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  1. I didn’t watch much of this game, but actually saw 73 get flagged for holding on a play. The very next play Baylor had a guy that blitz that looked like he would get to Hurts. Yep, 73 is committing an egregious hold and Jalen gets just enough time to complete a long pass, I believe to convert a first down with no flag thrown for the hold
  2. I am not sure I could get by without my butler. How long have you been going without yours? Who else would warm and set out my clothes for the day, bring up the morning news on the WC computer monitor, pour my glass of OJ... Oh, wait. Wrong thread. You weren’t talking about that butler, we’re you? Carry on.
  3. Has Briles name come up in association with this job? You know he’s just down the road from the Arky border. Might be time to get away from the UIL heat in Mt. Vernon and get into the SEC where rape and illegal recruiting aren’t looked down upon so much. The good folks in Arkansas believe in giving a poor guy a chance to rehabilitate himself.
  4. God, I hope it doesn’t happen, but Mensa’s curious ways leads to me think: Curiosity Killed the Tom-Cat
  5. It may not happen, but I guarantee that there will be some ESecPN talking heads proposing such a thing.
  6. @Ignatius, you honestly believe the committee members nor the pollsters are not influenced by the talking heads on ESPN? C’mon, pull your head out. And, no, this team should not be concerned about playoffs.
  7. OMG. That thread gave me a great laugh. I knew delusion was a typical ag symptom, but some of those dudes...
  8. Exactly. How ever did religion get mixed up in an Art Briles thread?
  9. The big kahuna gets it. The big fish needs to adjust his sarcasm detector
  10. Is that big yellow section in the lower bowl between the 5 and 45 the LSU band? No wonder the swamprat ags were so upset with us putting their band in the upper deck.
  11. Addle-brained meth heads Eating bags of dicks all day Will cry this weekend
  12. Oklahoma where the wind comes rushing down the plain. Still smells like shit
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