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  1. Would it be okay if we started confiscating the guns of anyone at a protest, on either side (who knows what they might be planning to do), for a few hours if we give them back after? After all no harm, no foul. If they complain about their 2nd amendment rights then they need to stop being babies. They put themselves in that situation. If they get them back later they have no reason to complain. {Sarcasm off} The government and the protesters need to follow the laws of this country. If someone at a protest is committing a crime arrest and charge them, but just grabbing people up for what the police/government thinks they might be planning, without any evidence, is complete horseshit. If you think what they are doing is bullshit, but legal, then go lobby your elected shitbirds to change the law so it is illegal. Until then enforce the laws as written and don't make up your own or ignore the ones you do not like. The rule of law made this country great and when it is ignored or enforced unevenly it spells trouble for our nation.
  2. Where can I donate to this worthy cause?
  3. That is such a lawyer statement. The reason he said that, is that he obviously had his "massages" somewhere besides Epstein's houses and planes. He might be a shit human, but he is not totally regarded like any of the idiot pedos who did have sex at an Epstein property/plane with children. He was smart enough to do it where he felt "safe" or would be the only one recording. Notice he did not deny using Epstein's services, just that he would not be on video doing so.
  4. Maybe. It was true of Reagan and Bush II. Either way will be better than the shit sandwich in office right now.
  5. Quite a few very effective presidents before now have been terrible people. The reason to vote for Biden over Trump is that like almost every president in recent history, Biden will bring in people with expertise in areas of government and listen to them. The best leaders delegate and then let their people with expertise lead the way and only step in when needed. That is not possible with Trump because he thinks he knows more than everyone about everything and eventually he fucks up any decent government plan of action with his "gut" instincts. Trump has no plan and listens to nobody for long. That is why our government has been such a disaster for going on 4 years.
  6. Good news is they have a poll at the bottom of the opposing view asking if you agree with Navarro. Strongly disagree (84%) and disagree (5%) are kicking the shit out of strongly agree (7%) and agree (2%).
  7. He'll probably be president in 20 years at this rate.
  8. Living abroad for an extended period of time is an experience that everyone should get if they can. Your children would be, especially lucky, to experience it while young. It will give you a different perspective on the USA and what is great about it and not so great about it. I am just not sure how good your experience will be during the pandemic, since anywhere in the world could have a COVID flare up or second outbreak, if more or less contained, at anytime. Sure, most likely any developed country is going to handle it better than the USA has so far, but that is an extremely low bar to get over. Also even in countries with it relatively under control some things just won't be back to normal for awhile and a lot of things that you could usually experience to get a better feel for the country and culture won't be available due to the virus risks. Schools will be among the first things closed, in most countries who already contained the first COVID wave, if there is a second wave in the fall/winter. If I was going to get away from home during this pandemic I'd most likely hit somewhere with things you can do without people around, like the mountains or sea. If I was in the USA right now, working from home, I'd be doing like a few people already posted. I'd be in Colorado at the family cabin in the Rockies where I could do some outdoors stuff away from people. If I had to leave South Korea at this time, I'd head to the Philippines, to join my wife and newly adopted 2 month old baby daughter (whom I have not been able to see yet due to quarantines coming and going), at my place there by the sea and enjoy fishing, swimming, and drinking some cheap booze at sunset. Whatever you decide I hope it works out for you and your family. Hopefully you an find somewhere your family will enjoy and avoid infection.
  9. Since we are talking reopening schools...South Korean schools have been open in a modified format since the beginning of June. Half the students attend school each week and the other half does online classes. The following week they switch. If a COVID case occurs at a school, or among the family of a student, the entire school goes back to online classes and students quarantine until all COVID is clear among students and their families. Once students and their families are all clear of COVID then that school reopens. Before opening in June they did online only for about a month or so. All students are required to wear masks. The schools provide them to students who do not have one. They have their temperature checked a few times a day, including a camera that senses body temperature as they enter the school. Sanitizer is available in schools for free. They have workers in the schools all day who walk around cleaning and sanitizing surfaces which are often touched like doors, desks, chairs, etc. Koreans often have extended family living with them, primarily retired parents, and many women still give up working once they have children so day care is mostly handled here; however, even before school opened, the government allowed students with no daytime supervision, to come to school and be watched and cared for by a government provided teacher(s) at school.
  10. Too bad the people it is aimed at won't read subtitles, or can't even read at all, just like our president.
  11. I live in South Korea right now. People don't fear the police here. The police don't fear the populace. The crime rate is extremely low. If you own guns, the police keep them and you come check them out to go hunting, target shooting, etc. then check them back in. Most police don't carry firearms here, even in riot/protest situations. An exception to this is that airports always have armed officers with automatic weapons. Police talk first and use force later. Police are focused on criminal matters and settling citizen disputes. Most traffic enforcement is automated. Rather than having a large central station they sprinkle many smaller stations around the community so it easier for the community to come to them and faster for them to get where they are needed. The police force is very small compared to the U.S.A. I have only directly interacted with police once here. A neighbor was beating his girlfriend and would not stop, even when the building manager and my Korean neighbors asked him to stop and told him the police were on the way. Listening to the guy beat his girlfriend was pretty infuriating so I asked the manager to open the door for me, which he did (most locks are key coded and managers have a universal pass key), and I went in and stopped it by getting between them and not allowing him to hit her. Five to ten minutes later the police came and took them both away. Afterwards one of my neighbors told me I almost got arrested because the police assumed I was the boyfriend since the victim would not leave my side and was holding onto my arm and would not let go since she was so scared of her boyfriend assaulting her again. Also, probably because as a foreigner here you are always going to be assumed to be the problem unless a Korean witness lays out why you are not since the Korean crime rate is so low and the hermit kingdom (foreigners bad) still lingers among some here. Luckily, the police asked my Korean neighbors what the situation was before they just slapped the cuffs on me. Sadly, I heard nothing happened to the guy, which is not uncommon here as domestic violence is seen as a private matter often times, rather than legal. I ran into the abused girlfriend randomly when out shopping, with my wife, and she thanked me profusely and her coworkers thanked me as well so it must have been an issue for awhile if they knew about it. I really like living here when it comes to crime and the police. My biggest issues are some of the laws here are really messed up, but many of those are likely to be changed in the near future as the older generation dies off as they are mostly related to face and face saving.
  12. My brother got an associate's degree in criminal justice, including tons of ride alongs, in the mid 90's and then did not apply anywhere to be a cop. I asked him why. He said, "I wanted to become a cop to help people. That is not what cops do any more." He said he had a class where the instructor said you have to be a total dumb ass to get in legal trouble as a cop, but if you do this is how to get out of it, and spent the entire class going through the greatest hits, you hear all the time from cops when incidents occur that get publicity, on how to muddy the waters so you were unlikely to get in lasting trouble.
  13. Lol. He was too stupid to hold the front, with the Bible label, towards the cameras. Well there goes what little amount of moral high ground the USA had remaining after the last few years. We deserve all the trolling China, Iran, North Korea, etc. will direct towards us.
  14. Every time I read this thread, I am happy I am currently not living in Dumbfuckistan, but in a country that revers science and education and where people make the "major" sacrifice of "freedom" to wear masks to protect others. Stay safe and thank you to people trying to care for and deal with the public during this COVID-19 epidemic. You really are saints.
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