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  1. Welp, this didn't take long......
  2. I'll second. One of the best characters of any genre on television.
  3. I may be in the minority here, but I'll always give to the Red Cross. My parents live up near Canyon Lake and their house was largely wiped out when the lake topped the spillway in 2002. We finally are able to get back in to our subdivision after about a week, and it's just one of those "Where the hell do you start?"-type deals. My dad and I were out working in the electrical panel, so that what was left of the house wouldn't burn down when electricity was turned back on, and securing a bunch of loose wires that formerly went to some outbuildings. It was balls hot and we had been at it for the majority of the day and it still seemed like there was so f-u-c-k-i-n-g much to do...it literally felt like a hopeless deal, because damn near all we had was lost or ruined. About that time, the RC comes through in a van with a hot meal and plenty to drink and some supplies that we kinda needed, but maybe could have done without. And most of all, encouragement. Let us know if you need anything, or if there's anything we can do for you. Some Menonites were rolling in to the area and were coordinating with the RC, and they said they could send them by if we felt we needed the help. I know this is anecdotal and in the grand scheme of things it was small, but the RC picked us up that day, and I'll not forget it.
  4. The one in San Marcos has it behind a locked case to keep the dipshits at bay.
  5. Dominion lawyers watching this shit show
  6. I assumed it was some Auburn dipshit complaining about an LSU fan. #SEC
  7. And be sure to check your email inbox for a special message from President Trump!
  8. Gooby

    RIP Dusty Hill

    If you watch the ZZ Top documentary on Netflix, it's talked about in pretty good detail.
  9. LOL at Rafael Cruz busting anyone's balls for changing their name to make it more palatable amongst the masses.
  10. I just left a thread on TexAgs about this poor lost soul who was shot and killed by Capitol Police during the January 6 riots. The fucking whining and gnashing of teeth for this dumb cunt really cannot be believed. The officer is apparently Black and has gone unidentified...why it's such a big deal that we know who he is, I'll never know. And then the standard "Well, if it was a White cop who shot a BLM member, it would have been all over the news. She was uNaRmEd!!" Fuck that stupid ass argument right in the goat ass. How were the cops supposed to know if she had a weapon or not? " "The cops let her in!!!" Yeah, I think it was a matter of letting them in to keep CPD from being overwhelmed by their numbers and to stop the morons from beating the fuck out the cops. Long story short: Cry me a river for this stupid bitch. Anyways...just needed to vent. The dipshittery is extra dipshitty on this thread.
  11. "Wurst". And I'd vote for the sausage over either of these two morons.
  12. I read where property owners along the border can donate their land to the construction of the Abbott wall. Yeah, so many farmers and ranchers I know just looooove to give their land away
  13. Wake up, Laura! "The left" has moved on to "vaccinations". I know it's a fast moving world, but try to keep up.
  14. Now seems about the time when Ted Cruz would tweet something out about California's unreliable energy grid.
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