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  1. It could have been the solenoid, but you have to swap it all out on GM stuff.
  2. Definitely need more info. Unhook the battery and let it sit a few minutes. Have you tried to jump it off?
  3. If they needed someone to self scout the offense, Herman could sign up here and use that position on something else.
  4. Yeah, that would have been the first thing told tot he world of it were true. He should have just stated “ I thought he said it” and left it at that. If you’re getting driven to the ground, you’re gonna have your mouth closed.
  5. I think the dog was too much, but I guess he just had some ghost coffee that floated up on its own. Of course, the guy could have just walked outside with the cop when the interaction started and was calm. Then none of that would have happened. Dude needed a beating for wearing his hat like that.
  6. Pick a state park. Like someone said, you can pick a cabin or take a tent.
  7. How did you want him to block the vehicle? Park perpendicular to it? He was close enough to that she had to back up to get away from it. The driver planned on running from the onset. First shot didn’t appear to hit anyone. Second one might. 3rd one probably did. Bullets do weird shit after they hit glass. Don’t kid yourself, if you ever have to shoot, you shoot to eliminate the threat.
  8. I saw on the news where it was -25 at international falls today.
  9. Fuck that. Keep those damn loons there. Need to find a way to make them unable to fuck up the rest of the board.
  10. Jkwellborn

    Malcolm Roach

    He was the poster child for how fucked up the program has been in his time here.
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