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  1. back to GH recent Twitter follows. lotta Texas commits. 20 and 21. them specifically. not a wide range of guys. I dont see USC suddenly being interested in a solid commit like Jake Majors this close to signing.day. might be grasping at straws. but I'm trying to convince myself Harrell comes home to Texas.
  2. yeah. I see that now. I answered it like I was responding to the Cosmi question. reading comprehension is f'd today
  3. true on that. but get the whole package if you can. and they are put there to be had.
  4. I read it as talking about Cosmi. and his draft grade.
  5. depends on wheres hes rated. if he gets a good grade? he gone.
  6. maybe looking for somebody with proven ability to coach the position. Samples is a beast at recruiting. but there is no indication of what his ability to coach the position is. and that is something we need in our next WR coach. or holding it off for the next OC to install his guy.
  7. the kid that went to Missouri just declared for.the draft, I think. that should be interesting to watch
  8. Beck demoted to QB coach. Meekins to non coaching position.
  9. they better fire more than 2 coachs.
  10. groins, strokes and spines. had 2 o-line medically retire in the last year or so also. so what you will, but it seems we just cant catch a break.
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