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  1. Awww, they suddenly get religion once it actually impacts them. Sorry you’re having to wait for your daughter’s test results.
  2. No. No they don’t. And I laugh in your general direction for putting Trump in the category of “Nick Saban’s close friends”.
  3. And Lou is his actual middle name so I won’t be surprised to see his idiot cult trying use that as a defense.
  4. Here’s some interesting information that adds to the Biden leads in Texas poll .
  5. Just like everything with this virus, we have no good choices, just least bad choices.
  6. But y’all can’t do that. The Republicans aren’t going to slink away in shame and spend time reflecting on the awful things they did. They’re going to bide their time and wait it out and come back with the same hate and death. But most likely in a smarter, handsomer, younger, more palatable package. Y’all have to stay in the fight. Until they are dead.
  7. The entire GOP is full of stank gross disgusting excuses for people. He at least had the shame to delete the tweets after a lot of people came for his neck and pointed out this photo was taken not long after Biden’s wife and daughter died.
  8. I don’t care what everyone says, sometimes Twitter fucking rules.
  9. The inclusion of Reveille in your list made me snort laugh out loud at my desk.
  10. This is amazing. Best “Shut the fuck up ya moron” response to the anti-mask hysteria I’ve seen.
  11. lol at that tweet Biden is a LOT of things but he’s never struck me as some kind of attention seeking diva. This is a white man of a certain age who easily put himself as submissive to a much younger, much less experienced black man. There was never a hint, a leak, a whisper from Biden’s camp ever in 8 years that undermined or criticized Obama. Biden declining to run as the sitting VP and giving way to Hilary tells you that premise is pure garbage.
  12. Look at the dead-eyed thousand yard stare he has. I hope he hates what he’s become and it causes him hours of lost sleep. Traitor ass traitor.
  13. “Face covering may be removed to hold a coffee cup as an excuse” is not on the list of exemptions. No face mask around his chin while on board and then there’s this -
  14. When you go too far and lose “The National Review”......
  15. And this was what he was flying to - Seriously. He needs a beatdown.
  16. I mean, look at Trump in comparison. Jimmy and GHW could get it (back in the day). Who knew?
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