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  1. Only heathens shoot unsuppressed.
  2. Sounds like a backtracking little bitch
  3. If they pick up Ehlinger, this place will burn.
  4. I doubt his shitty sports takes and dumb opinions have anything to do with getting that job.
  5. Seems like a strange way for him to try and get street cred.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. They were out of stock the other day. I haven’t gotten an email saying they had them again and haven’t checked.
  7. Where do you see it? Hook me up. Lol I can meet you at the Loves.
  8. Found a 12 rd on gunbroker for $100. Found a pack of 3 10 rd for $150. Shits hurting my feelings. Lol
  9. I’m gonna order one soon. I’ve got friends that have used them
  10. Considering how he used him, I’d think Tom saw Sam as something to save his job.
  11. I don’t think they actually have them in stock. You have to make a down payment to reserve a spot in line I believe.
  12. Brat, since you seem to be good at finding stuff, I need you to find me a Knights Armament Company Mark 23 suppressor in stock somewhere if you can. Oh and Carmen San Diego.
  13. They did beat up a couple of bitches though.
  14. So which one of y’all is TomHermanSucks?
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