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  1. Shit, that is the babysitter for AB great great grand kids.
  2. They’re ugly as shit and the first 3 generations feel like ass. They are the ak of the pistol world. Plentiful, cheap for the most part, and pretty reliable. Do they still have an unsupported chamber? I remember when I was getting brass to start reloading I was told to keep an eye out for that.
  3. That would be better with Brady and Newton swapped.
  4. Shit like that is why the police won’t be fixed.
  5. Get some of your black friends, if you have any, to get online and post how they would rent to them because they were black. The problem will be solved post haste.
  6. I sold my super red hawk .480 Ruger a few years ago.
  7. No, stay out of the fucking road.
  8. Shake your dick at them. Piss on them to assert dominance. Call the police and tell them the people are black so they’ll come in guns blazing.
  9. They make wire stuff for offices. Order some. Or get wire looms and clips.
  10. In their minds, it’s because they make money for the school by playing sports. In reality, they are replaceable as hell. Just like all of the rest. Most schools lose their ass carrying sports though.
  11. He should have gotten it in the first damn place.
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