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  1. Happy i didnt waste time watching the game. Almost did.
  2. His ex wife was smoke. not sure what he was thinking if he left her.
  3. You’re fine. When i lived up north mine was under a mound of snow about 1/4th of the year. Just dont start it until everything melts.
  4. Thats by far the most likely answer. I guess in theory it could be in the shower pipe post control valve or something. Either way a good sign. They can use their plumbing until a plumber becomes available. Just avoid that bathroom. (Im in the same boat, annoying, but overall feel lucky)
  5. Turn off all the water in the house then go to the water meter and see if its running. Quick and easy way to know for sure
  6. Its going to be a few weeks if they arent already on a list. Best they try to figure out if its a drain or fresh water line. hopefully drain. if fresh water and they cant isolate it, you are going to have some bunkmates for a bit.
  7. Well was thankfully able get a plumber and basically redo the downstairs piping. Its crazy how many hairline cracks appeared when things thawed out. I went from one leak to like 20 as soon as they turned the water back on (thankfully i was able to turn it off the moment i saw the first leak, so no water damage). now i just have a one leak left in the laundry room the master shower’s drain (how the fuck did that happen?!?). What sucks is that they cant make it back for another two weeks. Apparently what happened to me is very common, the plumbers go in thinking its a simp
  8. Good. I was worried for a second. My discount power fixed contact expired a month ago and i havent has a chance to shop for a new contract. They auto moved me to their monthly flex rate plan
  9. Got it, is it just griddy? Or is anyone whos standard fix rate contract has lapsed and were automatically moved to month to Month variable by default?
  10. Wait. People are getting 450 a day electric bills? How? Just griddy?
  11. Galveston they have an 1980s house with zero insulation and outdoor plumbing. Meaning the pipes are not only not insulated, but situated outside the walls in the elements. I guess on the bright side, most of their leaks should be easy to see/fix one of their toilets bowls also froze solid. thankfully my 1880s house has interior/inclosed plumbing and decent insulation.
  12. My neighbor was team stream. Didnt work out well once we lost power. I am team shutoff after developing a very small leak. Happy i noticed it right away
  13. Is “now” the key word? How about before the massive demand and price hike?
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