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  1. If your name isn’t Freddy Bauer, you are sitting on a throne of lies.
  2. How long till he finally leaves and doesn't quit being someone who deserves to be made fun of? Never.
  3. You called it 11 months ago. You some kind of fortune teller?
  4. Correct 1997. Still have cte from that game.
  5. The crowd looks like the 1993 3-66 UCLA debacle. The score should be flipped this time.
  6. From the shadow of the new Austin FC under construction Stadium TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I like to think that Richard Nixon’s “the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine” would now apply to the love between don and kim instead of bohemian grove.
  8. ‘I’m talking about.....ethics’ ‘An interesting ethical question’ Al’s favorite movie, Marcia Gay Harden mmmmmmmmm..........
  9. Tapehead Electronics in Austin. Took in my 70's Pioneer SX-850 to figure out why it would lose the lower frequency signal intermittently along with a noisy volume knob. The fact that it spent most of its life in a barn didn't help, but it also did not kill it. They did replace a few parts and clean the entire inside of the unit and has since worked flawlessly, including the deposit which was applied to the final invoice, the cost was under $200. I have cleaned the outer shell, repainted the rusting metal covers, sanded and stained the exterior wood and now looks like a retro piece of furniture that produces amazing sound. I did check a few other places in Austin and the estimates ranged from $500-$$800 depending on the scope after they get into the project. Mostly these guys are looking to refurbish the unit and the money can be considered well spent if that is what you're into. I just wanted it to work again and am very happy with the result. Also, I think it was less than a month when I got the receiver back, a full restoration would have likely be months longer.
  10. Blazing Saddles references still working in 2020.
  11. <you're GD right gif from Breaking Bad> OBD on order=money well spent.
  12. /csb alert All the Spam talk is making Al nostalgic. Little Al was taken to the first few Spamarama events in Austin back in the day. Al's Mom wanted her children steeped in the Austin culture long before it became a thing, as a transplant from New England, she was ahead of her time and we did all things Austin and free. Spam was also not allowed in Case de Czervik because it was considered food for the poors, so the Spam experience was limited to Spamarama or the occasional friends house that served it, nonetheless it has great memories. Fun fact, we were the poors. /csb
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