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  1. "the food scene was not even average but as history dorks"
  2. Well, and Rome is Rome and doesn't provide an accurate representation of Italy but neither does Rome-Florence-Venice or "everyone is going to Positano so i want to go there". I wish more people would hop in a car and visit around - so much more to see.
  3. I've been Rome probably 10 times to visit family and friends. There's always something to do and its easy to see something you haven't seen before. For sure, Rome is a city that can take weeks upon weeks. That said, most tourists decide to see 5-6 things with everyone else and, yeah, at that point it seems overwhelming. I always tell people, for a change of pace while in Rome go to Ostia Antica or the Appian Way or check out the Parco degli Acquedotti.
  4. I think we need to borrow another team's slogan for this season...
  5. Trollin' trollin' trollin' LOL - CaboWabo and I used to watch the Astros suck in the early 90s. He's crying inside... just won't admit it.
  6. Wasn't this a scene from the Boys from Brazil?
  7. Meanwhile in 2017 the walk-up price for lift tickets here was 53 Euro with a 6000 ft vertical
  8. Aggies hang a banner for JFF in top 25 We'll wipe our tears with Vince's National Championship trophy
  9. Looks I need to start posting old-school Astros pics
  10. The Texans will never be this cool...
  11. Luv Ya Blue was my elementary years... so much more "personality" than the current NFL team
  12. Even with those crappy memories, I miss those memories. I'd rather have the Oilers back. Somewhere I have an autograph from when I met Bum at the Simonton rodeo. Good times.
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