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  1. Wrong. The euros live for the RC. That emotion is one of the reasons they've been waxing our asses for decades. well, maybe he now knows how his 1st fiancee feels.
  2. I'll hate him again in about 2 hours.
  3. Cantlay with another FU to fatboy.
  4. no, I heard him say that, too.
  5. can they go more slow with that conestoga? pussies.
  6. just need 3 1/2 points tomorrow.
  7. some things will never change. that's just the way it is.
  8. have y'all ever watch a Ryder Cup before? Jesus.
  9. what time does afternoon sessions start?
  10. signed up for the free trial on peacock yesterday.
  11. thanks. didn't see the group coverage.
  12. are y'all watching? I don't see live coverage available until 8:00.
  13. thought I read that there was a note on the car to move it from park official or police?
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