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  1. That episode was the original cancel culture, if you think about it. Only Seinfeld episode not shown in the syndication rotation. Think about the disgusting shit they did on that show, but it was a pretend disrespecting of a pretend flag on a pretend set. That's what did it? That's a shame.
  2. It's pronounced "eh-stomp"
  3. I bought texascovidvariant.com yesterday and am going to sell it to the Nate Paul/Ken Paxton consortium later this Spring for $250k.
  4. to be fair, a lot of the "it's just the flu" crowd has had the flu and also has had brain damage, but both unrelated.
  5. Yeah dude, I know. But you have to admit there's some nice synergy there with tomorrow also being National Obesity Day. 5000 Trumpers, all old and overweight needed 90 minutes to make the two mile trek to the Capitol where voila'...there were already 500 younger, fitter people decked out in camo ready to sack the place. But nope, no premeditation there whatsoever. I hope a bunch of Qanon people get shot tomorrow. Time to start sending some lessons. Some people never fucking learn. No literally, these people never learned as kids.
  6. Is it because March 4th is National Obesity Day? (no, I'm not making that up...it's perfect for the Qanon/Trumper sect).
  7. In completely unrelated news, City of Austin is prepared to pay $12mm for the Ritz space (admittedly, just a hair above FMV) and then spend $6mm turning it into a homeless affordable housing complex.
  8. ^ Yep, he opened up that rabbit hole without considering the medium-term consequences on the very retail he thinks he's helping. Revenues will go up, but overhead is going to go WAY THE FUCK UP. In finance terms, we call that "a large gap, a 'gape' if you will."
  9. I'm afraid that's simply not possible because: According to repeated statements by both Soviet and American Governments, nothing of what we saw...ever happened.
  10. Will they feed the tissue sake and rub it awkwardly in the lab?
  11. There've been buzzards circling to pick up most of their Central Texas spaces. I think it'll come roaring back if they can work out the licensing later this year. But many locations will never reopen, and yeah---the food and niche programming will very likely suffer.
  12. While I agree, a major issue with this notion is that most of the people think only the truly horrific schools at the very bottom are the real issue and that most school public schools are okay, especially theirs. Because they themselves, don't know how stupid they actually are. You can get people to agree to overhaul health care (care, not insurance) long before we can get an overhaul of public education done. Because people will recognize they are getting older and sicker, and their hearts can occasionally feel sympathy for sick kids or poor people who are dying for no reason. There's ki
  13. One thing I know. Now that this mandate is lifted, if you see a woman using her thong as a mask...that is not a political statement...that's just her telling you she is 'Down to Clown', leave your basket at the deli and head to her car. The cursory research I made about this (mainly texts while taking a shit)...nobody close to him has any explanation as to why hditched the mask mandate other than as a 2022 pre-emptive signal to his would-be challengers to back the fuck down. It's not even really a distraction from the grid failure. He's of the opinion that all the resignations, sicki
  14. And we shall have no sympathy for those people. I'm tired of trying to help stupid people when we can at least allocate those resources to the truly vulnerable. The indignant will always find something to whine about because it satiates their deep down suspicion that they are stupid and that they are rotten. Anyway---was meaning to ping you about our friend running for school board but I couldn't find that thread you started last Autumn.
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