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  1. Okay this is the clearest explanation I could find on what will happen: TLDR: If convicted by 2/3 of the Senate, he is automatically barred from future office by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. He has to be convicted to be barred from office, whether automatically in cases related to Section 3, or by majority vote, in other cases, during the punishment vote following conviction.
  2. This was always my understanding the first vote is for conviction. After that they have a vote on punishment. The punishments can be removal from office, being barred from future office, or both and is simple majority. But it is a little confusing since removal is out. Seen so many conflicting comments on what will happen.
  3. He deserves it; however, are there enough R senators with spines to vote for conviction? I doubt it. I have zero faith in Republicans doing the right and hard thing after the last 4 years. The threat of the party being splintered is just the excuse many would probably like for not convicting in the name of party unity. Trump can't be trusted and he will turn around and still create the Patriot party, regardless of whether he is convicted or not, just for the grift opportunities for himself and his family. It will just be an added bonus of revenge if they convict him. I hope you ar
  4. Trump playing hardball. He's not getting convicted.
  5. I'll believe he votes for impeachment when I see it; but, Mitch probably doesn't plan to run again. Dude will be 84 when his term ends in 2026. I really doubt he gives a shit Tomi. Besides what money is the RNC going to have if the the business world shuts off the money pipeline until the Q/Trumpanzees are purged?
  6. Sorry for your loss. You don't need to deal with your emotions on your own. Please seek support if you need it. Don't feel you have to do it alone.
  7. Good for him. I'd decline too or I'd send mine back, if I had ever received one, after Rush Limbaugh and Devin Nunes received one. Talk about devaluing it. It means nothing now. It's just candy for sycophants.
  8. The GOP only wants Biden to call off the dogs because they know Trump and his cronies are so stupid and inept that they will have left an evidence trail of their being involved in what went down that will implicate a lot of GOP peeps. They could care less about the country healing or they would never have been involved in standing by, or worse, actually encouraging the division that has been happening the last few years under Trump, especially the post-election bullshit. They are worried about their their seats being in danger in the future, or of being indicted for sedition for that shit show
  9. Still amazed the State of Kansas has not represented yet in the moron parade of self-incrimination. I thought EMAWesome had this.
  10. Selling fear works better than selling hope. That is why Christians invented hell, and boy was it a great recruiting tool. Fear of hell was better at getting people to join and follow than the hope of heaven. As an atheist, when Christians question why I don't believe in God, they almost never ask, "Don't you want to go to heaven?" Instead they ask, "Aren't you afraid of burning in hell forever?" Fear > hope to most people, sadly. It's why the GOP's messaging as been more successful than the Democrat's messaging for decades. They sell fear. Fear of immigrants, socialism, non-Christi
  11. Capitol police about to have the FBI go through all their social media with a fine toothed comb. Enjoy assholes.
  12. It is going to be so easy for the FBI to get these "patriots" to rat on their friends too. Unlike real patriots, most are not willing to suffer any real pain for their beliefs, despite all their Facebook bravado. They don't want to do without their boxes of wine, Xboxes, guns, and Facebook for even a week. Threat of any jail time will get them to give up their grandmothers to get off easier.
  13. When Trump was elected I was not happy, but I gave him a chance because I hope any president is an effective leader for our country. However, I also assumed that the Republicans had a spine and would check him if he went full regarded. I was very wrong. Now it is pretty obvious McConnell and Pence probably threatened him with the 25th and/or impeachment and look how quickly he backed down. He looks like a whipped dog in that video. If the Republicans had grown a spine earlier in his term America would be a lot better off and they might have kept control of both houses of congress and Do
  14. McConnell's speech...after finding out he lost his majority thanks to GA...
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