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  1. God knows what lies ahead for the Lane Train, but in three seasons at Alabama, he transformed a moribund (shitty) offense into a national contender three times running. He'll need some help on defense and some serious counseling to keep the debutante belles and hoochie selfie addicts up offa him, and him offa them. Give him a year and he'll have Ole Miss back where Hugh Freeze did. Literally. I for one don't care - bring on the scandals as long as they stay in Mississippi.
  2. It is not I whom am insane, it is I who am MAD!
  3. Financially deceptive, borderline fraudulent new vehicle ads, e.g.: 2020 Lexus SUV only $256/month ($37,500.00 due at closing)
  4. Bama Llama

    Led Zeppelin

    Oh to have been a college freshman in the city of Houston in the fall of 1969 and to have then been introduced to Led Zeppelin I, weed and Pacifica radio all in the span of a few weeks, and then with all that, to have added Zep II to the mix, that was very hood indeed. It launched a young man to another level of awareness. This was major karma at work and I am so thankful to have experienced it. Actually had a promotional record store inflatable Led Zeppelin hanging frim my ceiling. God, where is it now? Spent a year one Friday night in some wreck of a shack out behind a friend's house in Center, Texas listening to I and II over and over and over. Part of me is still there. Thank you Jimmy, Bonzo, Robert and John. If I only had one musical hat to tip in my life, it would have to be to the Beatles, for changing music forever and for the better, but these other four guys worked so many fine unforgettable wonders. There's still time to change the road we're on. Ohhh, yes. Turn on the smoke machines and cue up No Quarter and let loose the dogs of doom.
  5. Cleopatra: Kneel. Antony (outraged): What!? Cleopatra: On. Your. Knees! Antony: You dare ask a proconsul of Rome to . . . Cleopatra: I asked it of Julius Caesar. I demand it of you!
  6. Yes. Go to eight, with round one at the top four seeds' home field. Conference championships have outlived their usefulness. Start summer practice and first games a week later. The season is too long anyway.
  7. Clint Eastwood, in every one of the over fifty films in which he has appeared, except that godawful Every Which Way But Loose and the Bronco Billy dreck show. I mean, it's the same squint, raspy voice and take no bullshit guy every time. Not the same role? Okay, never mind. Here's one - Donald Trump getting up 1,000 days in a row acting like a president - . . . naah, he's not acting presidential at all. I apologize to OP.
  8. Anyone old enough to remember Highlights for Children and "Goofus and Gallant?" This game was loaded with examples. Goofus MSU safety celebrates a sack by strutting and beating his chest. Gallant Ole Miss receiver trots back to the huddle, conserving energy. Same Goofus safety, winded and giddy, blows coverage on the next play. Same Gallant Ole Miss receiver catches a pass on 4th and 24 as Miss gains 48 yards. Gallant players on both sides score 5 touchdowns and politely toss the ball to the ref. After scoring a big TD to keep Ole Miss in the game, Goofus Miss #8 portrays a dog whizzing on MSU fans and draws 15-yd penalty, creating 35-yd PAT for Ole Miss kicker, who misses the kick, as Ole Miss becomes a punch line on Russian TV. Way too much dumb, energy wasting, look-at-me celebrating after almost every fucking play these days. D Linemen hulk-pose and strut around like King Kong after a sack on 2nd or 3rd down, then don't have the juice to apply enough pressure on 3rd and 4th, as the qb keeps the drive alive. And you young kids get off my lawn with your clothes and your hair and your internet highway.
  9. Ole Miss poise coach getting the pink slip. #8 wins dumbass of the year award. Shades of Leon Lett.
  10. I'd rather drink Jameson's and eat saltines and vienna sausage on my couch than eat cafeteria food with the poor zombies in that Luby's line. My favorite Thanksgivings were with my in-laws in their prime - tender, juicy, crusty, spicy, sweet everything on the big table, and my bookie FIL in the recliner drinking Miller and taking bets on Cowboys and Lions games, Texas vs Ags (this was the 70s, 80s and 90s), and jacking up the line on his loyal Alabama bettors for the Auburn game. Ahh, Stimpy, those were the days. Sorry, no misery or drama. The attitude is gratitude in these funky times, brothers. Good luck fixing whatever's messed up on the 40 acres. We have a home & home coming up soon. Hope we don't start tailing off either. Bama vs Texas needs to rock.
  11. Sometimes you have to wander in the wilderness. When you are obviously saddled with a loser, or an incompatible individual, cur the cord and start searching and when you find (1) a proven winner (2) with serious HC experience, then go get him, whatever it takes. After the sad later Stallings years, we at Bama endured Mike DuBose (sacked after affair with ath dept secretary), Dennis Franchione (never signed, bailed to Aggies when probation hit), Mike Price (fired after Pensacola stippers scandal), and Mike Shula (nuce guy, not a head coach) before we got lucky. If LSU had been open in '07, we might still be looking. If Urbs is best available, go get his ass but I think he may be hexed. WTF happened since the Sugar Bowl? I saw Texas as top 5 this year.
  12. The Wal-Marks tycoons need to lure Aunt Gussie from the Plains back to Arkansas. Then the stage would be set for the Pirate to bring the age of enlightenment to East Alabama and have a few interesting duels with Nick Saban before he retires to Mount Olympus. The quizzical looks of attendees at press conferences alone would be worth it. He would start weighing in on the absurdity of keeping those majestic bald eagles caged. In the dark wee hours of a winter morning he would open all the doors at the Raptor Center and set them free, to which the Boogereaters could only cry "Whar eagles?"
  13. Clemson, Ohiya State and OU win out. LSU wins out and shreds Georgia. Bama somehow wins out. Does OU leapfrog Bama and the Utah/Oregon winner and get in? What irony if Jalen Hurts is the bouncer who pulls the velvet rope across the entrance to the CFP Club and clicks it shut? Stranger things have happened the last couple of years. And gosh darn it I was pullin for tha Gophers. Jeez.
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