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  1. OMG, I watched the highlights. When Adimora picks off Bowman's pass, Spencer Tillman visibly groans! EDIT: Tillman also groans when Josh Moore catches his last TD with seconds to play in regulation. And listen how sad Brando sounds when Caden Sterns picks off the ball in OT. He literally sounds like a home radio announcer for a HS program when their team loses.
  2. When Sam was in 7th grade, his Pop Warner coach (who was a former QB at Texas) told us he had the smartest QB that he had ever seen. When we saw Sam in the spring game following his HS freshman year, he was clearly so much better than the older QB's. During his time at Westlake, Sam learned from Todd Dodge that the most important thing is not perfection but shrugging off mistakes and coming back strong on the next possession. There are great things coming this season.
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