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  1. I remember about five years ago, one of the local college teams fired its head coach who was doing just okay but the team was kind of stuck in a rut of mediocrity. They didn't have any tradition of success or name brand and just an average size fanbase and no real recruiting footprint or advantage there. The local columnists made several suggestions, but several indicated that you need a gimmick to kind of break our of a cycle. They were talking about something like installing the option offense, or redesigning the uniforms over and over again. People think of gimmicks like in a pejorative sense. But in a system like college football where so many guys are competing for recruits attention it can be useful to get you in the door with some guys. It gets people's attention. Anyway, Fleck has some videos where he even talks about himself as a guy that other people call a gimmick coach.
  2. More big time wins in the B1G than Harbaugh now.....
  3. Between the 2-point try and going for it on 4th down near the goal line when they could have kicked a field goal. It adds up to four easy points they could have had. Now they are down by twelve when they could have been down by eight.
  4. The play to stop the 2-point try was a big time tackle after fighting through a block. the kind of small play makes the other side take more risks on offense on their next possessions. I can't remember the math but the stopping of the 2 point try leads to some bad playcalling by the PSU offensive coordinator.
  5. Just a great play on the fourth down. Total big time defensive back play to bat that ball away from the receiver.
  6. Fleck is playing control the clock with 27:41 in possession at the start of the fourth quarter. Penn State only has 17:19 and the Gopher defense is just resting and getting ready for PSU to need passing plays and long routes later in the game.
  7. Its like they've been hitting those same routes for big games throughout the day. Did Penn State even scout the team they were playing this week?
  8. I know there is a game thread but if his whole motivational mantra can lead to him getting better talent and playmakers than the other B1G West teams, there is no reason he can't be successful at Minnesota.
  9. Just take a picture of the big lake near Austin and send it to him on twitter.
  10. Does anyone have a status update on DJ ILL MIXX? The guy playing at the practices back when Fleck was at WMU? Did he follow the rest of the staff to Minnesota?
  11. Okay, its week 11 in College Football and Minnesota finally has a game where it can show some people some things and we can finally find out if they are really good or not. This is the battle for the Governor's Victory Bell, a battle of unbeaten teams ranked 5th and 13th in the country, for one of the most cherished prizes in all of College Football. Anyway, the game kicks off at 11 AM central on ABC and the early line has Penn State favored by 6.5 Anyway, one a serious note. Minnesota can win the division by beating the winner of the Wisconsin-Iowa game, or even get lucky and win the division while losing two or three of their final four. Its kinda like Fleck is playing with house money at this point in a successful season. He might even be hearing about how great the crew facilities are in Tallahassee or somewhere else.
  12. I think Urban left the FOX studio to talk to the USC team in the locker room after the game.
  13. So the third quarter kicked off and Clay Helton is still the Head Coach at USC? What gives? I thought they had standards?
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