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  1. Not done yet. Georgetown and Taylor about to get a dicking. https://imgur.com/a/wowHXmq
  2. Like clockwork, the storm that just passed over Austin has re-energized and are severe warned again.
  3. Tornado warning for NE San Antonio, and also a fucking gigantic severe t-storm warning covering everything from Kerrville to Marble Falls, down to Dilley, and all of San Antonio.
  4. Tornado warnings popping up east and southeast of San Antonio.
  5. This storm just keeps rebuilding in Southeast Austin.
  6. Aaand severe thunderstorm warning.
  7. It looks like Austin is right on the edge of the rain so far.
  8. I, for one, plan to go drink and eat on some patios this weekend, before the virus has time to mutate into something I can catch again.
  9. Buncha random tornado warnings in NE Texas spawning off the rotation of the low.
  10. They let the warning for our area expire.
  11. I think I'm right on the line of not getting a drop of rain. North Austin Lyfe!
  12. Storm hitting Austin right now is a run of the mill storm with some great optics. That line brewing out West, though, that's another matter entirely.
  13. A good three weeks later and I am finally symptom free from Schrodinger's Covid. A nice mix and rotation of sore throat, headache, chest tightness, fatigue, gastro-intestinal pain and other bullshit, and a full on lack of appetite. Never had a fever, never had a cough. Took two different nose tests and both came back negative. All the symptoms are gone, but I'm left with lingering pains. My chest feels like it is bruised in a couple places, and it's uncomfortable to lay on my back for too long. Whatever I had, it really sucked and I'm happy to be on the right side of it.
  14. Rain incoming from the east. Hell yeah.
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