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  1. Kelvin banks , osu commit is a 22 kid right? Just tweeted he is decommitting. Been kicking ass in what camps there's been. Very much a take. Good.news for Texas
  2. Foster is holding off committing to Texas as long as he can to keep mama off his back for as long as possible.
  3. I'm thinking this is more a maxed out nfl S&C coaches son.
  4. Yeah. MF better not get lazy after he wins a NC
  5. We didn't actually get anything from the hydraulics guys, did we?
  6. im hoping the whispers about what a douche he is comes to full bloom in the season. Kyler almost went there with his exchange with Sam after the shootout, and his crying jag post game. but i want full on meltdown. team implosion. public discord. dogs and cats living together. is that too much to ask for?
  7. i think Helms enthusiastic reaction for other programs might have put people off. Colorado might have a small penis thing going when a Texas offer kid talks so glowingly about the horns. breaks my heart, but there it is.
  8. I thought one of the Georgia inducements was getting mom a job with a " better" airline. Maybe her healthcare hadn't kicked in yet. Or just being new is a problem
  9. This is what I think about when people talk about Herman being an unlikable prick. Athletes by and large are assholes to those not of the tribe. The more talented, the more the divide.
  10. The couple who ...whatd they say. Not his parents. But they are that to him, moved to Austin. So I'd imagine Austin is his home now regardless
  11. Texarkana? GET to the chest more likely.
  12. Overshown tweeted comparing "the eyes" to lynching. Seems a little on the nutty side
  13. There were posts of Rattler doing stuff like this awhile back. Anybody done a comparison on those?
  14. You need to take that calm reasoned BS the fuck on outta here. We only do hysterics and doom and gloom round here
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