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  1. slorch


    Pre-existing thread.
  2. sorry to disrupt the hate fest and the celebratory back slapping at your self-annointed compassion... That perpetuates poverty for non-whites. aggy is the cult that clings to failure and touts itself as being innately better than the other side. seems like the home for you leftists. So elitely intelligent and hyper-loving and all.
  3. still in denial? ain't my problem yo. GOP hates the browns...but they are working at a higher clip than virtually any time in the country's history...aside from when the Dems were slaving their asses.
  4. The Party of Perpetual Poverty ain't exactly helpin folks...but keep choking that chicken. Love your work in the inner cities.
  5. which D nominee isn't LOlz. "Give the world our shit" is the proclamation. Followed by "we so guiltridden, we caaan't stand it." Don't be embarrassed by who you are. Own it.
  6. God damn the white Texas Tech helmets to hell. The black helmet with a red Double T should be our fucking helmet. Gosh!!! we are lost in the wilderness...
  7. Kroger is terribad at the hi-low game and are continually getting their asses driven in the Houston market. people shop the flash sales and GTFO. meanwhile shoppers get household goods and everyday items at DG, Target, or...HEB.
  8. Maybe it's their best shot...
  9. You get out much in public? You can't tell a kid no anymore...and if you do, the parent wets their pants on the spot.
  10. Just have everyone bring their wheelbarrow and compare it with Bregman's...
  11. Who gave Devo a sandwich? He looks bigger...
  12. LOLz. he's had like 15 hits in the last 3 ABs...
  13. Your mother bangs against the window 11 stories up.
  14. so you believe someone was actually watching the kid?
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