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  1. We went out to Kingsland this weekend and stopped at Angel's b/w Spicewood and Bee Caves... yeah, way out there but lots of socially distanced outside seating.
  2. Looking for some good socially-distanced options like Jester King or Salt Lick... basically, places that are very well spaced out that are doable right now to avoid plague carrying Millenials.
  3. texasdago


    11% and dry. Perfect.
  4. texasdago


    Props to you - where did you get it?
  5. Last time you went to Luby's? Exactly. I mean, it was a matter of time.
  6. I can completely relate with them... wish I didn't but... #HarveyGonnaHarvey
  7. texasdago

    Coffee Shops

    I need to know that, too, since we will be losing our place here in Houston to the move I heard Summer Moon has breakfast tacos
  8. I would think some mega mansion would be there but, nope, still the same old rickety dump. Need to visit again.
  9. Upside of our new house - xeriscaped landscaping. So, help me out here... how in the world is Dry Creek still open?
  10. ...and there is why we are coming back to Austin. Yeah, I wish some of the "old places" were still around. Some of the new places are great, too, though. Funny... I know there's a love/hate relationship with Guero's. I like going there, sitting on the front patio and drinking margaritas while devouring tons of free pickled jalapenos with chips and salsa. Guero's opened the year after I graduated. I guess its part of the new old Austin or the old new Austin or whatever. Place like that will come and go... the creeks, trails, lakes, hills... that's going to be there, even if some dumbass tries to tell me about "Ladybird Lake"
  11. Good times for sure... Austin was not a great food "destination" when we were there but, then again Player's, Texadelphia, Dirty's were not locations you went for "cuisine". It was the experience. Abel's... perfect example. I didn't even know they had food but I do still have my pewter mug since I drank there so much.
  12. Yup - I get called that sometime. The date experience must have kept me from going back, thus why its so burned in my memory.
  13. texasdago

    Coffee Shops

    Will need plenty of coffee once I move to Austin. Saw this just opened in Circle C https://summermooncoffee.com/
  14. What was that brick oven place on Red River? Went on a date there... took her home to watch Vampire's Kiss with Nicholas Cage and subsequently struck out.
  15. Why did I not move there sooner. Any good places that slam and go hard?
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