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  1. Welp, NM is off. Italy eventually shut down the resorts for the season. I see that eventually happening here.
  2. Yup. 22% of the population in Italy is 65 years or older. Long life expectancy, low birth rates. It will be challenging there. 28% in Japan! About 17% elderly here. About 15% in South Korea.
  3. It is indeed. I mean, look, the virus is out and strolling about. We need to learn how to manage it. Even Italy is starting to try to reopen what they can.
  4. Ironically Italy has state-provided healthcare and guess who is doing a great job of testing?
  5. Santa Fe claiming 82". Have to see how the temps hold up.
  6. Base is something like 70" so we'll see if we get a bit of a topping off. Either way, all new to me.
  7. Two of the places I've always wanted to ski and, yes, the above treeline terrain always gets me. That said, we're going to Tans and Santa Fe so need skiing insight for there. Staying in the town of Taos, not up in the valley. Driving.
  8. Welp, ignore my comment about Taos. It's Taos.
  9. OK, now that my trip to ski France is hosed... Mammoth Mountain Mt Bachelor Which and why? Taos I'm sure will be super busy so that's going to be a pass. Was looking at Big Sky but lodging seems a bit on the high side. Not doing CO - too many people on spring break. Same with Utah. Really really leaning towards Mammoth.
  10. We are changing our travel. Not concerned about what would happen in Italy and France but what would happen trying to come back so that's that. Our hotel in France rebooked us into July so we'll swing there for a week. Love the mountains in the summer. Meanwhile, we're working on some itinerary changes. Not skipping skiing.
  11. Not sure why we don't let people self-quarantine like they're doing in the UK and Italy. Many are doing it when they return from Italy, whether they show symptoms or not. Trying to rebooked on our French hotel to July. Let's see if they will let us do it. We are supposed to fly in/out of Malpensa which is not a good location to be.
  12. Either way, the 2 BR suites are awesome. See if you can get one in the front corners. Those are awesome EXCEPT when there is a party in the palapa because you will hear that allllll night long.
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