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  1. SIAP. Those that wait to turn right on red until there is enough clearance for them to get all the way over into the inside LH lane to make a left hand turn more than a half mile further down the road. Go ahead and turn right onto the outside lane and merge left as you drive toward the next turn.
  2. As mentioned above my dad had a 63 Chevy Pickup when I was in middle school and junior high. When I was in elementary school he had a 56 Ford Pickup. Both were his everyday drive around trucks. I certainly did not appreciate them then because they were old and out of style. Would love to have either one or both of them now. My 68 Ford is still around. I ended up giving it to my brother years ago. He repainted it, dropped a 302 in it and converted it to a floor shift and took it to the drag strip occasionally. My son (26yrs old) now wants the 68 Ford.
  3. This was my first truck too except mine was a Fleetside and was baby blue with white "wagon wheel" rims.
  4. My dad had this truck albeit green and white back in the late-70's. It was the truck that I learned to drive in the hayfield when I was around 11 or 12 hauling hay (square bales). I would love to have that truck today.
  5. Yes, McCrea was solid in everything that he did. Particularly liked him in Sullivan's Travels and in Espionage Agent. He also played Sam Houston in The First Texan.
  6. I had heard about the Gladewater deal as well. A new Bodacious is going into SHV right now too. I haven't heard yet on who will be running it though.
  7. From basically living on Bodacious and Country Tavern food, from hosting visitors and getting all of the left-overs from catered meals at the factory, sadly I have had neither in a year now. Most of the BBQ that I have had in the past year has been my own. I will have to swing by today and pick some up after my lunch basketball game.
  8. Lead, follow, or get out of my way
  9. People that drive in the left hand lane that do not speed up to pass the side-by-side semis once one passes the other. They continue to drive only slightly faster than the semi causing the build-up of cars behind them to continue to grow. Also the same type of people that continue to stay in the left hand lane on a single lane road that momentarily opens up with a passing lane. The slow car gets over in the right hand lane but the second car stays in the LH lane and slowly passes the car only to leave the rest of the pack having to fall back behind the first car as the lane plays out.
  10. Pre-Covid we used to have a lot of customers, both domestic and international, visit our facility in Longview. We would always take them to the Country Tavern off of 31. For me, their ribs are second to none along with their sauce. The "original" Bodacious on Mobberly (across from LeTourneau University) was voted in the Top 5 by Texas Monthly a couple of years ago. Their brisket is pretty solid but their ribs are a bit dry. We were having Bodacious catered to our facility weekly prior to Covid.
  11. Yes, major airports will have both usually. However, I have been to some very remote airports visiting mine sites which which are little more than landing strips. I was at an airport above the Arctic Circle in Russia once and they were still using an Abacus to count money!
  12. The toilet paper dispenser is outside of the two stalls at the airport in Riohacha, Colombia. You really need to pay attention before you go and drop a deuce at an international toilet. I have been to several foreign countries where you had to squat and straddle a hole in the ground. There is also usually a trash can by the toilet to throw your used TP away since the plumbing cannot handle such waste.
  13. There is a roundabout in my GF’s posh neighborhood in SHV. It has STOP signs at all four entrances to the circle. Stupid, and yes, there are some who stop.
  14. Watched Almost Famous for the first time last night. I really enjoyed it. It drew me in to see the ultimate development. I have seen Errol Flynn as Robin Hood multiple times. It never gets old.
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