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  1. Of fucking course, it originated in China
  2. Fuck ya, even with our problems, best country in the world!
  3. Was it just a week ago that our president tweeted a white power video? Now it’s all but forgotten. insane how there wasn’t more outrage.
  4. Is there a way to dump it without closing it? Like downgrading to a chase card without the stupid high yearly fee? my understanding it’s never good to completely close a credit card. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised that is outdated logic as well.
  5. So seriously. What’s going on? Does the elk represent something racist in the local community?
  6. Sorry. One last picture. I just can’t get over these are the “political elite” of Texas....
  7. Omfg. Everyone needs to set aside at least a few minutes of their life and watch the first 5 minutes. these are the people running the Republican Party and thus our state? I am now actually shocked we are doing as well are we are. These are the types of idiots I had imagine running Mississippi.
  8. Ha. I also have the sapphire reserve but have been thinking about going more to my boa since I’m at the high tier of their rewards level. Like you said, the math seems obvious, I’m just finding it hard to break the habit of which card to pull Out
  9. For better or worse, he seems to be a very hands on person who likes doing things one on one. Just look at his twitter feed and how he seems to respond to every email in person. Hell, people on here have talked about how he calls them directly after they send him stupid/annoying emails. it’s just his personality.
  10. Maybe so, but he said he wanted to meet with every student athlete for the very beginning. So it’s not like he has been secretive about it. Texas has 682 student athletes per google. Let’s assume 30 mins per student. That’s 341 hours just on zoom. you can’t do that in 30 days
  11. You know there is global pandemic going on, right? And it’s currently spiking in Texas? I’d imagine that makes it hard to meet with every student athlete on every team. Plus all the other responsibilities he has right now. Such as figuring out a way to get said teams playing Covid free in the fall/spring. Only so much zoom time in the day...
  12. Completely sitting out now? I though they said the players would just not participate in recruiting and alumni events. Which due to the virus I assume were already on hold.
  13. So the punishments either took place in the past or in the near future when they can’t even go out to recruit?
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