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  1. Tough play by Chas. Glad they only got one.
  2. That is a very popular machine among collectors/ enthusiasts because of the handles and the shots. If you do decide to sell, you shouldn't have a hard time finding a buyer.
  3. Yeah, mine has the nylon injected joints. Have watched videos and multiple folks have said it's not necessary for the replacement parts. To your point it's just about getting the old ones out.
  4. It's a 3 hour job, tops, if you have the right tools. I do not. Took truck to shop 2 blocks from work, very reputable. "It's going to be a week" Not to repair it, but to look at it and give me a quote. "People leave their vehicles here for 7 days just to get an estimate? It's just the 2 u-joints and I am telling you what I want done." "yes they do. and our guy will have to look at it." I nodded and walked out. That's just fucking stupid. If they don't need the business, maybe that was a nice way of saying it. Leaning towards buying the required tools out of principle.
  5. Somebody hit Wiki. very childish...yet still funny. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oklahoma_State_Cowboys_baseball
  6. and you cancel a game late just to cancel, it's an auto loss.
  7. this might help you find the market for your machine... or a repair guy in your area. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/list
  8. Latest and greatest from Stern will set you back about $6800, but this is the base model. LOL Prices for pinball, like most other things, have skyrocketed. One thing that is very nice about them is they tend to retain value, even though the current market will challenge that mightily. I have 3 machines from the 80's and they are worth $2500 to $1800-ish, each.
  9. If either team ties with TCU, they would all still be Co-Champs. TCU would get the 1 seed for the Big XII Tourney in that situation.
  10. That's why you trim first...LOL. (but not LOL)
  11. I get frustrated watching this team try to be too pretty/ clever/ perfect shot takers. Last night encapsulated it perfectly. It's the playoffs...and you have 28 fucking shots on goal? Outshot by opponent by more than double? Outhit 35-22? Put a body on someone and dump the puck on goal. Make shit happen. Save the other style of hockey for November.
  12. Good thing the Astros don't have to impress the Playoff Committee...
  13. slorch


    No shot. definitely not in my play list...LOL.
  14. and it might not be the heat for sure. Could be some fucked up battery memory or whatever like you also described. I just read that shit when I first got mine and I was like, " Most expensive part of the equipment? Sensitive to heat and I live in Texas? Welp, I have a place for those in the house!" Little bit annoying at first, but good explanation of possible issue: But here's this ringing endorsement of their E-Go tools, but HATES the batteries.
  15. lemme put out some feelers and I'll get back with you via PM. Most of the maintenance/repair folks are junkies, so they love doing that stuff.
  16. where you at? I am in hobby and know someone in Houston. Might have connection in Austin/ Dallas depending on your needs.
  17. "Daddy, that just depends how he controls it..."
  18. I do store my batteries indoors. The only time they are out in the heat is when I'm actually doing the yardwork. The warnings about heat and whatnot made me leery, so possibly overkill. Never have had a charging issue, and I am in the 3rd season with 3 of them.
  19. Nobody thinks GB is a better coaching job than Dallas, even with the lunacy at the helm at Valley Ranch. Take away Rodgers, and nobody gives a fuck about northern Milwaukee.
  20. It would be a failed argument, an an argument just the same.
  21. Incredible shot with Verlander and Dubon.
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