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  1. I've been thinking about Isla too... the Q is will the area be mostly open or not. So hard to plan.
  2. You can tell which ones tend to be for show. Ron Yates, for example (as much as I love their wines), only has 10 acres in Hye so I'm not sure that's producing much. Their estate vineyard at Spicewood Vineyards (I say "their" because Ron owns both) has 28 acres. A lot of them work with a few different vineyards. Here's what it says on the Newsom Vineyards page: "Starting with 2 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon in the spring of 1986, Newsom Vineyards now grows a total of 148 acres, 19 varietals and supplies fruit to 12 wineries in the state." Also "We currently contract grow for 12 wineries, some of these since we started. Our grapes have almost always wound up in every winerys reserve program with vineyard designation. We have won several international medals (Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego & Switzerland), and gold and silver medals in most regional events that we have been entered into by our wineries. Visit the wineries using our grapes, and see whats been In the News about our vineyards."
  3. Every Mexican beer with lime that I've enjoyed on a Mexican beach.
  4. Looks like my old neighborhood got something l like 9" and didn't bat an eye... Buffalo Bayou rose quite a bit but seems like it was higher down in Piney Point. As the Space City guys said, this was not a pretty moderate rain event and yet we saw how much of the city took on water. Not sure if they'll ever try to fix the situation in Houston, sadly.
  5. Yeah, good point. I'm sure this is frustrating but at least the Beltway isn't sitting under 20 feet of water. Got to take the wins where you can get'em.
  6. I don't have a problem with them sourcing from the High Plains, per se. Was perusing the web page of Perissos today and they do a good job of explaining where their grapes come from. Some might show percentages of estate vs other vineyards and they'll call out the specific vineyards. I think big advancements are being made in Texas wine and I like what's being done.
  7. I mean, it floods every other day buy is driving to work a thing anymore?
  8. All I know is this dampness is making Austin feel like the depths of winter.
  9. More and more wineries are either using local grapes or grapes from the High Plains. From what I know, guys like Ron Yates, William Chris, Duchman, Perissos, Hye Meadow, Bingham, etc. use 100% Texas grapes. Go somewhere like Augusta Vin and they have 60 acres planted there and 100 acres total but pretty sure they also supplement with High Plains. Perissos, on their page says, "100% Texas Grown - Since our first harvest in 2006, 70% of all the wines made at Perissos have been from Estate-grown fruit. The other 30% is grown by other extraordinary Texas farmers."
  10. I'm amazed how people people are hospitalized in Austin vs some other cities. Really seem to have gotten it under control.
  11. I'm still amazed to see a couple of dumpy homes hanging on there... was at Emmer & Rye the other night and the house next door had the dude just hanging out front on a cheap folding chair, watching the world go by. Funny... I've loved Guero's since it opened... best food? Nah... maybe not... but the margaritas do the trick and great people watching spot. I guess I wouldn't be happy if it closed but maybe something else would take its place. I know there's a lot of people here who wouldn't cry if they closed.
  12. Tell you what, though... when we drive back to Houston and come in via I-10 and you see the sprawl is now past the Grand Parkway, you realize Austin is still pretty small... just the nature of the geography, etc. I suppose its like that if you take 35 north or south but, like Yogi said, no one takes 35 anymore, its too crowded. So here's one observation... told my wife that it definitely seems like there are less chains and more mom and pop or local chains in Austin vs Houston. Covid may change that there are more parts of town that have a 70s feel with smaller businesses. Moreso than Houston. BTW, WTF was Rainey when I was at UT? Early 90s Rainey was what? Old dumpy houses? I don't even know. Legitimately curious.
  13. See... that's the funny thing... yeah, I miss GM Steakhouse or dumps like Player's or what was that burger joint on N. Lamar and 32nd that is now a P. Terry's? BUT I don't miss going to east Austin and getting stabbed because its full of places I want to go to. Austin is evolving. I'm down with that. I never bothered to go to Zilker when I was UT and SUPs weren't a thing... now they are. Its changed. Thankfully I started this post a year ago knowing that we had so much equity that we could make the move but, yes, the market here is crazy. Houses in our neighborhood go pending in one day. One day. Its happened to the past 5-6 listings. I can't imagine buying a house today. I wouldn't mind more Texan neighbors... I've got the 50 states around me and a odd mix of Europeans and Asians. At least the Texans who are around me are Longhorns and not buttloads of Ags like in Houston. "New Austin lost a lot of nostalgic restaurants and bars but gained a beautiful lake as trade off. I'm probably the minority here but I'll take the "new" Town Lake Austin over old restaurants and bars Austin. TL is now the anchor for Austin proper. At least for me it is." Good point. I'm not going to hit up bars on 6th street anymore but I sure as hell will drag my kids out on TL or to Pace Bend or to Lost Creek or whatever.
  14. Man... I mean, have you ever seen my posts about travel? Yeah... lots of places I'd like to visit right now. I would love to eventually move back to Italy but that's easier said than done. Tried to get the family to do CO or even UT (yes, I'm big on the outdoors) but couldn't get that accomplished. So, Austin, for outdoor pursuits as someone said, kicks ass... way better than the other cities in the state. On Commons Ford, it has a slightly trashy edge to it but y'all might like that.
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