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  1. That ruins my plans for a once in a lifetime JUCO college football roadtrip across America this Fall.
  2. When Lost was a ratings hit for its first few seasons, the other networks tried making serialized dramas, the ones with long plot lines from one episode or season even to the next. I think there were several sci-fi mystery serialized dramas on broadcast tv in the next couple years, but I can't remember the names of any of them. Can anyone help me out?
  3. Looks like its the last season for football and a transition to basketball
  4. Iowa is a pretty big dumpster fire right now too, but doesn't have the historic cache of a program like Nebraska.
  5. Guy in grainy video from the nineties claims he was lowered into an underground chamber filled with grey aliens, and immediately grabs his sidearm and begins firing. Claims a Delta Force commando sacrificed his life to save him and help him escape, shows a scar that looks a lot like a heart surgery scar but he claims a laser beam went through his hand and hit him in the chest.
  6. I have to second the recommendation of Hangar 1, total absurd nonsense, like they took all the wackos who weren't good enough for Ancient Aliens and gave them a show. Terrible tease editing mitigated by the streaming format. So much footage of guys in suits and sunglasses just folding their arms, the same hangar (or more than one hangar) that obviously isn't the group's headquarters shown over and over again. Single witness encounters presented as facts and proof of government conspiracy.
  7. As I get older and my tastes move from the contemporary to older music, I keep getting reminded of music with samples or indirect roots in the traditional forms. Its something that older music heads get into, long after things like spotting samples get old. Its like many traditional forms or songs so old they don't have proper identified writers, the music might go out of style but it always comes back just only from time to time. Anyway, this was my favorite cheese dance tune from last year, heavily based on the traditional music of the middle east with just a cheesy dance beat underneath. The video is so cheap, like shot on a cell phone and edited on a laptop level of cheap. Older guys recognize that the best dance music is made be the more amateurish producers, its like when they learn all the technicalities of using the software and the plugins or writing the songs they lose the kind of immediacy that makes simple dance music so addictive. Either way here is Zenobia:
  8. The Cyclones had several guys out with Swine Flu, and brought in a new guy at Guard making the first start of his career against Ndamukong Suh, who looks like he was a Senior. Can you believe Suh played for four years in college?
  9. The local sports talk radio station was doing a countdown of the greatest (local) games of the current century. They were covering the 2009 ISU-Nebraska game, where ISU won after Nebraska turned the ball over eight times in the game. Cyclone quarterback Austen Arnaud, on the sideline for the game with an injury, now works as a doctor/surgeon at the same hospital as Nebraska quarterback Zac Lee who started the game. The game itself was so ugly that ISU basically burned the tape of the whole second half in their film review sessions. Several players were out with Swine Flu for both teams.
  10. Do you guys remember that meme with the school mascot animal outside a window, looking in? Seems kinds appropriate right now.
  11. Before he went to the NFL, Pete Carrol was something like a great Big Game coach, and a bad "Small Game" reputation for losing to a bad team and costing USC some shots at National Championships. It was losses to teams like Oregon State that kept the Trojans going back to the Rose Bowl for mismatches against B1G champions when the team had the talent to win a BCS title game.
  12. I was catching up on the show on Netflix, and its just really uncommon for a program to get better in its 9th season but they seem to have strung together several good episodes in a row. Streaming takes the water torture level pain of the commercial breaks and cliffhanger editing and just fades out every now and then as the episode goes on.
  13. Pete Carrol, Jeff Fisher, and others are trending and Pete's decision not to rush Beast Mode on the goal line in the one Super Bowl is making a lot more sense after that last play with Lendale Whie is rerun. So is the timeout on the two point conversion.
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