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  1. Yes, I agree. I would also just like to pickup this one piece of hardware that's so close to within our grasp. Just don't want the rain to fuck it up, that's all. I know it's not going to terribly effect our RPI or seeding one way or the other if were to finish .5 games behind TCU. But I'm old school when it comes to baseball. Pennants in MLB, Conference Trophies in NCAA. Obviously the World Series in MLB or Omaha is the big price, but it's good to pickup merch along the way. Here's the just released bracket projections from collegesportsmadness: https://www.collegesportsmadne
  2. The mention of that product, which is rare nowadays...always reminds me of this scene:
  3. I'd settle for a trip in this Eon, but I think he might be in his Period.
  4. Probably, but Eddie wants the Mexico match in Austin. He usually gets what he wants.
  5. Dammit, I was just hoping only one dance recital per year per region. this means I'll have to go to more soon, doesn't it? Actually, now that I think about it...that place may be too big/too pricey for Brisket's needs. Brisket---if you get a moment, let me know if Saint Louis or Saint John-Neumann would be workable for your needs.
  6. Holy shit. 25 feet in 4 days? Is that a lot...that seems like a lot?
  7. Yeah, I'd echo that suggestion. Apparently 1978horn and I were at the same dance recital (late April, with Synergy?). It's a really pretty campus and can accommodate that amount easily in the amphitheater or inside and still have some breathing room for social distancing. Parking is a breeze and it's a quick jaunt from Central Austin. If you want to go the Catholic route, you can "buy" your way into the parish quite easily. Have you tried Saint Louis up your way? I know the head priest there, he's a friend of my wife's family for decades. I could try to email a good word for you.
  8. Quite appropriate. But it's 2021 in America. What we'll instead do is burn all of our masks and be totally unprepared just like we were 15 months ago with regard to PPE. We'll also burn a bunch of books 'bout queer shit like science, math, and anything by Alex Gino. And then to be sure, we'll burn a bunch of other shit using the excess gas all those idiots poured into tupperware containers in SEC country last week. I feel like sometimes we're at the start of "A Canticle for Leibowitz"...we're torching knowledge as fast as we can because it doesn't fit our spiritual compass. We all g
  9. You got a weird definition of comic relief, dude. I guess a male Auschwitz survivor would be, at the youngest, 80 years old. And safely assuming his entire family was evacuated in the camp, he reaches 18 years of age somewhere in Europe, under the Marshall Plan. Under 'Right of Return', he moves to Israel in the late 1960's. There he fulfills his obligation to the IDF and completes university. Whereupon he attends flight school with the IAF. He spends 50 years having children and grandchildren, one of whom moves to New York. So that he can then fly bombing sorties over Gaza in 202
  10. But the end is your mom's favorite part. Admittedly, my role in it is never a twist...but she always completes the denouement with such passionate fervor. Seriously though, it's 5 weeks to the Solstice. I can't get the kids asleep with this shit until 8:30p some nights. Let's just go back to standard. To hell with being sad in the Winter because of the early sunsets. Let's just deal with it like the Nordic folks and develop dependency issues.
  11. What kinda mileage your T-Rex get? I wore a mask for a period of time this weekend with my daughter despite me being vaccinated. Whether I like it or not, her school still requires a mask to be worn by all students. So to continue to show her that it's not so bad to wear one and the school year is almost over, in solidarity, I wore one with her everywhere we went this weekend. She only whines about it about 1/3rd as much as GRhorn and PilotsError. Of course some asshole in Dripping Springs mocked me in front of her. I told her what my dad used to tell me as a kid...don't ever fear
  12. except on parental critical thinking, right?
  13. You must have been a smash on the Borscht Belt.
  14. I think it's where the fat kids of stupid people attend compulsory education sessions? I should know, I live inside one.
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