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  1. I grew up out in the sticks in West Texas and our TV reception OTA a was shit until my Dad rolled up one day with one of the gigantic, old school satellites and we suddenly went from 3 snowy-ass channels to 300 completely free, crystal-clear (for 1980 channels). This was like a month before the Olympics. The USSR game was played live at 4PM Central but tape-delayed in the US over the air; however, Canadian TV aired it live. Had like 70 people jammed into my parents living room and the game was so tense nobody noticed me and my delinquent 13 year old friends grabbing beer out of the fridge to watch in my room. I had never seen a hockey game in my life one week prior and was crying like a baby at the end.
  2. Look for the dude in the Navy Blue polo, khakis, rollers, and a leather checkbook cover....
  3. If the Lions would take a third round pick for Darius Slay I would do that in a heartbeat....
  4. What’s worse, the state of Horns hoops or the state of Horns hoops boards?
  5. Ignatius

    Malcolm Roach

    So if they don’t go on game tape, what are NFL scouts supposed to go on? Rivals HS rankings? Shuttle times?
  6. The biggest problem we have with hoops right now is that your LF counts toward all sports. Force donors to allocate their donation to a specific sport for seat purposes and this shit would change immediately.
  7. Cuz we’re the...Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins! Miami Dolphins #1!!
  8. He used to pop into the Hole In The Wall way back in the day when he was getting the distillery up and running; really cool guy, he deserves his success...
  9. Based on this thread, the future is more than a little bit frightening...
  10. Prefer full to divided but hell fucking yes on the Bosch dishwasher....
  11. Pussification of America.... Isn't that what we're supposed to say?
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