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  1. I would call the cops every time. Record the noise levels, record video with the noise levels throughout the property. Then, I would send every single one to the neighbor. Next, I would find his listings and then call whichever provider it is from AirBNB, VRBO, etc, and work until you get a customer service manager who can do something. Provide them the correspondence with the owner and the evidence of continual violation of nuisance laws. Build your paper trail for both civil action against the owner, and administrative action from the platforms he is profiting off of.
  2. If he had any self-respect he would resign as well. Even if he does, he'll be a back bencher, non-chairman.
  3. No, it will not. Unless the Dems can get to 75 seats for an even split, or more. Empower Texans has been pushing for the GOP caucus to have a binding vote for one speaker candidate, and this gets them closer to that being how a GOP led house would select. So even if they have only 76 seats, Republicans would vote and choose their speaker within their own caucus. Which should things continue to go MQS and Co's way would be a no-blind vote, so they can pressure and attack those that don't go for their guys.
  4. If you are, or have ever been, an active democrat and you live in Texas you need to be doing everything, I mean everything in your power to focus on the Texas House. I am not even joking. You need to be recruiting the best, engaged and respected local candidates. You need to be engaging all the people motivated by Trump to turn their energy to a race here in Texas you can have major impact on. I don't know how to be clearer. Democrats can win control of the Texas house thanks to Empower Texans, and you need to not look back and go get it done in the suburban districts. Realize that because of Trump nationally, and now this dumb stuff state-wide, that Democrats can turn one chamber Blue by focuses on winning over engaged Texas moderates and establishment GOP types. There is tons of this. Bonnen, MQS both realized this as a threat, which is why Bonnen was dumb enough to have this meeting. The removal of straight party ticket voting, plus the blind loyalty to the President by a certain subset of voters will give smart Democratic candidates massive opportunities to win state house seats.
  5. Rolling up to Fair Park right now. Let me know if you end up with an extra and we can meet in the fair.
  6. I am flying into Dallas late tonight but will meet you at the fair in the morning. Thanks
  7. I am also in Austin. And will take the other two. Bang bam
  8. And have down-to-the-wire games with inferior opponents week after week. BC himself points out time and time again that Herman is a magician at preparing and delivering in the spotlight games, when his team is the underdog, but week-to-week and when they are the favorite they consistently underperformed. This shouldn't be anything new to anyone who has watched Texas play the last two years, or followed Herman's time at Houston, that is Herman's (too this time, very short sample size as a HC) team MO. Trying to statistically model a team that is so schizophrenic is not easy.
  9. Are you dense? You do realize the majority of those employees work in FCs, ie they are blue-collar warehouse workers? If not there, in another part of the logistics arm. If their primary goal was to extract as much benefits from governments to build places to ship existing employees they would have chosen the places that were offering even more incentives. Amazon's primary objective was growing a presence in markets where existing talent is located, and centers that have the amenities to continue to attract talent. They can't hire any more people in certain fields in Seattle, they just don't exist. Plus they can hardly get people to move to Seattle, because it's Seattle (weather kills them for people not from PNW).
  10. I would guess a very high majority of those figures will be new hires of local talent (95%+). Of course they will send some established executives to lead teams/divisions, but Amazon isn't shipping people out of Seattle to stock up these new offices.
  11. What exactly are you talking about? One of the biggest factors in the CodeNEXT debacle was the ANC/preservationist/NIMBY wing of connected and concerned citizens that for the last few decades controlled the direction of Austin politics. Adler attempted to walk a tight rope in his "bargain" or "compromise" or whatever dumb thing he labeled it, in trying to update the code while also giving the anti-growth forces things he thought would placate them into supporting a code rewrite. The result was an ever-growing, ever worse CodeNEXT document that got longer, more confusing and in my view worse (and drastically more toward the status quo we have now) which each draft. These same people then also used the petition and Prop J to try to further hinder any ability to make land use changes. Unless you are referencing a different group of people/stakeholders, in which case, I again ask, who are you talking about?
  12. Haha. If you want that from this coaching staff you'll need to pony up a few million more. And they will need 10 more QC assistants.
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