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  1. I’ve got an LEM Big Bite #8. I believe. It has attachment for other stuff you can get. If you plan on grinding much, get a dedicated grinder.
  2. I remember you telling this over there. I guess I missed the part when none of them went to aggy. Holy fucking shit
  3. Your wife’s boyfriend is just waiting on you to leave.
  4. Don’t get excited. It wasn’t a picture.
  5. I’m sure those fuckers will claim that the opponents forfeited for some reason.
  6. I think you mean bag men. Is grindhouse a skrip club?
  7. I got absolutely blasted for saying the same thing on the old board.
  8. If you get a transfer switch, get an auto one. Is that $1500 for the electrician to bring everything out and hook it up?
  9. We all hope you meant Pedi. But even then, that’s a weird typo or something for autocorrect to say.
  10. What’s the regiment on here? I got added to one by some guys I used to play COD with.
  11. I need someone to buy the new Bradley Pro and give it a test run.
  12. It’s a want gun though. Grail or whatever you wanna call it. The Vector does nothing for me. I’ve wanted a mark 23 since I was about 20. Got one you wanna sell?
  13. Mutha fuckn bullshit is what this is
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