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  1. I literally don't understand. He has all the physical tools. Even for the NFL, he's an above average talent. If I had that, I would not get cut.
  2. The media has turned against her because of all her crazy positions. They think she can't be elected. If you don't believe in a Deep State, this might be hard to believe, but they've decided she sucks and they're gonna take her out.
  3. Iran is cheating. On the deal they never signed. I would ask how this happens, how dumb can people be, but it isn't that. It's corruption. People are corrupt. Why are they even bothering with "nuclear power"? Why give $100 billion to terrorists? They are sitting on an ocean of hydrocarbons. They want a bomb. The people who have not qualms killing civilians, women and children, en masse, they want a nuclear bomb. And they're working on getting one. The design isn't hard. It's the part about getting the fissile material, that's where they're making progress. https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/atomic-watchdog-irans-stockpiles-uranium-growing-66911867
  4. Is that like when she took the nude photos but didn't shave her pits? I member.
  5. Suppose 'i started shitting bars of gold and Emily Ratajkowski wants to be my sex slave......
  6. Touched for the very first time.
  7. The ladies of Boone, NC are also rough on the eyes.
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