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  1. Especially the most severe stuff. That was the case in Houston... the most screwed up flooding-type rain loved to arrive at night just to screw up your sleep.
  2. On a side note, just before we got the food, I was commenting, "I can't wait to go back to Italy where the prices are so good and you can get a liter of wine for less than a glass of wine here"
  3. Finally tried the Garden at Ellera... was very much looking forward to a nice lunch outside before a nearby soccer game. Looked at the menu... hmmm... prices are a little steep for lunch but OK, if it's good, it's worth it. Ordered the $18 plate of gnocchi. Food comes out. Eight Gnocchi 8 otto for $18.00 Yeah, they were good but c'mon. Outdoor space is amazing, wine selection was OK though seemed overpriced but the baby portions were absurd.
  4. I didn't know TXSooner was Australian
  5. Because it comes in 2-4" dumps with a lot of nothing in-between.
  6. texasdago

    Gym Pet Peeves

    I'll tell you what... there's been more than one time when I didn't have much time to work out and I walked in the gym wearing jeans giving no Fs. I'd rather get something in wearing jeans than nothing wearing jeans. That said, I wouldn't doing wearing a long shirt. I'm not a psycho.
  7. Went there Friday... it will do in a pinch
  8. MAn, getting some serious Mexico City FOMO
  9. I contend that's the best part of CDMX. I love Parque Mexico and the vibe
  10. Man, I don't know how people in Kansas or Minnesota or whatever handle this kind of weather. I'm having cabin fever. I normally get outside during the day and take a walk, ride my bike, hike... whatever to break up the monotony but not today. Definitely hitting the gym at the end of the day to rinse this crap weather off. If the weather is going to be cold, I better be skiing.
  11. Traitors... https://www.chron.com/entertainment/article/New-Braunfels-Bucees-Tennessee-largest-tik-tok-16772735.php
  12. I remember talking to my brother about what was coming... after Harvey, he thinks I worry about everything but I've chilled considerably since moving to Austin. Anyway, I told him, dude, you live at the bottom of a long ass hill. You better go buy some food. He stocked up on a ton of food and then was stuck at the bottom of the hill for a week. Positive, people were skiing down the hill. Negative, his sister-in-law tried driving down the hill and put her SUV into a tree. Good times. At our house, it was at least seven days below freezing. The big snow storm was awesome but the rest of it completely sucked.
  13. Just talked to two people who went in the past month... loved it, still cheap, evvvverrryone masks.
  14. Yup... I just care about having to move my succulents and tender plants in the garage and just the fact that I can't do much outside like I want... ride a bike, hike, enjoy the outdoors... thanks to this garbage. As for PTSD, you should have seen Houston for the two years after Harvey any time there was a heavy storm. I know people who would cry when it rained. It screwed people up.
  15. Going to take a while before that glorious pine-laden drive on 71 will be back... long after many of us probably. Not only were they beautiful, they hid all the mobile homes, backyard mechanics and aspiring insurrectionists.
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