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  1. He was so brave.
  2. So the left gets triggered from what you say. They want you to watch what you say and then deny having implied that. And the right gets triggered from what you don't say. They want to say whatever they want and then deny heaving meant it. The 37 of us in the middle would like to kindly remind you this holiday season, fuck all of you worthless cunts. Maybe not this year, but some December soon---we are gonna enjoy watching both of your parties burn to the fucking ground with most of you still inside. Fuck the War on Christmas. Fuck Triggered Snowflakes. Fuck a life spent on your knees taking offense at words, be they "Happy Holidays" or "Christian Values." By manipulating my jaw and tongue, I can move the air in front of my face around and create sounds that can be picked up your cochlea. And I be dead silent to your cunt ass as well. What happens after either of those two things is on your sorry ass. It's all lies. It's all bullshit. Politics. Religion. Holidays. Consumerism. Happy Fucking Christmas. where's the tylenol?
  3. Can we do that? Can we trade Adler, Kitchen, and Casar for whomever is in charge of Houston parking meters? No? Okay, then we'll take Danny Noonan.
  4. Oh Surly talk Thai. Surly talk Thai real good. Unless they are Southern Thai, they probably drink. So I'd keep it to maybe a nice 3-bottle boxed set of cold weather reds. I know you asked for legit help, so I'd honestly just suggest their gift is commensurate with whatever you would gift anyone who bought a house at the price level from you regardless of where they're from. Now if they are moving here straight from Thailand to buy this house...then pepper in some cliche Texas stuff in a high-end gift basket. Since you can telegraph out now far in advance at Franklin, I know a realtor that has 10 pounds of his meats sent to a new homebuyer the day after close or move-in, waiting for them at their new address with a note that says something like, "enjoy tonight with no clean-up, and stock your new freezer with the rest." Assuming they have appliances.
  5. what part of France do they grow the coffee beans?
  6. You don't remember the notorious Murray/Ramis beef. It was real Chicago Northsider shit.
  7. Your equation is missing Leslie Jones.
  8. Wrong link, they used this split plane photo in a movie though. Nevermind, just delete it. I've never been able to properly insert clips on the site. Sorry to bother you sir.
  9. I remember the night at the Paladium, I saw Biff Tannen open for Eddie Izzard. Mind. Blown. \ And then Sebastian just kept stacking the wooden matches. Again, with the fucking matches!
  10. Yes, hello sirz. I manufacture and sell mattress scales.
  11. You arrogant ass, pigeons won't use pistols. They'll use cross-bows. Read a fucking book!
  12. Ted Bundy, only the second biggest violator of the human body who attended Temple University. Lookin' at you...Bill!
  13. Actually, Vic finds it to be quite reminiscent of his lady doing reverse cowgirl.
  14. So the 'L' in the movement stands for "Illinois"...wait until the gals in Bernal Heights hear about this (which, by the way, is just minutes from Santa Clara).
  15. What's the worst part? That every picture is a San Francisco icon, 50 miles away from where the bowl game is being played (Sounds like something an Austin realtor would say, "Santa Clara, just minutes from downtown.") or that they refer to the best public university in the nation as "Cal State", which is where I think the crew from 90210 ended up going to college. Or that there's five giant dick shaped objects? NTTAWT
  16. He was in New York dude, Duane Reade all the way. Read a fucking book.
  17. Don't spoil it for him, it's so cute when people figure out my old handle on the old site after three years. Seriously though, I would have never thought this weighted blanket thing would take off in Texas but you see them everywhere now (despite the sweat factor). My scale idea would have taken off if not for me being on the spectrum and focusing only on the metric system because it just makes more sense. Jokes aside, has anybody used one of these with their young children? My four year old moves around insanely when she sleeps, it's getting dangerous. But she also sweats a lot when she sleeps despite being underweight with her mom's metabolism. I think a light one of these could help calm her down too when going to sleep.
  18. Well one of 'em had a thing for pigeon chicks...little stick legs, big rotund bodies, and tiny heads (with little hats on 'em, apparently). Not judging.
  19. I thought the murder of Christ "began" on Palm Sunday. I know what we do NOW on Ash Wednesday, but what actually happened on that fateful Hump Day?
  20. I think the 81 v. 83 differential has to do with surface water acreage. But Yes, a big part of the reason Austin has so many people is because the footprint is so vast.
  21. Yes, I know---I never understood why it was built in the first place since the Spurs started complaining about it 20 minutes after the ink was dry on the blueprints. That said, haven't been there in a long, long time. With the new alcohol rules at college sports---is there any reason to get club level tickets or is that just a waste of money? Specifically---does the Alamo Bowl sell beer/wine in every area or just some? I guess I'd ask the same about mixed drinks since it is New Year's Eve.
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