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  1. It is a board game. They would have no clue.
  2. In all fairness who would have thought something as crazy as this Coronavirus happening to shut society down for a while?
  3. I was at the game as a freshman. Never been to Oceanside.
  4. They did not want to be safeties.
  5. Someone more knowledgeable than me should put together a UT All-Star Team of players that were on teams that sucked.
  6. I had forgotten about that team. Makes me sad.
  7. Duvernay would be my first selection should I make up an All-Star Team of UT players that were outstanding players that played on mediocre or under-performing teams.
  8. When did he ever stop? I thought being an aggy was like having herpes, once you have it you have it for life? Not that I would personally know of course.
  9. He has actually entered the Transfer Portal but his movement is so slow it is hard to discern movement with the naked eye.
  10. ^^^^I am saluting the flag....
  11. I was about to post this too. Context...it means something, Randolph.
  12. I was at that game as a student. Was watching the rerun of it and was disappointed that that play was not shown too. Plus I like to see who all I might recognize in the stands from bygone days.
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