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  1. Fighting alleged indoctrination with actual indoctrination.
  2. Brian Karem got in to a fucking shouting fight with Sebastian Gorka in the Rose Garden, and now he's worried about decorum?
  3. In fairness, the sources in this article need to go on the record. It won't change any minds and will be just a fart in the wind until they do. Though some people, like the one you posted, are beyond help.
  4. Except right now, it's about 6 companies. Tech companies mainly, and we all know how much Don likes to fuck with them. So yes, above 29,000...until the dipshit in chief starts one of his hissy fits and bad mouths them, their stock prices crater and the market loses 15%.
  5. All of this. "Don'tcha know we're riding on the Marrakesh Express" Eff that shit.
  6. I dig Yacht Rock, and generally I know what I'm going to get when I listen. I was about to drive my fucking car off the road if I heard "Our House" on Classic Vinyl again. And I know it fits the format, but fuck me that song is a beating.
  7. Specifically, Classic Vinyl. Lately, it seems that this station has softened up A LOT. I was on a driving vacation last week and heard more CSN&Y (who I cannot stand), America, Pure Prairie League, etc than I did Led Zeppelin and harder acts of the same genre. I know that LZ radio during the month of June spoiled me, and maybe I'm just catching it a the wrong time of day, but I heard "Peaceful, Easy Feeling" more times last week than I can count...and I "hate the fucking Eagles (too), man". Fuck all this shit and play "Heartbreaker/Livin' Lovin' Maid", gawddammit.
  8. The three piece spicy with slaw and a biscuit from Thigh land is good eatin'.
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