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  1. so he's "anti-iodine" eh? Every nutjob finds their niche...
  2. I know it's the movies, but I still feel this is the better approach with shitheads.
  3. He's part of that barbershop quartet from Shallowater.
  4. Break out the fine-toothed comb...he's into grooming for crisakes.
  5. She is Lana Turner... What? She IS Lana Turner. So much awesome dialogue. Love this movie.
  6. I like the "piss-off factor" for Tom Brady and how he drives some fans nuts. His record and achievements speak for themselves. That arm velocity thingy though a few posts up is insanely ridiculous. Why wasn't Brady's combine velocity shared? What is Mahomes' in game velocity? Might be valid, however, what with the way Tommay was clanging the ball off of his receivers' skillets.
  7. Cut off the head if you(we) want to see this shit change. Until then, it won't.
  8. Tech averages 23.8 FT a game. Tonight they had 12 attempts... against fouling-ass West Virginia. LOLz. WVU had 27.
  9. Yep. Burton draws contact in the lane...no call ensuing drive Deuce throws up a prayer 3pt shot that goes short with :04 left on the shot clock and gets total bullshit bailout call. Very frustrating. they were fouling the living fuck out of McClung on the dribble and called it like once. Fuck it. Make shots and score more points. Sure would have been nice for the officials to be more consistent.
  10. saw on the ESPN crawl that Brady's parents both had CV-19. They are 76. Damn...they must have been like 12 when he was born.
  11. I figured the Shag would be ranked higher...
  12. Doubt it. I'd remember some beedy-eyed motherfucker like that. Good. They won't hurt any kids again. @deadshank Mickey Okafor in that exchange is a former Red Raider offensive lineman, who now is an Investigator with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
  13. After due process is served, just end the motherfucker...
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