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  1. Was it a MEC?i had one I gave to my brother because I never messed with it.
  2. Should be the same as a giant grill topper. I’ve got a small one that I use and I’ve seen people use aluminum pans. I’ve read about basically making their own cover and making it tall enough so they can use it for a topper as well. If you can’t or don’t wanna do it, get a disposable metal pan and use it.
  3. Just circling around to point out that the dems in VA are literally trying this.
  4. He doesn’t understand google.
  5. you can pay for the privilege, find some friends or go on public land. You might try this over in Ar15.com. They have a dedicated Night vision forum.
  6. That is literally what those fools will say. Has any team ever gone from 5 losses to a national championship the next season?
  7. A friend of mine has a climate controlled reloading shed. It’s pretty pimp.
  8. I’ve got the reloading setup. Just haven’t set it up. I plan on reloading for accuracy out of my hunting rifles and for my 300blk. Eventually.
  9. It was a remark about them scoring 60. Did LSU play the backups much?
  10. So they’d have scored a couple more tds.
  11. Dude was a hell of a LB. I didn’t know he had only been in the league for 8 years. Seemed longer. He’s had a couple of concussions, glad to see him get out. Hope it was in time.
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