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  1. I need to get into the shower trailer rental business.
  2. Woah. I didnt realize common party drugs being laced with fentanyl was really a thing. I figured it was just a continuation of the old weed laced with crack boogieman DARE would scare kids with in the 90s. as others have said, thank god my party days ended a long time ago.
  3. Ill just have to wait and see i guess. Not a huge deal either way in the big scheme of things thankfully.
  4. Ha, looking at the same thing, but in Galveston. Adding bedroom, office, porch, and new master bathroom to a house built in the 1800s. Architect drew up the plans and now we are just waiting for landmark approval. Pretty sure im going to push back actual construction till November in hopes of lumber pricing getting reasonable. Plus construction during Hurricane season seems like a bad idea
  5. Holy shit. Thats some major hail
  6. The most openly antisemitic and racist person i went to high school with was also an avowed socialist. People are strange
  7. This. everyone at work with a proper education is now vaccinated. Both liberals and conservatives. NONE of my uneducated employees are willing to get the shot. This includes both whites and minorities. They all believe its going to cause liver and kidney failure in 10 years.
  8. I just heard on the radio that there is a chance of a mistrial due to witness tampering (dead pig head left at house). Is that realistic? what a shitshow.
  9. Per reddit this is a bar with a lot of past gang issues. Guess thats what police mean by targeted attack.
  10. Exactly. Nothing in the show is really woke. It shows a multicultural america / world. Guess what. That is america / the world.
  11. @Storm the Field just an fyi. Service at most restaurants has been terrible these last three weeks. They were short staffed due to covid and lack of business then BOOM. A massive rush hit. The restaurants are trying to hire, but can find anyone. Plus they arent getting their normal allotment of j1 student visas (ahem eastern euro slave labor) due to travel restrictions. At first the restaurants were seating everyone even with the lack of servers, but that causing an hour waits for before the servers would even take the orders. Most have sense learned their lesson and now are just
  12. Holy shit. Q?!? Im fucking in
  13. Not bad, but disappointing. Too many lazy plot holes. marvel has proven you can make action movies with a decent plot and good acting. Wish others would follow the formula. skull island is by far the best “monsterverse” movie.
  14. I mean, im a Democrat and I think political dynasties are dumb.
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