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  1. If you ever get an chance grab some of the kastaplast glow discs for some night golf. Getting harder/expensive to grab but they make playing at night very enjoyable. Picture is hole 1 at Zilker earlier tonight. Just shining bright af while I stumbled up to find them nowhere close to the basket. Still a good time.
  2. This Webster guy seems like he sucks.
  3. Lol same blog has post about George p bush. I wonder if Paxton and Paul stayed up late putting this together? https://www.austinpropertyblog.com/post/report-texas-glo-is-largest-investor-in-bush-s-pennybacker-capital-real-estate-fund
  4. Gotcha. Just assumed city was charging. Lost creek charges $10 per adult and $5 per dog.
  5. I’ve spent countless hours hanging around the spot where I saw that cottonmouth as well as other wet spots around Travis and Williamson county where I assumed they could be found. I like snakes. I look for them when I’m out and about. This is the first cottonmouth I’ve encountered. I’m not yet a man, but I’ve been around for a bit. My kids were there to see him, too. Now they can tell all the folks in the internet how they’ve seen a cottonmouth irl. Truth be told they were more excited about the turtle. That thing kicked ass. Also, apparently Austin charges to access the greenbelt nowadays. What a bunch of bitchasses.
  6. The cottonmouth was at the bridge by the lost creek greenbelt access. Also saw this pretty good sized snapping turtle. Pics just don’t do him justice.
  7. Don’t really recall seeing one person in Austin before. Thanks for the quick id!
  8. That Guy

    2021 Drunk Thread

    Hello drunk thread. I really didn’t mean to be here, but here I am. Supposed to be up at 415. Not sure how that’s going to work
  9. She’s gonna fuck those mediocre dudes up. Just fantastic. Would love for Abbott to endorse her. Doubt it happens, but sure would be fun.
  10. As the article mentions it is possible she resigned to run for AG. If she did, i assume she has Abbott’s blessing and access the support of his donor base.
  11. I think shit might get wild in this primary before too long. If it does I don’t think either of these jackasses (bush/paxton) make it through.
  12. Can someone give a score update. My espn is being ridiculous.
  13. Haven’t had a rat snake in a bit. This guy stopped by to bless the move.
  14. I love Shaq, but if he’s just bringing what he brought against wba I’m ok with him leaving. That shit was bullshit.
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