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  1. Jorge Lorenzo announces retirement at the end of the season. Not going to miss him.
  2. texasdago


    Nice. Looks like a good excuse to get out there. Look forward to living closer to the hill country.
  3. texasdago


    Ordered four bottles from Southold Farm & Cellars to see what's new that I like. Stay tuned. All reds.
  4. Yesterday was trash day in my neighborhood. Had 12-15 inches in the empty can when I emptied last night. You should attach your trash can to the fence to serve as a weather gauge.
  5. texasdago


    All were great but the Barbera d'Asti was phenomenal. They had another one, too, so six wines but that one really stuck out. $90/bottle which is way more than I normally spend but I ordered > one < . This was at Vinology so I left with the other Barbera d'Asti and a great bottle of Lambrusco di Sorbara from Cantina della Volta.
  6. Back to the topic that we came here for. Did y'all get rain yesterday in the Austin area? Houston was 1" - 5" depending on how lucky you were. Got a good 3" at our house... (that's what she said)
  7. I don't know what they talk like but who says "That's just the Texas style?" What does that even mean? The Texas style?
  8. texasdago


    Going to a wine tasting tonight... Monferrato Freisa Secco La Selva di Moirano 2006Nebbiolo d’Alba Bric du Nota 2016Barbaresco Tettineive 2015Barolo Tettimora 2013Barbera d’Asti La Bogliona 2008
  9. I've never had an issue but really take our time to research listings. Some of them sound sketchy. 30 great reviews, all in October 2019? Hmmmm...
  10. That's a great way to build up some goodwill after the El Real closing.
  11. Its totally on us to watch what our kid eats since he has a peanut allergy. That said, someone brought chocolate chip cookies to the party last night... they had peanuts inside them (WTF). Anyway, he took a couple of bites, spit them out and said, I guess I'll eat these with sprinkles. All good. Our doesn't have a severe allergy and I'll gladly take all his Reese's stuff. I think its on the parents to watch but some people need to not be dumbasses about it. As for wrapped candy, you're kid is going to be fine if they just don't eat it. If you're that worried, accompany your kid. Looking back on the incident Joanna believes that the lollipop stick had been in contact with nuts, which triggered Aiden's allergic reaction. Don't even want to know
  12. Well, seeing how Cole handled himself last night...
  13. I hadn't been to El Real in quite some time but I liked the place/vibe and I really enjoyed their pozole.
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