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  1. Live Fast, Eat Ass, Die Young.
  2. Yeah, because Ukrainian mobsters who are paid meddling operatives in U.S. elections are totes worried about the optics of wearing the wrong lapel pins.
  3. Texas DPS is gonna have their hands full on Sunday at the Convention Center in Austin. Full house, lots of protesters, and 3 sides of ingress/egress blocked by massive construction equipment. I haven't seen a presidential motorcade with more vulnerability in Texas since.....the Alamo Basement?
  4. Yeah, only reason I'd use this new one that I linked or the new Delta one would be same reason I had that United club access years ago...when traveling with family. Because my wife likes to get there three hours ahead of time because airports are fun and have chairs 'n stuff. And I know Daddy is gonna need a few glasses of medicine so may as well have some kinda tacit access to these things. Think I check it out once to make sure the barware is in order. Then 1-2x a year when traveling with the kids. But I think their business model is forward-thinking. Most business travelers are only beholden to their perk-based club lounge because their employer buys tickets on that one airline. As the gig/self-employed/independent contractor world gets bigger and bigger (yet smaller and smaller), most of us shop around now based on itinerary and then price because time means more then miles. And as such, these 'flex-lounges' are more and more attractive on an a la carte basis. Everything in travel is becoming a utility and experience, rather than how we business travelers thought of it for the last quarter century. I want to get to a city when I need to get to it, not 7 hours earlier to save $9 to get UAL miles. I don't need Hertz #1 club gold, I want to uber from point to point with no wait. I don't care about Hyatt miles, I just want to stay at the hotel where the conference is. I don't care about gold lounge recognition, I have 45 minutes to kill which means 3 drinks so tell me how much I can pay to get that. I don't need to be "known" in some Delta Sky Lounge as a first-class superstar. I don't need complimentary upgrades at Avis. Travel is functionality until destination. Which is why alcohol remains such a popular product during transit.
  5. Maybe I phrased it wrong. I'm saying that I tend to use airport lounges way more when I'm at the destination city waiting to fly home to Austin. I would think that's the case for most business travelers. We get to the outbound flight at the last minute so as to either spend more time with the family or at work. And just zip out in the place we know best. but then when flying back home, since you may have finished up work early, or had to check out of the hotel to avoid late fees, or finished just had some time to kill at the out-of-town/out-of-country airport...that's when you'll more typically have some time to kill and so you use one of those airport lounge services. I'd use that priority pass for many years and 75% of the uses were in other cities, not Austin. My M.O. was to get to Bergstrom with 45 minutes to spare, no sense in anything more. But in other cities, shit just happens and you end up with 2 hours to spare there so you want to get a lounge pass or awards access.
  6. So then Tiffany says, "What'dya, eat out your other daughter with that mouth?"
  7. Was on a trip to Houston earlier this week with maybe 1/3 capacity, 60-70 folks or so. Almost everyone got their own 3-seat row . Except of course, there I was sitting with shoulders totally squared and my work shit spread around as if to say, "NO." And of course, this guy moves into my row. Despite numerous empty rows or rows with people smaller than he was (and he was creepily small). I eventually just got up and moved and he didn't get the fucking hint. I wasn't in an exit row or anything fun, just a normal row near the back with a good bulkhead carveout for my shoulder so I could work better. I'll never fucking understand why people do that shit. Same thing with parking lots. There I am in the way back so I can finish up a call or something before heading inside the store or whatever. And invariably, somebody comes and just slides in right up next to me despite there being 30 empty spaces in our immediate vicinity. What the fuck is with people and their need to be around other people or their need to be heard? Anyway, ABIA will have a busy 2020.
  8. That sounds like a Jim Gaffigan bit. Or any number of other people I think would ironically make a much better President. I can't believe Jimmy Buffet lyrics now form the platform a major political party in my home country.
  9. Yeah, the obsession still rears its ugly head on a regular basis. I mean, it was one thing to run on it and another thing to blame shit on Obama when he got himself into a jam. But at this point, somebody just needs to risk burning their press corps pass and just straight up ask him, "What's the problem, Mr. President? Some black dude fuck Ivanka?" which is obviously not the real story, she's an innocent gal with impeccable tastes. Tiffany Trump, however...has been down on everything but Ukraine Flight 752.
  10. I bet Trump was an absolute hoot on opposite day in middle school
  11. Would you spell that for the record?
  12. Obviously would have sniffed out the bar eventually, but pos rep. Convenient then for SWA, Delta, et. al. Obviously one tends to use lounges more for return flights rather than outbound, but nice to have the option until I get status with Delta. And of course, one will just have to assume you get comped beverages for that $40-$50/day pass? Or will it be a Blues Brothers situation? "Lobo, you owe us $100 for all that beer you boys drank tonight." Well, then let me just go out to the plane and get a traveler's check. I have to sit down there as well to sign it.
  13. Newest Surly hangout? https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2020/01/16/new-kind-of-lounge-in-the-works-at-austin-airport.html?ana=e_me_set1&j=90446201&t=Morning&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiT0dOa1lXWXhaRFUwTTJRNCIsInQiOiI5ZE4zOHlGbEx6RjRaaUJZbEhGMjJNb3ZvZUZHS0ZtRzFwSXpcL0FzOVpzM1dmalwvaTZaVEpEMkdTTXdpSnFvaXYxeXVLOEZwNGJUQWVRUWdqQ2JFRWl3MzdxVkdiWTZKNTVudmo3UTZwclp5blwvRnVyM2EyUTFieUx1ajExaVRwaCJ9 Apparently they have a few other locations around the country, but I've never been to one. Anybody have any reports or experiences? And for the life of me, I just can't picture where in the mezzanine this is gonna go? Unless it's taking over for some other space up there. Anyway, sounds great. I plan to start using Delta more now that they're getting more entrenched in Austin as a Focus City, but for those of us with zero allegiance to any one carrier because itinerary is more important than miles...this is welcomed news. I can only assume we'll have some surly folks who get far more in drinks than the $40 day pass. But yeah, where exactly is this going inside and anybody visited any of their other lounge properties ?
  14. But don’t tell ‘em you’re Jewish, okay Wang?
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