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  1. From bullshit like this to frivolous, no-evidence will contests, the best and swiftest way to reduce the number of abusive cases is for the ladies and gentlemen wearing the black robes and holding the gavels to start assessing fees and costs against these assholes with a vengeance and awarding them to the defendants.
  2. Definitely ten minutes 'til Wapner. Donald Trump's Moronica was germinated in the fetid petri dish of a post-9/11 Idiocracy: This Time It's Real nation of screen watchers and social media addicts (as opposed to clever Surly posters), many of whom had never cast a vote in their lives. And now they come at you spewing constitutional law. The sad irony is that Joe and Mika often had this assclown on Morning Joe as a guest interviewee and commenter. Jaysus, Mary and Joseph.
  3. I hear you 52-80, but try Laura, Robert Duvall and Diane Ladd in Rambling Rose, a brilliant surprise of a small film. Duvall has several epic lines and delivers them as only he can. Laura was made for her role. Diane is a zany, bohemian metaphysician. I'd watch this one every day if I could get away with it. "That girl strikes like a cobra!"
  4. From the Alabama Reporter: "Secretary of State John Merrill announced on Wednesday that he would not seek any public office in 2022 and admitted in an AL.com interview to an extramarital affair. Merrill was expected to announce his candidacy for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat, which will be vacated by the retiring of Sen. Richard Shelby. But on Tuesday, an obscure, far-right website published details of an affair Merrill had with a Montgomery woman, Cesaire McPherson. The website, National File, included an audio recording of an interview with McPherson, who went into graphic deta
  5. The world needs someone clever to find 5% of the Avatar budget and faithfully adapt The Legend of Zelda, right down to the last detail, music, story, quirky secrets, the whole schmeer. Tell the truth, when you first controlled a video game allowing four directions movement rather than left to right only, wasn't it like discovering a new world? Back in the late 80s-early 90s, on the original Nintendo playing Zelda with my young daughter was a real joy, a test in logic, memory and eye-hand coordination unlike most games. It would be a welcome alternative compared to the dreck genera
  6. Thanks. I spend too much time in a cave. IMDB gives it 8.2, a very high rating. I'll give it a watch. History doesn't want to be changed. That line always bothered me but it's very Stephen King.
  7. Green Book Rewatched this with my wife and daughter (two different people, Biff T), and thoroughly enjoyed it and sharing the experience with them. The growth of symbiosis between Doc and Lip, individuals with so little in common, was mighty fine. Attention to period detail was very well done. The comeuppance of the surly racist stage hand in Indiana was a very good scene. Feelgood film based on true events - we need some more of these.
  8. Hallelujah! My bride and daughter had a ritual of watching KOTH at 10:30 after the news and I mean every night. They would not miss it if it's done my Mike Judge. Can you imagine Hank postulating on the Cowboys and how Tom Landry wouldn't approve of this and that?
  9. Amor Towles' A Gentleman In Moscow is a fine read or listen. An aristocrat is arrested after the revolution and placed under house arrest for decades in the Metropole Hotel. Much intrigue, debauchery and humor ensues.
  10. Oh yeah, and James Lee Burke books narrated by the great Will Patton are superb.
  11. Audiobooks of John Sandford books make the trips pass quickly. If you like WW2 era espionage with a cool flair, Alan Furst novels on audiobooks all have been good for me. I'm addicted to the Jack Reacher series as well. Those can get you to Marfa and back a bunch of times.
  12. This thread takes me back to the mid 70s, when my teenage bibliophile niece, out of the blue, gave me Stephen King's anthology Night Shift. I've been a zombie for his work ever since. Still waiting for someone to adapt 11.22.63. Back on thread, Ridley Scott, the Coens and Tarantino are three of my favorite automatic watches. Bravissimo fine films and their makers, spice of life variety and all.
  13. Hoist on his own dotard, eh?
  14. A house with a defective foundation will have problems from day one. Fixing education begins with the youngest. If a student has a solid foundation in basic subjects, he has a fighting chance at comprehending plane geometry, algebra and physics. We should triage education and save the elementary schools first.
  15. Very well done film. Anyone who was alive in October of 1962 has to be in thrall of Thirteen Days. I vividly recall the terrible moaning of late night London Blitz-type air raid siren drills in my hometown. We knew it was only a drill but it scared the living shit out of my young ass just the same. I begged my Army Air Corps WW2 vet father to put a fallout shelter in the back yard. He asked me what I would do when my neighbor pals Jim and Robert came tapping on the door to be let in, given that there would be only enough food, water and space for our family. That one stumped me. Then I
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