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  1. Some of the highest priced tickets in the nation, for a weak subpar product. Great business model. I think maybe the lemmings may wake up next year, like I did. The stadium is going to be half full or thereabouts, with a poor team and a malodorous schedule.
  2. When I returned the call this spring of the Athletic Department lackey who was calling me begging for me to renew my Foundation membership and season tickets, I said nope, I no longer felt that the football program was committed to excellence, and was accepting of consistently losing to the likes of TCU, Iowa State, Baylor, Ok State, etc. Turns out I made the right call for once.
  3. Lincoln Riley is a fanboy of Mike Gundy and is trying to grow his hair out so he can duplicate Mike’s flowing mullet.
  4. Add liar to your list of faults, Tom. how freaking dumb do you think we are, asking us to swallow this pablum? Quit yesterday please.
  5. It's your job to fix it dickweed, and you are a miserable failure at doing so, every year....
  6. I'm also a Detroit Lions fan (God help me....). Yesterday after losing for the umpteenth time Matt Patricia said that there was "a lot to fix when we got here." The Lions had gone 9-7 the year before he arrived, and had made the playoffs two of the previous three years. Former Lions players blasted his ass on Twitter all Sunday evening. Waiting for that to come out of Tom's mouth soon... blaming the former coaching staff for his own failure.
  7. Kurt Bowels should hand Herman a sword, and and Chip Brownnose can ask him if he is familiar with Seppuku, as a means of restoring honor to the Longhorn family.
  8. Must be really humiliating to suck such ass at your job, publicly on display for all to see, and have no earthly idea what to do. And then look in the mirror every day and think "God, I am stealing money from this great university and its fans." If he had any balls he would resign on the spot and admit his sheer incompetence. So sick of his schtick and this shitshow underachieving athletic department.
  9. I always figured Tom for a bottom; not a top man. Maybe he likes it both ways
  10. This thread will soon disappear off the bottom of the page given our massive collective apathy in this lost season.... Whoops I just sent it back to the top.
  11. I'd gladly lose me to find you I'd gladly give up all I had To find you I'd suffer anything and be glad I'd pay any price just to get you I'd work all my life and I will To win you I'd stand naked, stoned and stabbed I'd call that a bargain The best I ever had
  12. Hello..... is there anybody in there? just nod if you can hear me..... is there anyone home?
  13. Please post a review. Going to this in Chicago in late March
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