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  1. Yeah, you are right about that. We are spoiled that we can call on any song at any time from anywhere in the world. And as Norm Peterson would say, we always come back to the ones we love. I stumbled upon this cool platform called the Preservation Project. They'd go to "unclaimed" archives and master tapes from old recording studios and collections where literally nobody knew who the recording artist was because it was just lost to time or deaths or whatever. And they'd remaster it and press it to vinyl for limited distribution. And there is some kickass soul and funk on there that would blow your mind. Really great shit and they put it out there for people to claim and if so, they share a huge chunk of royalties (much moreso than a usual label agreement). If not, they use the proceeds to fund the next "hunt" for master tapes. Check it out when you can, really cool shit. Even in this digital age, there's still old-school reel/tapes/etc. to be found all around the world from way on way back when.
  2. For much of my life, I would wonder how ordinary Germans participated in the Holocaust. I wondered how ordinary Christian Americans could participate in the slave-trade. I could not picture anyone I knew, had they lived in a different time and place, participating in those horrors against humanity. Everyone I knew, and everything I knew about them, they were simply beyond that type of tacit involvement in those awful atrocities. But how could we know for sure? If we were put in those places, in those eras, how could we know for sure? Maybe we wouldn't have hidden Jews in our attics or helped run the Underground Railroad, but surely we could count ourselves as those who at leasts didn't actively participate in the inhumane evil of genocide or slavery...right? There just was never a way to know though, no time machine...no magic polygraph machine to see whose heart and soul lie where on the spectrum. We all just take each other at our word...that none of us would have partaken in those crimes against history. There was just never a way to determine who walked among us; who would have happily taken up efforts against their fellow man in the name of what they felt was justified and patriotic. But now we see them. No matter the era or historical station, they've been living among us the whole time. Even here...in 21st Century America. Millions of people who would have happily clamored to help load the trains. They just express themselves differently for there are no more trains to load.
  3. The death of talking about music in person because of the end of record stores. It's a thread about older albums man, people are gonna wax nostalgic. Forget it. I wonder how live music will comeback as well. Ah well, I'm old.
  4. Lobo

    Water Polo

    Well, I'll just go ahead and breach the topic. Women's water polo uniforms are top-notch. I can say that because I've almost been knocked unconscious by some women's water polo passes. The ones that can throw sidearm almost like a Quisenberry were lethal. It's not about arm strength in water polo at least when it came to passing (shots on goal, yeah)...it was more deceptive finesse. Don't let them know where the pass was going until it was already received. But the egg-beater kick. When they teach it, it's all fun and games and staying afloat. When you play the game at a competitive level, you learn the other part. It's used to kick the shit out of your opponent while guarding them in set.
  5. After 100 full listens, I am still amazed that Dark Side of the Moon clocks in at just 43 minutes. That's not just short for a Pink Floyd album, that's not just short for a concept album, that's just short for a great 1970's record overall. Anyway, this debate bleeds into other threads on here.....there are albums on that list that were absolutely groundbreaking with the heat of 1000 suns but a bunch of the tracks on those records were crap. Likewise, there were albums that didn't necessarily move the earth but damn if you can't put them on start to finish with a few drinks and lose yourself. But the Rolling Stone list does try to encapsulate myriad genres and eras, and that's important. That's something I just don't have the patience nor the ear for, but it's needed. That is one thing our children will never know. They'll read one-sided album reviews on lists like this or the comments section on Spotify or Apple Music, but the record store debate or sales job. To emotionally connect with someone else over music as the tacit, or even ontological, representation of what you're really trying to connect over. That is now lost to time. I enjoy talking music with the folks on here, but it's just not the same. Get off my lawn, he yelled. I don't mind how we digest music, but it's a shame how we connect through it now. Physical Graffiti, if broken up, would be two of the greatest ten albums ever made. Fight me.
  6. Wang Dang Doodle? All Night Long? That's what South Austin's Mom Said...
  7. My god, he can afford that much aluminum siding. He must be doing really well with the tax cuts. God bless him. These are the days, America!
  8. Lincoln Project redoubling their fundraising efforts and spending it all in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Florida exclusively. Abandoning other states. And the cool part is, or truly disturbing part, depending on your perspective is what they are going to do between Election Day and Inauguration Day. Somebody finally realized the GOP voters are gonna need an adult to tell them what to do and not do between those two dates. It's sad that roughly 21mm of Trump's voters need to be told not to take to the streets with weapons to shoot shit up. And no fucking Republican is gonna do it. So it's gonna fall to Lincoln Project and George W. Bush to talk some of you fuckers off the ledge. AND HERE WE.......GO
  9. Well at least Whitney Cummings is funny, that adds 1-2 points on the 0-10 scale.
  10. No, no...the "B" stands for Bidet. The van has to have not just a toilet, but a Bidet. What is ya'...ignorant or sumthin'?
  11. Shit, I lost all faith in them when they wrote that puff piece on "Stillwater."
  12. They suddenly realized as they quaffed their reverse mullets that they don't have to ask to speak with the manager if they are they themselves, the manager. My God, the Karens have become self aware. This is worse than SkyNet.
  13. There's a Matt Foley sketch in here somewhere. "The Eight Ballots Down by the River!"
  14. You know, this is all just sick jokes...but I just realized he's Romanian, plays the Peruvian Pan Flute, and made his artistic and monetary mark in the United States and the United Kingdom. 4 of the 10 worst nations, BY FAR, for per capita Covid-19 deaths are Romania, Peru, the UK, and the United States. Zamfir being somehow behind all this makes a fuckton more sense than 5G Towers. I bet there's a way we can make a shitload of money off of this conspiracy theory.
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