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  1. Pepper time. Astros are like an avalanche...comin down the mountain.
  2. Ted slam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Big props from Houston broadcast for Gibson Ump. ( before he overturned it)
  4. Bowie Jordan ............... oh wait, HOU picked first...
  5. Astros score on bombs and RedSox are Ugly as fuck tacking on runs.
  6. Boston fans throw $15 on the ground by Yordan...
  7. I like Devers, but fuck the late T/O calls...
  8. I like Urquidy. He doesn't lollygag and generally throws lots of strikes. Tonight that's gonna be risky with the wind, but I like the way he competes. Sometimes he might get hit, but he's not a pussy either.
  9. What's with the lady screamin on that pitch? LOL
  10. Nathan ain't gonna shit right for a week...
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