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  1. Wow, Abbott as the VP slot on the ticket. I did not see that coming. But I guess you gotta shore up Texas if things are this dire.
  2. ^ Where'd you get it done that quickly, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. While i'm not a terribly big fan of aborting babies...I will say that so many on the "pro-life" side also don't understand that so many of the Planned Parenthood "abortions" are D&C procedures performed on mothers who miscarried or were opting out of carrying to term for other grave medical reasons. There's really just not as many stand-alone "murder clinics" in this nation as some would have you believe. That said, there's only one way human babies arrive in this world. Let's pay some loving attention to that as well.
  4. That's because you're a Constitutional Evolutionist. The Original Articles speak very clearly to masks and are not subject to Breyer/Ginsburg bullshit. There is so much in the Bible and Article II that clearly lays out mask and social distancing theory, it's not even funny...
  5. What was the SNL Phil Hartman quote about chunks in his stool? James Brown was the feature act. I took this thread to mean the best frontman of a band.
  6. No, you're thinking of dickcream.net But I see where your mind's at. Ah, found it during baby nap-time: https://unhappyhipsters.tumblr.com/page/2
  7. Quick aside---what is the name of that website that was quite popular about 5-10 years ago? It was basically photos taken from Dwell Magazine (and others like it) with captions about how hard it was to be a modern hipster in the contemporary architectual landscape? And they were really scathing and funny. Anybody remember? Ahhh! Thanks.
  8. the Fear of Covid-19 is somewhat powerful because it's somewhat irrational and somewhat based in mathematics. the Fear of losing your country to people who aren't really like you is incredibly powerful because it's entirely based on irrationality and not at all based on reason. Some would say you could form an entire leadership platform around that fear. That fear is far more powerful than any fear of a virus. We are biologically programmed to fear what we can see, and to ignore what we don't see. The real trick to real power is to convince people that they already saw what they feared most and didn't act accordingly.
  9. 109 members of the team/staff could test positive, and they'd still beat us by two touchdowns.
  10. Yeah, most generational generalities and Lobo alliterations aside, it's just a statistical fact that Americans under 35 socialize with people of other races much more than Americans over 35. It's because of there just being more people of color in the nation now, but also social norms, more public events/spaces, more internet meeting of people, etc. And it's just not cool anymore to be an asshole white curmudgeon who thinks those same people are stealing your country. But it's gotta be weird to look through this police reform/criminal justice call to action/BLM stuff and see what horrible injustices and institutional racism that are all still rampant in our nation. And then you look at your leaders, both political and corporate, and their remedy is to remove racially insensitive episodes from shows that aired before you were born. No serious police reform. No serious looks at educational and economic barriers that inhibit upward trajectories for the Black community. Nope, we're gonna delete Karl Malone skits. That should fix it! They have to see these empty gestures and just laugh. And I don't blame them.
  11. Didn't realize Jordan Hicks posted on this board. Grab your video camera, we got work to do...
  12. Good point. If your partner is even remotely good at oral sex, she's gonna lick and/or gargle the balls. I keep mine pristine, but who knows what the hell is going on in the back half of a scrotum? And if you're somewhat generous with your female partner, you're gonna at least get down to the taint. Or maybe his religion prohibits oral sex altogether.
  13. The primary function of the vagina is childbirth. The primary function(s) of the mouth are eating/breathing/speaking. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying kissing my wife and performing oral sex on her.
  14. Yeah, years ago after the 2011 drought, I contacted them to say it was insane that they were organizing brush pickups the Autumn. so many people would take that as a reason to prune the hell out of their Oak trees. They finally agreed and pushed my pickup to the January & July schedule that it is today. Not ideal, but much better than October & April. I thought I was the HOA hero for awhile, until we found out from a couple of neighboring HOA's that they just stole theirs and gave it to us. So it's still the same risk of Oak Wilt finding its way to us. They should just shift everybody and their trucks to brush pickup from July-January. And then from Februrary to June, have all those crews do bulk pickup collections instead.
  15. I took it to mean like, "WE are the world. WE are the children. WE are the ones who make a brighter day..." I still can't believe how big a topic statues have become. I did not have that on either my Covid19 bingo card, nor my 2020 Presidential Election bingo card. Seriously, Confederate statues were not this big a topic in the 1868 election after the war ended, and those people were just looking for shit to complain about after their ass-whooping. But here we are, with talk of even taking some statutes out on a nationwide tour for the children to gather around and see like a light bulb or horseless carriage/car.
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