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  1. Absolutely agree about the speed. I have gigabit because it is only $50 for the next year and it includes HBO Max for “free”. The gigabit plan also has no data cap, as opposed to some other slower plans
  2. I have mine still and have been mostly satisfied with them up until today. I have been receiving HBO channels free since signing up early and doing the beta testing for their tuner. At some point this afternoon/early evening I lost the regular HBO channels in the ATT TV program guide. Now only HBO Max shows up and that is only on 2 of my 5 TVs - the one with an Apple TV and the one using the beta test tuner. My other TVs use either Roku or Amazon devices. I am at the point where about all we watch are the Fox and ESPN sports channels, and TCM through ATT TV. We have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and ESPN+ (through Apple subscription, but tied to ATT TV account). If I cancel ATT TV, it looks like I can at least keep HBO Max for free because I have a gigabit internet plan from ATT. If I understand correctly, cancelling the ATT TV account will cause me to lose access to live ESPN broadcasts including LHN even though I have ESPN+. Is this correct? Does bundling it with Disney+ change anything? It also looks like at least some TCM movies are included as part of HBO Max. Are those dependent upon a subscription to a TV service? I don’t want to lose LHN and Formula 1 racing if I cancel ATT TV. I think I remember some answers to these questions further up thread, but Tapa search is crashing for me, so I apologize for asking again.
  3. People get shot every day and survive. WHY DUSN"T THE MEEDEEUH EVARRR REPORT THAT????
  4. Just got back from the Outer Banks. Saw this in Manteo NC this weekend: There were more flags flying later and the Trumpkins all partied together the whole weekend. Fortunately, we did not witness the fleet at sail. Unfortunately, we did not witness any sinkings. We did see fairly large vessel at anchor for a couple of hours on Monday across from the Trump fleet flying a modest Biden flag. Did not have our phones with us to document that phantom.
  5. Everyone should know to listen to your mom
  6. Wll, dude, just realize that the old well-spoken phrase is race baiting. Perhaps open your eyes to the institutional racism that maybe pervades your conversations with "rational" humans. I am doubting that you can truly see others that disagree with you as rational.
  7. It appears this has veered off into series on Hulu. I just discovered a free to the end user service called Kanopy. It’s not available to everyone, but it is to many public library users and students and faculty (or anyone with the right *.edu email address) at most larger universities. Clark Howard’s site has a better description than I could provide: https://clark.com/streaming-tv/kanopy-review-library-card-free-streaming/#Content Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I googled, too. I am not digging around The Mugdown any further, but I hope to high heaven that that site is The Onion for aggies. It is always hard to tell with aggies, but that can’t be real.
  9. I googled, too. I am not digging around The Mugdown any further, but I hope to high heaven that that site is The Onion for aggies. It is always hard to tell with aggies, but that can’t be real.
  10. Ha, that’s what I figured. I reckon most all work by borrowing a password.
  11. I am not sure I understand. You are saying you can watch some channels through the Spectrum app on an AppleTV without a Spectrum account? How does this work?
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