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  1. Yep. And that stupid laugh/chuckle she constantly does is annoying as hell.
  2. Here you go. Courtesy of the Brooks County Hog Slayer.
  3. Round up your silencers my friends. You'll either need to sell them back to the government or you're going to prison. https://www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/press-releases?ContentRecord_id=AEE41E92-A93D-4C8C-A8B1-CC3109C409DF
  4. Amazing that the museum would hire a stoner like that to guard hundreds of millions of dollars of artwork. Kind of makes it hard for me to feel sorry for them. Idiots.
  5. Anyone know when the WNBA season tips off?
  6. Gonna be hard to make him cry with an interpreter. Sorry Jim.
  7. I remember when Villegas was an up and coming whore in the Rio Grande Valley market. It is so refreshing to see the younger generation, especially young meteorologists, working really hard at honing their craft.
  8. They’ll be litigation on it for sure. Remember when Trump banned bump stocks with an EO? Thanks to litigation, those are legal again.
  9. Love seeing that bunt against the shift.
  10. I need another bullpup in my life.
  11. It's been fun guys, but time to take your scintillating discourse elsewhere.
  12. Like prosecuting people, like his crackhead son, for lying on form 4473's. That makes too much sense, so we can't do that.
  13. Faking an injury. Good job dipshit.
  14. Took three years for someone to “convince” her that she was raped. Scary stuff.
  15. We need another pandemic to scare Smith back into retirement.
  16. Maybe we should riot and burn down neighborhoods for justice in this case.
  17. Glad to see justly was so swiftly delivered in this case Too bad the poor victim (or a bystander) could not carry a firearm to defend themselves or others in that shithole that is DC. Would have been nice to rid society of these two menaces. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9437615/Two-teenage-girls-accused-car-jacking-killing-Uber-Eats-driver-reach-plea-deal.html
  18. Damn, actually feel bad for Guduan. Just glad he's not an Astro any longer.
  19. Carlos trade value going down.
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