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  1. Yeah, but IconoclastTexan is a special breed.
  2. The wife has expressed a desire for a Chinese knockoff handbag (think Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.). Whatever. It's better than spending $2500 for a real Louis Vuitton. I know there used to be a thread with good sites to find Chinese knockoff jerseys. Anybody got a good source to find fake designer purses? Should I just hit up Ebay or AliExpress? Thanks in advance.
  3. Yep, Mr. Roethlisberger, you've decoded the meaning of a well known saying. Excellent job. In this particular instance the messenger relayed everything the basketball world knew about Shaka, and for that you're mad at him. But really, you're actually mad at Shaka because he didn't fulfill his promise of being a basketball savant that won lots of games and took Texas on deep tourney runs. Your anger towards Bitterwhiteguy is misdirected. He just relayed that Shaka speaks like a basketball coaching genius with an extremely successful HAVOC system. It's not his fault Shaka turned out to
  4. I'm guessing the OL will look like this (from left to right): Cube, Cube, Bread, Cube, Bread
  5. I guess I didn't follow him close enough to know his nose was that firmly attached to Shaka's anus. There aren't many places around to get substantive analysis of Longhorns basketball, so I appreciate him for that. I'll admit, I wanted to believe that the failures were more on the players than the coach, so I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt longer than most around here. Unfortunately, that faith was rewarded with abject failure.
  6. If you actually read that analysis honestly, you'll see @Bitterwhiteguy touted Shaka as somebody that talks a great game, says all the right things, and speaks with the authority of a basketball savant. Bitterwhiteguy wasn't the only person fooled. Shaka was wanted by every program in the country. Most people that are paid to write about basketball praised his basketball acumen. On top of that, nobody could have fucking guessed Shaka would completely abandon HAVOC - which is the only analysis he made about the way Shaka's teams played. I mean, give him shit for not getting on the "fire Sh
  7. Wait, I thought he was a snake-oil salesman that talked an amazing game, but the results never lived up to the hype? Shaka was terrible at lots of stuff, but talking a good game was never one of them.
  8. Somebody has to tell the players which no-show classes to enroll in.
  9. There's the real account, which has two underscores, and is not suspended. https://twitter.com/CoachBeard__UT Then, there's the fake parody account, which has one underscore, and is suspended. https://twitter.com/CoachBeard_UT You'd think that the head basketball coach at Texas could have acquired a Twitter handle without double fucking underscores. Let's hope his handling of the Xs and Os is better than his social media creds.
  10. That traitorous asshole better not ever step south of the Red River again.
  11. Apparently official https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/north-carolina-reaches-agreement-in-principle-for-unc-assistant-coach-hubert-davis-to-replace-roy-williams/
  12. Sark is getting out-recruited by Jackson State on in-state 4stars? Unforgivable. Let's fire his ass.
  13. Depending upon which poll you look at, we're ranked 5, 7, 8. One shitty game in April is not an indictment of the team.
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