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  1. What happened to Foster during the Iowa State game? Looked like a hand injury.
  2. Jkwellborn


    No kidding. That “truck” is ugly as shit too. I guess if you wanna brag to your friends about having one, ok.
  3. It was a red letter day for time travel. Doc Brown was standing on his toilet and slipped and fell.
  4. That was always a massive fear of mine, but we were pretty fortunate to not have either kid have one. My nephew has had a couple though
  5. Yeah, Malcolm Roach is a man. That’s what self respecting people do. That was extremely difficult for him. Fuck Tim beck and the rest of this chicken shit coaching staff.
  6. Jkwellborn


    Is he still getting most of his money from the government? If that’s the case, then no, he doesn’t care how many sell.
  7. Man you just know about that $ec grind tho
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