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  1. Earl and Ricky have already expressed themselves over this issue. Why is it even being discussed?
  2. Aside from attending high school games at an early age, my first pro game was in the early '70's (elementary school) watching the Cowboys vs the Packers in the Cotton Bowl. First UT game was during my senior year of high school watching Edwin Simmons run over Rice in 1983. We all know how that season ended. I had high hopes as an entering UT freshman in '84. We also know how that turned out for the next forever years. Fast forward to 2010. My daughter is a freshman at UT. Texas is just coming off of great campaign. She is really looking forward to the coming years as a student and football fan. We all know how that turned out. Charlie. That is all. My first grandchild attended her first game at the age of 4 months last year at the UT vs WV game in Morgantown. Texas won. The family curse has been broken. She is being groomed to be a third-generation Longhorn!
  3. Some people should listen to their advisors before they start a thread or post on Surly.
  4. I laugh every time I see this. Oh I how I miss Thuj’s artistic masterpieces!
  5. And? Don’t leave us olds hanging that don’t do IG!
  6. I have seen many “patch” blankets but this is the first quilted one. It is super nice; a reallly nice piece to have.
  7. Don't let racism get in the way of a good funny.
  8. How will it work on away games? I have gone to away games and, to me, it is something special to sing "The Eyes" with the Team after the game, win (preferred) or lose. For me it is a sign of appreciation to the players of a well played game and acknowledgement from the players to the fans/alumni that bothered to make the trip to cheer for and support them.
  9. Sorry, can never be too sure about the folks on Surly!!
  10. Based on what? Know something that everyone else doesn’t know l?
  11. There are 2 plays tonight that if Watson turned his head around he could have had a pick.
  12. That looks like me when I play basketball with much younger guys. They run around so much that they consistently come back into the space that I am defending! I move about 25% of the amount they do but cover them about 75% of the time.
  13. From the thriving metropolis of Hallsville, Texas working from home.... FIGHT!!!
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