG NFL-ers is likely a millionaire, no? Not sure where UDFAs go in this setup... I'm lurching on the side of the players' own merit or grit getting in, with much less or no credit to the college. Argument can be made that they learned a work ethic and other soft skills in the college program, and maybe just didn't get drafted because of poor measurables which are immutable characteristics and not anything a college corch can do anything about and the NFL is too dumb sometime to have too much merit on the measureables. So...I guess some UDFAs can be credited to a college program.
  8. Yes, Tex-19 covered this, and more. He, in fact, credited the current Texas staff for the DBs that got drafted into NFL from A&M in the last 5 years too, credit your current DB coach.
  9. that was a play on words on the Maginot line talk. But, whatever.
  10. Demas plays a different position. Demas is 6'3", 180lbs. Thompson is 5'10", 165lbs. And is supposedly making good progress to have a good season. We shall see.
  11. So you guys think there is no chance (fat chance, as opposed to Fat Ketch's chance of being right! hah) of Thompson picking Jimbo's pitch for a fast slot to stretch the field? Thompson sees a guy already on campus who he can pattern himself to, and Ainias Smith probably goes pro after this coming season if all goes as expected. Bryce Anderson seems like UT's to lose, especially since he already has a cousin there; but he probably sees several safeties that got drafted from A&M in the last few years and sees at least one more going after this season (Demani Richardson), so there's a track record, and Elko coaches safeties.
  12. I'd pick the brunette long legs in the middle with the blue wrap around skirt. The blonde next to her in the white is ok too. https://youtu.be/yWPLsJvJ7iw
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