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  1. Jkwellborn


    We all know people that plug their cell phone up any time they’re near an outlet. You think people won’t be plugging a damn car up?
  2. Glocks are ugly as shit, have shitty factory triggers, and feel like ass. I’m gonna say most depts carry them because they are pretty cheap. Yes they are pretty reliable. They are the ak of the pistol world.
  3. Pretty sure that’s what the ones at work have.
  4. We have some at work with some type of helper pump. Those things are pretty bad ass.
  5. Yeah a lot of glock guys act that those are the only fucking pistol in the world. I mean, sometimes you just wanna take a round to the thigh from your own gun.
  6. Yeah it was already gonna be really wild before the election or when she checked out. Crazy that they’re so close together.
  7. If what is going on now isn’t a shit show, I’d hate to see what your are talking about.
  8. I wouldn’t bet a lot of money on that. But libs gonna lose their shit.
  9. I’m probably going to be getting a rimfire suppressor soon. Will follow that with pistol can for my Mark23
  10. You know what he has in common with those guys? Riding a running game and defense to a super bowl win.
  11. The Pats are in one of the worst divisions in football year end and year out.
  12. Serious question, why do bike riders clip in? Is it just road bike riders? Why would you do it on a stationary bike?
  13. They feel like shit to most people. It’s like handling a hi point.
  14. What’s Sam’s completion % on deep balls? He needs to be smart picking what to throw.
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