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  1. Surprise. This is the year we are forced to find something different to do on Saturdays. Not unlike the 60s, when there was one, ONE game on TV and your favorite team's game on radio, if you lived near enough to a network station. I can live without football for one year. Kind of like lent and football is the food you give up for a few weeks. I've always wanted to learn Portuguese. Filho da puta filho da puta.
  2. This old fart chokes up every time this scene unfolds: Rick and Victor Laszlo are talking in Rick's office. Laszlo, hearing Nazi officers singing, interrupts his coversation with Rick, rushes down to the house band and demands, "Play 'La Mareillaise' . . . PLAY IT!" The band leader looks up to Rick. Rick gives him "the nod." What follows is my all-time favorite scene. If your throat doesn't seize up as the music approaches "Aux arms, citoyens!" there's something seriously wrong with you. Fantastic combination of acting, editing and soundtrack. Remember, this was 1942. This war was far from over.
  3. Don "She looked 18!" Henley calling, line one.x
  4. Boiled peanuts . . . Nossir, I don't like 'em. Can't imagine why anyone would. Guess that's why they make Bruton and Garrett. Sounds I least want to hear, in order: 1. "War Eagle" in any context; 2. A human consuming boiled crawfish; and 3. A human consuming boiled peanuts.
  5. The immediate relief of partially or totally immersing yourself in just-right cool water on a very hot day. Ahhhhhhhh.
  6. Hands down one of the most alluring ladies in film. Yes, I meant SPR - no idea what PLR was - Posting Loony References?
  7. Studio Fat Cats: Okay, Coppola, we're looking for a debonair, dynamic, charismatic-yet-vulnerable British actor with a great accent to portray a young Victorian lawyer who travels to Transylvania and encounters the fearsome Count Dracula. Coppola: How about Keanu Reeves? Fat Cats (smack own foreheads, pop Xanax): Are you high!? What the fuck? We want oscars! Coppola: I quit if Reeves is not in the picture. Fat Cats (horrified, exchanging glances): Wait, wait, wait. Okay, okay. Result: Keanu sodomizes the King's English for two hiurs but Bram Stoker's Dracula wins three oscars anyway. Go figure. I kept waiting for him to say "Wheaaaauuuu!" and "Aaaaawwwww-summmm!" Oldman, Hopkins, rich costumes, skilled makeup artists and sexy succubi saved it. The opening carriage ride from the village tavern to the castle always gives me the willies in every Dracula film, as does this line: (Wolves howling) The Count: "Lessten to the cheeldren of the night - wott byewteeful mewsic thay myeek." Cue gooseflesh
  8. Saw PLR in a packed theater the first weekend after release. When the end credits started to roll, no one spoke or even moved or made a sound for a good two minutes. Then slowly, gradually, people began filing out without speaking. Sherman was right. War is all hell. There's nothing glorious about it. This one broke the mold. Casting choices didn't strike me as being a stretch but then again I was reeling after the opening scene and didn't get my wits back for a while. I was wondering if I had made a mistake bringing my 15-year old daughter, but she handled it well.
  9. Saw The Hot Rock yesterday - nice way to spend a couple of hours laying low on a Saturday. 1972 "heist a big African diamond from a museum" film, Redford-Segal-Mostel and fine supporting cast, well-paced. Manhattan is a major costar, including a fly-by of the Twin Towers, one of which was still under construction. Long- legged. long-haired, tight ribbed sweater wearing, nicely nubile young hippie dish Topo Swope played Segal's wife. (Can't make url get real - here 'tis - worth looking) https://www.imdb.com/media/rm999280128/nm0842883
  10. The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected. Robert Frost
  11. When she was a little kid, my grandmother saw Czar Nicholas, Alexandra, and all the Romanov children in the flesh from ten feet away. They (the Romanovs) were riding in an open car in Baden-Baden, Germany, with fierce-looking mounted guards. This "past" we are discussing wasn't that long ago.
  12. Take nothing for granted. "August 25, 2016 - Clinton Tops 50 Percent, Leads Trump By 10 Points, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds"
  13. When you're right, you're right. Reflecting on your comment and some others above, I am inclined to agree. Trump may be a narcissistic, psychopathic assclown, but this was at least an unhypocritical decision. I need to stop posting before finishing the morning coffee.
  14. But it is relevant. How can anyone justify voting for this asshole when he won't even pay respect to John Lewis? On a related issue, has anyone ever changed their presidential vote because of something they read on the internet? Jay-sus, Mary and Joseph.
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