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  1. Welp, SMU coming back to win is now required for Texas to go bowling. I think we all can root against Aggy in good conscience now.
  2. Its not over yet! We can still take two more strikes. We got Georgia State to beat Troy! But we need for Hawaii to lose, that is not looking good.
  3. We want: Aggie to beat LSU, UTSA to beat North Texas, Kansas to beat WV, Rutgers to beat Maryland, Georgia State to beat Troy, Wyoming to beat Hawaii, Virginia to beat Virginia Tech, SMU to beat Tulsa, Middle Tenn to beat Florida Atlantic, Pitt to beat Syracuse, and Tulane to beat Memphis. We can have 4 of those go the wrong way, but 5 and we are out. Besides that, we want BYU to beat USC and UCLA to beat Cal, but the full Pac-12 results may not be known until next weeks USC-Cal game. (USC and Cal have 2 games left.) We also as noted want Florida to beat FSU, but if that fails we still have the APR tiebreaker vs Gata which I assume we can possibly win (but I don't know). If, from those first 11 games that I mentioned, we get 7 results in our favor, we will still be alive at the end of the day. If Pac-12 really will not allow losing teams to go bowling, then the Pac-12 cannot knock us out today.
  4. This at least is making this last week of the season a lot more fun. Now there are about 20 games this weekend that I care about. It is hard to say what our real chances are, there are about 18 different things that can happen, and we need somewhat more than half of them going our way. We might have to wait for the Cal-USC game on 4 Dec, but otherwise by the time the Pac-12 games start at 9:30 pm tomorrow, we should know if we are out, in, or it depends on how the Pac-12 finishes. Also if Kansas beats WV, then if we get in it is probably in a Big-12 bowl.
  5. I did this chemistry experiment with some nice results before. I first bought a silver round, one in the style of bust dollars from 200 years ago or so, with a nice shiny mirror surface, that I got a deal on for basically silver price. I next did my first chemistry experiment, which was to encrust the silver round with sulfur powder. (Do NOT do this to anything valuable!) After this horribly stained the coin, I did the baking soda and aluminum foil experiment, which cleaned off a lot of the tarnish, but still left it weathered looking, but with hints of the original shiny luster, in a nice way, and still a good ounce of 0.999 silver, and fun to hold in hand.
  6. They also (I think) use weapons-grade uranium. Actually even better than weapons grade, something like 90% U-235. Normal uranium fuel is only enriched to something like 3% so you can't make bombs out of it but submarine uranium would be excellent bomb fuel.
  7. I'm sorry, but you are being completely delusional. If we get to when the shooting starts, the police will ENTHUSIASTICALLY support, and will actively join, the MAGA death squads. It will not even be close. The military, no, but the police will be ALL IN.
  8. The wording on the ballot for those is horrible. From reading the ballot, who knows WTF the amendment means? I made some choice in the voting booth, but I have no idea how I voted on 4 or 5 because those words just have no actual content.
  9. That is what I don't understand. I get being a hermit, but you still have to eat sometimes.
  10. This Washington Post story claims: https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2021/10/27/alec-baldwin-rust-updates/
  11. Well I am one at least. Both were an easy decision for me.
  12. Nobody is intentionally adding it to Xanax. The cartels do, presumably, intentionally use fentanyl in their 'heroin' products. But they are sloppy/careless/negligent in cleaning their equipment and the fentanyl e.g. contaminates the pill press and then it gets into Xanax pills.
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