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  1. Where was this bowling alley located?
  2. Jimmy Johns closed last week too. Sign on the door says temporarily, but you know how that goes.
  3. Did anyone else spot this under the Clover/I-30 bridge?
  4. With escalating beef prices, I was surprised to see prime Top Sirloin on sale for $9.99 a pound at Central Market Friday night.
  5. I don't blame the city a bit. I ride my bike through there almost daily, and as recently as Sunday, that court was packed every time.
  6. Vegas message board folks are saying the fixed rate cab rides are still more expensive than Uber/Lyft.
  7. Great arena and had a good time at the game! Funny moment during the trivia contest about the number of national championships the aggies have "claimed." Ha!! BTW, the upper level women's restrooms were amazing.
  8. Anyone going to the bb game Sunday?
  9. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I lived in Connecticut a few years while growing up, so I have only made day trips into the city, and am by no means an expert in anything NYC. My wife and I are planning to visit in late March for the Knicks-Warriors game, so I was just assumed that staying in mid-town would be the most convenient. However, being budget conscience but not cheap, we would be open to staying in some other part of Manhattan that is fairly safe and very close to public transportation. It has been difficult to compare prices on Expedia due to the resort fees, so I was hoping that veteran Surly NYC visitors/residents could help me out with a list of places where the price per night + tax is the actual price. There are some Airbnb's that appear to be a good value, but staying in a hotel as a part of a package deal seems to be more reasonable.
  10. Of course, but I would also rather find a $220 a night room without a resort fee than the $250 a night room that includes $30 a night resort fee. For others, don't worry, I am not destitute, just trying to get a good deal. Thank you to those who have made suggestions.
  11. Any recommendations for a nice place in mid-town Manhattan that does not charge a resort fee? Most seem to be doing it now so I am not too optimistic. Thanks in advance.
  12. Brix BBQ is excellent, and their new location catty-corner from Hop Fusion will be convenient. Owner Trevor is a good dude too.
  13. After months of exhaustive research, I have come to the conclusion that the best hamburger in the 817, is the Griffs Double Giant/River Oaks location. That is all. Flame away.
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