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  1. If somebody wanted to make a list of teams that have beaten Texas in one-off mid-week games but not won a game in Omaha in 20+ years...it would be a very interesting list indeed.
  2. He's a spry 58 who has lived a full and rich life. Seems like he takes care of himself. I really hope he's okay. From Mr. Show to "Melvin Goes to Dinner" to BB/BCS, he has such a wonderful breadth of creativity. Hate to ask this because I don't watch his show, but that other show he was doing on streaming...did that have any dangerous elements to it like dramatic weight loss/weight gain, stunts, etc? It's none of our business what his health situation is, just curiously hoping he bounces back.
  3. I still would wager quite a bit of money that if you asked 1000 Trump supporters, "What/Where (their choice) is the 'Seat of Government' of the United States of America?" I bet maybe 300 would say correctly, "The U.S. Capitol Building." Most would answer the White House, or just not answer to avoid embarrassment---citing HIPAA concerns or some shit or fake polls. So my point is that we are still comparing the looting of pharmacies and electronic stores to the assault of our seat of government. That's insane. Those riots last year were horrible, and many (if not most) are being punished to the full extent of the law. But those are state laws for the most part. If you don't understand that state v. federal is apples and oranges, you maybe should not be speaking out with the "Nevermind officers, they're raiding the Food King!" schtick. I went to law school and I barely understand the intricacies between state and federal felonies. But what I do know is that it is not remotely close to compare the violent assault on our Seat of Government to some assholes stealing shit from a convenience store. They're literally so much not in the same ballpark that our "Law & Order" government codified the differences to the letter so there'd be no misunderstanding. You can't keep talking like this. It probably makes your HOA block captain but 19 year old pre-law students understand the difference infinitely better than you. It's getting sad. There are degrees of crimes in our country, both jurisdictionally and in severity of the felony. How have you not picked up on that after decades of bad courtroom/cop shows?
  4. Jhawk (watching Simone drop out with intense mental fortitude): "How much you wanna make a bet I can vault over them mountains? Yeah, Team USA woulda put me in for Simone, we would've been Gold Champions. No doubt."
  5. Yeah, but it didn't pass where I live so my strategy still holds for 2022 primaries. Plus, did ranked choice voting apply to primaries/runoffs? I thought it was just for generals. I dunno, they explained it to voters about effectively as I explained soccer offsides to my daughter watching the Olympics the other night.
  6. I figured like most Olympics, the conversations would devolve into conversations about playing sports in high school. Most of reliving our glory days like Uncle Rico, making claims to our families and friends that if we had stuck with Water Polo a little longer, we could have played in college, maybe been an Olympic alternate. Somebody waxing nostalgic about being good enough to make the U.S. Olympic baseball or basketball team back in the day before they let the pros play. The usual banter filtered through the lens of decades of aging poorly. But now, it's grown men bragging about how the mental fortitude forged in the competitive fire of JV football and low-stakes, no-cut baseball tournaments is greater than anything Simone Biles will ever know. I think a few of you competed for the Texas Longhorns but the rest of us have never put on anything more than a H.S. varsity jersey or maybe college club sport matching t-shirt. She wears the uniform of our whole nation. I'm gonna give her the benefit of the doubt. But mostly so this fucking story will go away. It's one thing to chat about it online but it's on every fucking news channel. I turned on Bloomberg at work today and they were talking about it. WTF? To try and tie athletics and NSAA back together again, the real question about this whole ordeal is, is MacKayla Maroney impressed and what is she currently wearing?
  7. ^ that's a good point, statistically speaking. If it includes "un-vaccinatable" children, that throws a good deal of that data set into chaos. And it's not politically incorrect to point that out either. I'm guessing folks who have immunization compromises are likely spread pretty evenly among the four groups. But Asians and Whites just don't have as many children per capita/per household as Blacks and Hispanics. Census and anecdotal evidence tell us that's the case. It's okay though, Whites make up for part of the vaccine lag in other ways. Like being Christian Scientists, Scientologists, and to some extent-the Amish, Mennonites, and Jehovah's Witness (which actually does have a large Hispanic membership). Obviously not a significant skew as they total maybe 2-3 million in all, here in the U.S. Now, somewhere out there is an Amish Black family with 7 kids and they are skewing this shit big time!
  8. Pos rep for Major League reference---Fuck up the organization bad enough and you get to move down to South Florida. Sounds like another "business owner" I know. Only one thing left to do in 2024, win the whole goddamn thing. I gotta think being a Qanon disciple right now like GRhorn or possibly my neighbor, has got to be a real challenge. Even for a real diehard. To have all this radio silence for so many months from Q. Guy comes back from the dead, or least his faked plane crash which happened to have DNA matched parts of his body strewn about the wreckage site for hundreds of yards in every direction. He spends nearly 4 years trying to help MAQA nation usurp our democracy. Then after the other his team loses, when the shit's really supposed to go down, he takes a 7 month sabbatical? So his followers are left to machinate over the other thousands of posts to look for new clues and instructions? That sound familiar to anybody, messages left for long periods of time to be interpreted by new followers in light of new events and belief paradigms? The basis of all organized religion. But nnnnah...they're not in a cult, cult's are for suckers. 🙄 We could 'develop' some bullshit decoder software thing, put it on a jump drive, and sell them online for $49.95. It would claim to be able to help your computer unravel the previous Qanon messages for a deeper understanding of it and yourself. We would sell 10,000 of them in one day without even trying. Only reason we shouldn't is some of these people are good with computers, and our families would receive death threats within days.
  9. Have they updated that list in awhile? Seems like the names have gotten kinda stale and some people on it are now dead.
  10. No, I think he's pre-crime. Or pre-med. One of the two. The one with the stirrups and the clamp.
  11. Isn't Reverend Jim the guy in real life that was found to be stalking teenage girls on LSU's campus? He was arrested on one count, maybe more.
  12. The Garden Ridge Antiquity Wars have begun. And as irony would have it, they will start on a Sunday.
  13. Well, Indiana Jones #5 sounds fucking lame, takes place in a fucking big box strip center? Oh wait, are there Hobby Lobby Nazis? I hate Hobby Lobby Nazis.
  14. Would work for special elections but not for states that aren't open primary. You diehard Texas Democrats need to think real long and hard about what primary you're gonna pull at the ballot next May. We're all likely in the same boat more or less. If you can read and you know more than 7 people in your community, you probably know somebody running way down ballot for local judge, maybe state Rep. So you want to pull that party primary ballot just to vote for 1 or 2 folks you actually know, but you're stuck voting for that party on all the other shit. But if I were the Democrat party in most urban areas, you need to think bigger picture. Pull a GOP primary ballot and go to town on everybody Trump endorsed or those that previously defended him. I know you want to go for more progressive candidates on your side, I get it. But we are not done with this cleansing operation by a long-shot. But people see it as a sign of disloyalty. Fuck all that. Pull a republican ballot in May and go against everything still left from that hunk of human shit.
  15. Pos rep. You gotta admit, considering the velocity with which that massive thing hit...he didn't go completely limp and just flop in the water. There was some technique, albeit not what we practiced in the diving well.
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