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  1. Then there will be much suffering in Gilda's Brook tonight.
  2. Everybody I can remember from Penders to Dodds to Barnes to Smart talked about doing this, but in Year 1...Beard is making it happen. Really cool move on his part and great way to tip the cap to both Gregory and Erwin Center before we head off to make trouble at Moody. Looking forward to going to the game tomorrow even though they're not selling beer. Hook 'Em Coach!
  3. Y’all are reading too Much into the minutiae of Texas Game Law. Huffines is a Wooded Shire Troll who was merely communing with the Deer and other animals who roam the woods with him. He merely disguised himself in the ways of Man as it is one of his Arbor Creature rights. Forest Law trumps all state laws.
  4. Just as truly stupid people think they are the smartest person in the room, often evil people feel like they are the shepherds of virtue. and when you combine both those fallacy attributes, you get guys like this, and they get what they deserve. having said that, with a website and some collectible coins, I could raise $500k for these guy’s “appellate fund” by Christmas.
  5. It’s like crossing into Wisconsin. gotta second the above mention of dark horse candidate, the falcon and the snowman. Probably freaked the shit out of a lotta American adults who though drug use a few bucks was all it took to turn young Americans against their country. Sean Penn was awesome in it.
  6. Sir, you are aware this film will be shown in ‘Feel-Around’??
  7. WTF with clock management? didn’t realize Sarkisian was a Mongol surname.
  8. Angle of pursuit drills, Coach? ”nah, we’re gonna run ‘em down from behind where Texas football belongs”.
  9. Running the “south Austin’s mom” defense? All eleven men in one box and balls still go untouched.
  10. At SiL's place with wife's whole family. Her youngest sister is getting married in 6 months and this is the only time all they'll all be together before the wedding. So they're going dress shopping at 1:00p today. They asked me if I wanted to go to help with our girls at the dress shop, keep them behaved between fittings. Either that or stay here with FiL (who is a huge K-State homer) and watch the game. I was honestly torn for a moment. Thanks Steve.
  11. Why do you have a hot dog with you in the bathroom, Rafi?
  12. Almost did a spit take today at holiday dinner. Wife passed me the boat and said, “More heavy gravy, honey?” Just nailed the right cadence and tone. Sadly there was no box of wine to go with it. But I plan to confront her on the Merv Griffin show later.
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