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  1. I think it was High Hendry who said "Now would be a good time to panic".
  2. Surlistanis knew all of that weeks ago.
  3. What would you have had them do differently?
  4. Consider the infected flight attendant. There is no one more likely to catch it, or to be more effective at spreading it. Is anyone IRL telling family to stock up? I have fam who will likely die, even if they just run out of meds.
  5. Hat tip to the mormons and their year supply of food. Sneaky weird underoos wearing bastards.
  6. My pick for breakout player. Like Bru was before he got fat.
  7. There's a thread in the cloak room for you to evaluate the president's performance.
  8. Y'all ever been on a Korean subway? It's something like what a Mexican prison would be like. Korea is an unaccompanied tour, there are few to no families there, just a lot of korean girlfriends.
  9. Efficacy is a lot easier to test for than safety. But if you remove the safety protocols, you can move much faster. Kinda like orphan cancer drugs.
  10. I'm not a market timer but Friday looked like a great day to short indexes. But that came from the vivid thread not so much this one. You could see the disconnect.
  11. Consulting this crowd for investment advice? Bold move, Cotton.
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