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  1. Just finished it. I concur. what a fucking beating.
  2. I don’t think I can ever hate UT more than I hate A&M. The past two weeks nothing to change that equation. At least Texas is generally honest about what the fuck they are doing.
  3. still think Yuli has one of the underrated/ beautiful swings i have ever seen.
  4. seems like Manaea just pitched against the good guys about 5 minutes ago...
  5. whoops. Blue is ready to go on the 1:1 count
  6. Bregs... very nice. Not a routine play.
  7. Rd2 at best. he has talent. Still raw.
  8. his biggest opportunity, IMHO was giving 1-2 fouls per game that were not remotely close calls. Needs a little more control on that front.
  9. Going to see it in play with Peavy... maybe.
  10. the shamen's name, of course.... South Austin.
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