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  1. Yeah. You can’t blain this on Wallace. Trump is... I don’t even have words. I’m just beyond horrified
  2. Oh a poll? You made it seem like the states government made an official statement. Also interesting to see so few in Maryland want dc to be its own state. Figured the numbers would be higher
  3. What makes you say that? Pretty strong statement. Can you share a link?
  4. And what happens when the pendulum swings the other way and they pack the courts? Sorry, but I’m not willing to blow this entire country up just now. Even with all its faults, we have a lot of things still going well. Hell Donald Trump was fucking president for four years and we are still standing. Nothing he has done so far can’t be reversed in the first year of a Biden administration (assuming we control congress). the system seems to have survived the stress test. Why fuck it up?
  5. If you are feeling nosy, the alleged kidnappers Facebook page is open FYI. Or at least was last night.
  6. Really wish they would make a tacky trophy such as a bust of Napoleon or Caesar to give the winning team at year end.
  7. What do you mean, how was the judge involved? I thought her Husband was the target
  8. Woah really? Why hasn’t this been talked about more. the entire political class is so fucking corrupt.
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