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  1. Well, as a Westlake homer who has followed Sam since 7th grade, I freely admit to being less than objective. While I'm not putting Sam in Colt or Vince territory, he's the best thing we've had since '09 and it's not even close. You did own up to eating crow after his OU win, (after a fairly impressive meltdown even by your standards) and we've been good since then. Sam is ready for greatness. Get on board.
  2. @Goo Punch, by your logic, Keaontay Ingram had an erratic game because he only ran for one 50 yard touchdown.
  3. They hadn't played a game in a month, so it's normal to be off in a bowl game but he got it together. Overall, he had a great game and you are nitpicking. I do support you. Just saying.
  4. Yeah, he was really terrible against Utah. "Sam Ehlinger, the game’s offensive MVP, threw for three touchdowns and ran for another while taking the best that Utah’s No. 1 ranked defense could deal out."
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