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  1. Usually it's not a matter of "can you" but a matter of "do you want to deal with it".
  2. We all just have tanks full of water, so there's no reason to not give it out. It turns out a brewery is a great place to head during an apocalypse.
  3. Friend offered his place up for me to spend the night, since he still has power. Who wants to take bets that on the 20 minute walk there he'll lose his power?
  4. Finally lost power around 6am. In a corner apartment, we'll see how much taping the seam of my front door helps.
  5. How does ERCOT decide who gets the outages and who does not? I haven't lost power yet in '51 (though now that I've admitted this it'll happen any second now). I am pretty close to Dell Children's so maybe that's helping my luck?
  6. Dandruff is falling from the sky. Or maybe I need to shower. Hard to tell.
  7. I'm clearly in the 1c list, so I'll (im)patiently wait for my turn to get one.
  8. https://twitter.com/jasonjgauthier/status/1353185183512465410?s=20 https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/pedestrian-run-over-by-tacoma-police-officer-surrounded-by-crowd/L5RO4UWXYNEKVOCEC2PP3XBOWA/ A Tacoma police officer whose SUV was surrounded by a crowd was seen on camera running over a pedestrian Saturday night. The incident was captured on camera and distributed on social media. Tacoma police officer Wendy Haddow said officers were called to Ninth South and Pacific where cars were blocking the intersection and doing burnouts and doughn
  9. Sound of Metal was well acted, but the story was way too obvious.
  10. I don't have fuckall to do tomorrow so
  11. All I ever drink is beer. I drink enough of it though.
  12. I mean, I do, but that's like most other days right now.
  13. NOAA is saying there's a possibility of supercell/isolated tornado for the SE Texas coast today.
  14. A lot of them never even knew they had it. You know like five people who for sure had it, but I'd wager a lot more people around you have had it and didn't know themselves.
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