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  1. Fudd asked 'do we take a transfer or save for 22?' , which is obviously asking about the 85 man limit, not the 25. I'm no expert on the numbers, but I suspect we'll load up as many as we can this year.
  2. Username checks out. Perhaps JWhitt can convince him to come here?
  3. I got nervous and had to go check which Tyler was in the portal. Thank god it wasn't somebody with the first name Tyler!
  4. We're likely going to have 5 or 6 transfers by the time spring practice finishes, and the players see how the new staff shakes out with playing time, depth chart, scheme, alignment, grades, S&C expectations, etc. I'm sure somebody can run the numbers to see how many players usually leave after a new corch takes over.
  5. Perroni with an aggy-focused update https://247sports.com/Article/Jaray-Bledsoe-Texas-AM-football-offer-Bremond-class-of-2022-159565171/
  6. You're counting 2021 as a Sark transition class, when Herman wasn't fired until after NSD1?
  7. So when do the Alligator Roll drills start up? That's one of the fundamentals, right?
  8. Nobody with money in Houston goes to public school.
  9. Already chalking up that Southlake win?
  10. Sounds like the bullshit Duane Akina pulled on Manny Diaz. Fuck whatever the front seven are doing, my cornerbacks are going to do what I tell them to do.
  11. Vrabel outcoached Bill Belichick and John Harbaugh on the way to the AFC Championship game last year, and had his team competitive against a clearly superior KC squad.
  12. DJ Monroe ran in the 10.4's in high school, but was criminally underutilized at RB. greg_davis_4th_and_five.jpg
  13. Derrian Brown is still technically a scholarship RB too, although I don't think he'll ever play. 🤘
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