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  1. I feel like recruiting would be easier with the 2nd and 3rd most important coaching positions filled. You know. To help you recruit. I guess the only positive is the very small possibility that we will be stealing coaches from playoff teams
  2. I bet it’s his oldest adopted son. Remember he was doing something crazy with the castle Toy thing earlier? Maybe after he gets his Powers he will always have had his powers? Time is a flat circle and all that jazz
  3. Will be curious to see what we come out with on defense. I suspect we will see marked Improvments Due to the lack of constant blitzing alone. You know, the entire addition through subtraction thing. We have fucking talent. We have a few weeks to put them in a position to succeed. Let’s do it
  4. Texas was close to beating LSU. That alone tells me they shouldn’t be 1
  5. The Baylor turnaround is nothing short of amazing. Especially since this time it seems to be rape free. im legit jealous
  6. Temple wasn’t that long ago. Surly we can money whip a coach from Baylor
  7. Why are we overthinking this. Let’s just take Baylor’s DC.
  8. Video shows a Bullet going through a near by cars window. Crazy
  9. Holy shit. Just seeing this what the fuck is wrong with these people? Have they played too many video games or something??
  10. Yep. Opening credits is probably the best thing about the movie
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