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  1. what makes you think this is unpopular? I'd take their rings over fries almost every time.
  2. "I didn't know I needed to put gas in a car. I'm a fucking moron."
  3. I think about that game often, both because of Yordan's bombs and the blast by Correa that set the new Camden Yards distance mark. Yuli also had a screaming line drive shot that hit about 2' below the top of the left field wall( and directly at our seats) for a double. My son and I had a great weekend topped off by that game before he shipped out to Spain with the Navy. Now we are waiting for practical arrangements to either get him home on leave or get us over there to visit. That game was much fun!!!
  4. Fuck you Blue. LFG Astros!!! Valdez pitched his ass off.
  5. automate this shit. So sick of guys making great pitches... but they're rookies. WTF difference does that make?
  6. fuck this guy. Call the fucking pitch, motherfucking umpire.
  7. Blue needs a kick in the balls for these non-strike calls fucking the Astros batters. Straw fucked up, legit, but some of the others are horseshit calls.
  8. Look at this post and the one right above it. Posts 32 and 33. RPM quotes my post( #33) in Post #32. Like i said it's happened twice in about the past week. I don't remember the thread of other occurrence. Thought it was a one-timer.
  9. as compact as Bregman's swing is, Ted's is seemingly inversely long.
  10. 3rd pinch hit in Correa's Astro career... Function of not playing enough to get days off? LOLz./ and cry at the same time.
  11. I’ve had posts quoted by another poster and then when I look at the thread my original post will come after the quote. It has happened twice, most recently in the thread about The Marines/Sailors Drowning tragedy. on Ios/ipad. not a huge issue, but definitely ’wtf?’
  12. My favorite role of his. Plays a perfect crusty, gripey, hard headed softy...
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