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  1. "Them kids jump OUT the boat!" "At the end they walk out grabbing their crotches hollerin' 'Small WORLD!'" ----Robin Harris, Bebe's Kids
  2. That was my bad - wrong Steve. Was thinking about Steve Howe.
  3. Sorry to hear it. I saw him last fall speaking at a "second chance for arrestees" foundation fund raiser and was favorably impressed by his candor, speaking ability and what appeared to be true fitness. He got hooked on opiates following an injury, poor play and booing from home fans, I believe after just a few games of his rookie season. Looked as if he could suit up and play. Said he had a new baby and a new wife that were his pride and joy. Steve Sax Syndrome?
  4. Pay Dye's got the COVID. Hate his former team, but have enjoyed listening to him ruminating about football and telling STOW-riz over the years. He damn sure wishes he hadn't eaten the bad M&M. He wants to watch games on the Plains for a few more years. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2020/05/auburn-legend-pat-dye-tests-positive-for-coronavirus-hospitalized-due-to-kidney-issues.html
  5. A year from now this space will be filled with accusatory rants blaming utter chaos and death on the impatience and ignorance of teeing up football in 2020 instead of continuing distancing protocols and nixing mass gatherings. Face it - we have become addicted to the spectacle of football; watching it on screens and in person, celebrating it in every way from tailgating to naming babies after players and coaches, and planning summer, fall and winter calendars around it. You damn well know in the cave dweller part of your brain stem that there is a dangerous predator outside the cave and you and your family should not go outside or he will probably kill you and eat you. Why not be sensible and live to tailgate and enjoy your rival's humiliating losses another day?
  6. Best scene in Guffman, stolen in part by Eugene Levy
  7. So sorry to see him go. I mean, the male half of Blaine, Missouri's Lunt and Fontaine!? Not exactly chopped liver. "Midnight at the Oasis" will never be the same>
  8. Original Alien was fucking riveting and Aliens was so entertaining even if it was directed by an asshole. I liked Covenant. Some of the others- meh. I know this: to anyone exploring deep space who comes across a wrecked giant curved 3/4 circular spacecraft, man just stay the fuck away. Go elsewhere.
  9. I concur with emphasis. Saw it in a semi well attended public venue, with lots of laughs, singing along and appreciative claps and hoots, until the door to Lennon's beach house opened. Boom! Audible intakes of breath and a second of absolute silence - no one knew it was coming. One of the most potent moments in any film this old man has ever seen. Bravo, Yesterday.
  10. If the Coens are involved, I'm in. From Blood Simple to Buster Scruggs, there is just something special about their work product and casting choices. And besides, we're dyin' out here at tha leek.
  11. Socrates said, "There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." Davy Crockett - "Be sure you're right, then go ahead." "This ain't rocket surgery." - W It's time to get Socratic up in this mug. Mitigate seriously for the next 12 months; see how we're doing; adjust plan accordingly. This daily revamping of everything is an utter waste. The Three Stooges is better TV than WH briefings (except the Shemp ones).
  12. Morning Joe opened with a montage of alternating video clips showing Dr. Nick from The Simpsons followed by Dr. Donald Trump at the podium yesterday. Dr. Nick actually made more sense. Gotta go now, I'm headed out to get some body light treatment and Lysol infusion. I prefer the white linen serum meself.
  13. As to the part struck out above, I solemnly swear that I spent two minutes scrolling down to see if there was already a thread, didn't see one, couldn't believe there wasn't one, threw caution to the winds rather than deprive a soul of the pure, uncut pleasure of the video, posted it anyway. Wish I could see all the participants in person! Surly on all ye music lovers. Cue Sly and the Family Stone . . .
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