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  1. Yeah, seriously. What's her story? She's seems down to clown.
  2. My god, Isla is aging impossibly well. That movie is 15 fucking years old and she looks maybe 3-4 years older than she did in that movie. Also, do yourselves a favor and go back and watch "Bern Your Enthusiasm"" It's aging as well as Isla is...
  3. Yes, that's one way to look at it. Wasn't arguing, in your sense of the word. After all this time, to have my confused with someone who in real life gives a flying fuck about anything...wow...I bet you're a "people person" at work. Anyway, Eddie's doing the special election so let's all jump in and help, as in "real life" help. Mmmkay? Sorry to upset you, wasn't really arguing. Who cares on the board man, seriously? But if in real life with real effort and real dollars, you want to assist materially, let's exchange messages. Thanks.
  4. Yeah, Captain Gentrification who lives to see how high he can drive up the cost of living for East Austin folks should totally run. He can't break off yet and effectively run his grift yet and most of Eddie's constituents fucking hate him and rightfully so. I don't know why some of you are so fucking infatuated with Adler who does nothing but fuck over people of color. Fuck Adler. Go Eddie!
  5. He would take a spot at the end of line on most committee assignments and yes, he's excited to see the House flip. But he's been talking about it for at least 2-3 cycles. But yeah, he's not gonna run for it. Whatever y'all say.
  6. I was in part so yeah. Source said he would wait but I guess there’s s a sweet signing bonus. So yeah, this far left in his term—-on to special election. I’m not wrong when I say Eddie has been eyeing this for years. Curious though how the rushed timeline will effect all involved. anyway, need to get Eddie that seat. Who’s with me?!?
  7. He's contemplating stepping down after the 2020 elections/2021 session, but before his 2022 re-election cycle would have to start-up. This would make an appointment kind of a moot point. But he'd like to line up a way or Rep. Eddie Rodriguez to either run for his seat in 2022 as an incumbent (less likely), or anoint him as the preferred successor of Sen. Watson's in 2022. The maps could change by 2022, but it's likely Eddie would still fall in that district or could move two years in advance somewhere else on the east side where he is beloved.
  8. I think we should take a long, hard look at this group: It's a branding opportunity meets marginally safe plastic surgery all at SXSW next month: https://mailchi.mp/22b26d3f4b5f/are-you-ready-for-ideaaustin-4740597?e=38b0d97b03 You're gonna wanna scroll down and see Dr. Sheila's modest photographs (she's lovely BTW). Plus, it's medical science sponsored by Ferrari and Nate Paul's dad/original investment backer. What could go wrong? Plus they're letting unlicensed practicioners who know branding in for $99. So you know it's legit. Plus there's a DJ during the keynote, "How to be a Plastic Surgeon on TV", and a portion of the experience takes place in the parking garage across from Cedar Door. We need to pool some capital together this week to take full advantage of this fantastic new business opportunity.
  9. Okay. All we can do is pontificate in the off-season. I hope we do better. I'm preparing for 8-4. It's not awful, it's better than his current winning percentage at UT. I just think we're two seasons away from making noise again on the national scene. Sorry. Nothing else to do but wonder aloud until our spring game which isn't for another ~10 weeks.
  10. Is that book over his left shoulder about "Anal with Melania" ??? 'Cause I'd read that book and see the movie.
  11. three years in: average record of 8-5 for $7mm/year with now the 5th highest paid overall staff in that nation. But yeah, this new analyst should do the trick. Buncha little Jerry Seinfeld's coming into UT. Rather be a buncha has-beens than a never-was. 8-4 regular season in 2020. I don't care which LB corps this guy coaches almost a decade ago.
  12. Well, it's disparate between the U.S. and the rest of the planet. But yeah, dirty little secret about how much is used on passenger vehicles versus commercial diesel, mass transit, industrial use, petro/most plastics, and non-transport power. Kinda like how we are misled in Texas about how much water is used on lawns versus how much is actually used by more commercial endeavors. This video should help explain:
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