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  1. After months of exhaustive research, I have come to the conclusion that the best hamburger in the 817, is the Griffs Double Giant/River Oaks location. That is all. Flame away.
  2. Good news! I just called The Pussy Whipped Bar and Grill in Clearfork, and booked you a table for two.........stud. Hook'em! JK! Have a great dinner and enjoy the night out! Plenty of games left this season.
  3. Thanks for the great advice and taking the time to post this.
  4. My son is the one graduating, so I am looking for advice more in the area of where to park, when to get there, bet places to sit, etc. My 80 year old mom will be with me, so I am trying to do a little advanced planning. You know, insider tips from someone who has been through one before.
  5. Any advice? .....and no, staying at home and watching it on The Longhorn Network is not an option. Thanks!
  6. I second the Perini Ranch Steakhouse recommendation. Well worth the short scenic drive to Buffalo Gap. Also, check out the Brick Oven Pizza Co.
  7. My Longhorn graduate is starting a new job this summer in The Woodlands, and is thinking about living in Conroe as apartments appear to be a little less expensive. That of course means driving I-45 to and from work daily. What is the traffic like for that commute? Hook'em!
  8. Keep your head on a swivel, and connected to your body.
  9. Staying at Sam's Town in April on a Saturday night for a concert, and was wondering if I will be able to find $5 3:2 tables, double deck if possible, there or in the area?
  10. My wife says the gypsies are very prominent at Saturday evening mass at Holy Family.
  11. I read this article today myself and wondered the same thing. Saw they have a location in Burleson too, so if it is as good as advertised, I may have to make the trip to check it out.
  12. My wife and I saw the Michael Jackson show last May at The Mandalay Bay, and while entertaining, it was LOUD. Of course I am an old so maybe it wasn't really that loud. Fremont Street on the other hand is great! I have always stayed on the strip until my last trip 3 weeks ago, when my son and I were at Main Street Station for 3 nights. Cheap food, cheap drinks, cheap gambling, and decent inexpensive rooms can't be beat! Not to mention the awesome bands and people watching at The Fremont Street Experience every evening. Also, whether you stay downtown or not, check out the Mob Museum. It takes about 2 hours and is well worth the price.
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