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  1. Does his imaginary friend who didn't know how many countries there are get royalty for every time the President tells that story?
  2. Lobo

    Ozark- Netflix

    The Ben character was completely culled, including mental illness and appearance, from David Foster Wallace
  3. Somebody tell Greg that in April, it's not CST, it's CDT. And we hope the teach him the difference here at the University of Texas
  4. is posting shit like this okay with immamac? I am absolutely disgusted with the shit he allows and am now on his shit list because he caters to the worst common denominator on this website. The bullshit he allows now shows up on google searches to parents of would-be UT students. And it's making our school look like Liberty University. I'm not gonna stand for it anymore. /rant.
  5. In a time where more and more parents will be learning about UT on this website because in-person campus visits will be impossible, you foster an environment of racism and hatred.  What happens next is on you, nobody else. 

  6. Sorry, can't give you rep for the post. But I have to say it's been incredibly impressive watching you not mention being from Highland Park under your new persona. BTW-what is the new backstory? You do commit, I'll give you that. And I love it when you comb through the last 5 pages of a thread for 45 minutes to neg rep me. I do miss when you'd drink at home and get online to rage.
  7. I'm sure I'll be banned soon for gently combatting racism and bigotry on other threads outside the CR by immamac. Despite not liking the Democratic party and working actively against it for many years as an influential member of another party in this state, as a racial minority---I don't like what's on a lot of this website that is ostensibly tied to the University that I love and work at. Trump is a big part of that and while obviously we have many posters on here who are supporters of his but conduct themselves with honor and ethics, a handful are just broadcasting hatred and racism and it reflects upon our school one way or the other. I got a question yesterday about this website from a parent of a student set to come our Hispanic leadership academy this summer (it has since been cancelled due to Covid). It comes up under google searches. And there's enough bullshit on here about Mexico and China that gave them pause. Not pointing fingers, but for such an educated and successful demographic, it's a fucking tragic embarrassment how several folks on here post when it so easily and frequently comes up in searched. I wouldn't give a fuck if it didn't come up so closely associated with UT. Anyway, end rant. I'll look for the petty immamac to make his move. Despite my distrust of the Democratic Party, it's been good to give Trump and his supporters the helping of shit they deserve for having heaped their hopes and faith upon the shoulders of such a below-average man.
  8. Trump does not wear makeup, you hater! The wild disparity between the color of his hands/neck versus his face is a sign of strength and perfect health! Everybody knows that!
  9. South Dakota, eh? But she went to high school in White Bear Lake. go Bears!
  10. UT System is well on the case. There is also a very interesting back-channel between them (mainly MDA, UTHSC-Houston, UTMB, Pickle, UTSA, UT-Southwestern, UT-A, and UT-D) and several assets in China/Asia to get much more accurate data from their former colleagues. No politics, but the much-villified CIA and other NIC folks have set up temporary shop in the above mentioned institutions to lean on them to lean on their former lab buddies for better intel than is available through WHO/UN/et. al. It's really fascinating shit actually. For once, our education of the world's STEM leaders whom then leave for their home nations afterwards is paying off. I talked about it weeks ago on another thread and would love to hear others' experiences.
  11. Indeed. I forget sometimes that CR leans one way and this thread leans another, though neither ever admit it...nor should we. IRL, I wear one mask for work purposes. And privately, I wear another. On this website, I wear yet another. And yes, the mask pun is wildly intended. All that to say, I really need to get some more masks since Travis County has yet peak.
  12. My bad. Shouldn't talk politics on this thread. But way more controversial topics are perfectly acceptable. Some of us are caught between this thread and CR because of our affiliations. But that doesn't excuse the rants. My bad.
  13. The charter schools for whom I have worked so hard. /noCR the IDEA mention should have been for your first fucking clue.
  14. No, the mid-level administrator that changed the course of my life. Folks don't remember the teacher, coach, or mentor...we all remember that associate vice superintendent
  15. Well his name sounds like Wuhan, and he's Chinese...so obviously many on this site will dismiss him. I cannot fucking believe the tacit, and sometimes overt, racism in Texas sometimes.
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