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  1. trza-hawk

    Huey Lewis

    I remember watching the Behind The Music episode on the band a long time ago.
  2. trza-hawk

    Huey Lewis

    "We're from Marin County....."
  3. The Manning Brothers are good examples of how far you can go in life if you aren't really athletic or smart or even good at anything.
  4. trza-hawk

    Titans @ Ravens

    I am dvr-ing this one to watch after work. No spoilers!
  5. Fleck signed an extension right before the Penn State game that many thought would be the high tide or peak of his personal stock value as a head coach. But after he won that game and finished the season strong his value has only gone up. Depending on how some dominoes fall after the NFL does its coach hiring season, if some big college coaches get poached then Fleck would be one of the hottest prospects for any school with an opening.
  6. Fleck's OC from his time at Western Michigan was hired away by Penn State, and he has promoted a couple of guys on that side of the staff to new roles. The final ranking projections have Minnesota in the top 15 range for the end of the season.
  7. I just noticed that Nick Saban is head coach at Alabama.
  8. Okay, game kicks off soon and the Gophers are 7-point dogs to the Auburn Tigers in the Outback Bowl.
  9. The LSU Offensive Line won the Joe Moore award for the best line in the country, and when the defense gets one guy past them Burrow has just enough of the scrambling and escape ability to make the other team pay with big gains on plays where the right defense was called. These kinds of "broken play" situations just kill the spirit of the opposing defense. When he scrambles and his wide receivers break their routes and do the scramble drill they just always seem to get open just enough. It happened against the best defenses he has faced all year.
  10. Great to see that Buck Nut guy on television again, that guy just doesn't get enough exposure.
  11. That's because they are running "The Mike Leach System With 5 Star Athletes" as the announcers reminded us over and over again.
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