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  1. Watched The Gentlemen late this afternoon. Whiplash dialogue and well done by a fine ensemble of actors. Original Fargoesque dumbassery by various punks and thugs poorly controlled by their bosses a la Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.
  2. Ditto. All kinds of great, not even counting marble tombstone girl. Sheriff: "I got the motive, which is money and the body, which is dead."
  3. The Bravados. Gregory Peck in his prime, tracking four bad guys and out for revenge in the old West and old Mexico. Lee Van Cleef, Stephen Boyd, a youngish Joan Collins, and a raft of actors with familiar faces. Filmed on location in Mexico for the most part. Rich scenes, colors and vistas, as well cinematographed as anything I've ever seen, and brutal without being gratuitously graphic (because it was 1958). Direction by Henry King, solid. A refreshing, atypical story line.
  4. With a tip of the hat to Pilot Error agreeing to part of what he said, I saw both Cruise films never having heard of Lee Child or having read a Reacher book, no preconceived image of Jack Reacher. I liked both films and today, seeing them in the context of the Reacher books they were based on, say they held up well. As film adaptations of books go, they worked well for me. Now, if he had been decked out in the ears and wardrobe from Legend it just wouldn't have worked. I could see Jack Reacher figuring out how to set off an explosion with several reflecting devices, though.
  5. My point, which Pilots Error whiffed, was that the actor's size and physique won't mean shit if he doesn't have the acting chops. I've read or listened to all the Reacher books and enjoyed them all. His bulk is often a handicap, when running or dealing with tight spaces. His enemies usually underestimate his mind, not his strength. I think Bautista could be a good fit but mainly want to see the soul of the Reacher character captured, along with the great detail Lee Child painstakingly describes. I want a big, bad, smart ass Reacher, faithful to the print character, but not at the expense of putting a quality product on film.
  6. What's "wrong?" In the book, Gump was 6'6" 242# at 16. Hanks won the oscar for best actor. And why "as usual?" For the record, I picture Reacher as the big guy with lizardy skin in Guardians of the Galaxy, in other words, I'd like to see an effort made to resemble Child's character. But the vibe is more important to me. Reacher is one attentive sonofabitch, and doesn't waste time philosophizing. Got no quarrel with you, Rage, just want to know what you meant by "As usual, wrong."
  7. Sorry, couldn't resist. The news story made me think of a Richard Benjamin - Ali MacGraw late 60s dramedy based on a Philip Roth book overflowing with sexual repression and tragic results thereof. Ali's character's older brother was a former OSU basketball jock who pined fir his glory days, sitting in his room playing a hokey nostalgic LP entitled "Goodbye, Columbus." Of course the arrestees are innocent until proven otherwise. Prrhaps DNA will shorten the drama.
  8. Great, great dialogue. Coens, Tarantino and the best 30s and 40s fast-talkin, high-pants-wearin movies meets Bill Shakespeare. DD-L just flatout commands the screen in every film. And it's tuppenny with two p's, I believe.
  9. "Swee Tome Oll Obomma!" Love these guys and thr Red Army Choir ices the cake!
  10. Bama Llama

    Otis! My man!

    Sixties Soul Axiom - Hearing, playing, singing or feelingTry a Little Tenderness makes you a better person, ipse dixit, world without end, amen. Four tempo changes steadily building to the GOT-Ta-GOT-Ta climax, trumpet, sax, Al Jackson on drums, Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn, Booker T, and the great Pinetopper himself. The version from Monterey Pop is an all-time high water mark of soul music. You know she is waiting just anticipating
  11. Height schmeight, physique schymisique, it's the acting. Forrest Gump's character as written was 6'6" and ~250# but Tom Hanks nicely finessed that discrepancy. Yeah, it's hard today to separate Tom Cruise off screen with his character but I thought he pulled off his Reacher roles pretty well. I'm glad he did because I had never heard of the books. After all the pissing snd moaning about bad casting, I downloaded a random audiobook and was soon hooked. I'm looking forward to watching the new series for the first faithful rendition of a climactic scene where Reacher has the drop on an evil character, when most fiction writers would insert a line expounding on some moral virtue or other. Lee Child has Reacher shoot the thug between the eyes.
  12. And it has perhaps the worst song ever playing during the opening credits. Horrendously schmaltzy with shrieking vocals & inane lyrics. Agree with this! It was another load of dreck from Stephen "On and On" Bishop.
  13. Just enjoyed DVR rewatching China Syndrome for first time in many years. Dovetailed well with audiobook Midnight in Chernobyl also enjoyed recently. Very well done visually for pre-HD era, and a complex subject. Irony was that Michael Douglas, who produced and costarred in TCS, and a supporting actor or two with speaking roles, suffered from the inability to pronounce "nuclear." He said "nyew-kew-lur" every fucking time, and there were several. Kudos to TCM, Eddie, Ben, Ted, Jane, and the whole schmeer.
  14. I'm like the kid in Animal House gazing at Playboy when the catapulted bunny babe landed in his bed. "Thank you, God!" I for one am looking forward to Auburn at MSU coming this season. The cowbell-wielding Pirate will mess with Aunt Gussie's mind all day and the War Boogers won't be able to count on their home field to comp them with six or seven false starts by the opposition (see, e.g., Bama in the recent 2019 debacle on the Plains (sigh)).
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