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  1. 1 hour ago, 956 Worldwide said:

    Yep, as a parent I love it.  No discussions or delays as they pick out their school clothes. No disputes between parents and kids over what is or isn’t appropriate for school. I don’t have to hear about what brands the richer kids are wearing and can mine have that too.  No big production of “back to school shopping.” The uniform is sturdy and lasts, we probably bought a good chunk of our stuff second hand from kids in older grades.  Buying new is affordable. 

    The school isn’t super fascist about non-uniform items (especially pants or shorts) in the lower grades, and honestly the parents that don’t hold the line piss me off more than the uniform or code.  I hate to hear about how “Susie’s mom let her wear jeans even though it’s not the uniform.” Buncha assholes who are creating headaches for me and themselves by not just letting the gotdamn school take care of midweek fashion for them. 

    Y’all need an apprentice HOA President to monitor the school children’s compliance with the dress code. 

  2. 1 hour ago, 956 Worldwide said:

    I’ve become violently in favor of uniforms ever since my kids started using them

    I don't disagree with your post, but WTF does this mean in context?

    Did you mean to say vehemently?

  3. Just now, Covri said:

    Just another classic Slorch dumbshit post. Bravo. You always rise up to the occasion and remind everyone how you’re the worst poster on this site.

    So you disagree with those dynamics or deny they exist?

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