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  1. Supposed to say cause the gas was shit. My phone case and autocorrect have really messed with my typing.
  2. I find it hard to believe you’d get more than a couple hundred bucks from a scrap yard. One of those places that parts them out would be a better deal.
  3. Go to abc. Tell them what you want to do. Make sure you order a cool missile switch and wire it up.
  4. Your point of their longevity was the fact that you have to wait on a vehicle. That doesn’t mean as much as you’d like because they don’t have the manufacturing capabilities to keep up. They aren’t just absolutely covered up. The other car companies are making more daily, that’s why they’re able to have those cars sitting on a lot, waiting on someone to come get it.
  5. Don’t act like they have the production of other companies either.
  6. Because it might hurt someone’s feelings. The best way to get kids to understand something is with examples they recognize and that hit home with them.
  7. How do you feel about firearms and ammo manufacturers being sued behind nut jobs using them?
  8. Aren’t you thinking of strong and Arkansas?
  9. You found one guy that is immune to everything evidently.
  10. He was stupid overrated fucktard.
  11. The station nearest me had a really bad problem with their cards getting hacked. I didn’t use them anyway because the cause was shit, but there were plenty of people that got fucked over.
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