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  1. I think we all know that good football teams lose football games. what some of us are wondering is why Tom Herman is being paid the sixth or seventh highest amount of money in the nation to finish sixth or seventh in his own fucking conference. you can call it cognitive dissonance Or Herman can man up and admit that it makes no fucking sense sorry that some of us are no longer buying into the illusion
  2. He just has that, “just don’t tell your parents about any of this” vibe about him.
  3. Then he showed him another Hooli phone like when he showed them another Hooli server. It was funny, that part.
  4. It was funny to see that guy again. You could see the gag coming when he started showing phones off one by one. But as you said-it’s one of those one dimensional characters that Judge just nails poetically.
  5. If you're implying that Jared has never tapped that and instead just sits in the corner while other men plow her, whilst rubbing his nipples with fine golden Trump Tie clips...then yeah...I guess I'll be next in line for her. Levity aside, Trump does not appear to be completely "all there" with regard to mental faculties as of late. I wonder if somebody here in Austin who gets close to him during the tour can see whether or not he's mentally struggling. Because he seems to be a couple relatives short of an incest orgy.
  6. Housekeeping question---are they selling beer inside the stadium for these games and/or other concessions? Or should I pick up some beer after I leave the office today? Gonna be a beautiful afternoon, can't watch baseball without beer.
  7. Sorry but I barely passed Troy Kimmel's "Weather & Climate" class at UT back in the day. That's why I rely so heavily on PhDhorn. Army Futures Command is "trying" to set something up with him as his other official visit but considering he'll probably call all of them traitors next week, they don't appear to be in a real fucking hurry.
  8. I'm gonna try it for lunch this week then. Thanks for tip. Also, the Wayback is a good date night spot (on Bee Caves Round about halfway between town of Bee Caves and Loop 360). I've only tried it for happy hour but I like the place. Not completely sure what they're going for, seems like some bored housewife's extremely expensive hobby with the little cottages for rent. But the grounds are gorgeous and great place to stop by after working out in Lakeway/Bee Caves area for a drink and charcuterie. They also serve breakfast AND lunch until 3:00p during the week.
  9. Did that first who still had shoes/bottom of pants on fire really go running into an old barn to put out the flames? I'm sure the second guy got hurt real bad but I cracked up at watching him light himself.
  10. I'm not gonna force feed myself an impossible whopper at 4 o'clock in the afternoon to save a couple of bucks; I'll tell you that right now.
  11. I love dark comedy as much as anyone, but that scene was really hard to watch. I know there were funny layers to it but I couldn't laugh, it was sad as hell. I can prove it wasn't funny, nobody here will go back and rewatch it even if they think they laughed the first time. I did think dark/alpha Jared was gonna emerge on the front porch and bitch them out and say some funny shit, but they just ditched him to head to Olive Garden. .
  12. Lobo

    We’re Going Bowling!

    So somebody's getting molested. Probably our secondary, but don't bring your sons to the game just to be sure. We don't fall to the Liberty Bowl in any scenario. Because at 6-6, no way the Texas Bowl passes on us.
  13. Lobo


    I'm not gonna ask what you did to be invited to the soft opening.
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